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Donic Acuda Blue P2

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Medium soft, all-round attacking version, the gold standard version of an all-round rubber. For offensive and power all-round players, a pleasure to play with, a rubber to be at ease with. The latest in sponge technology. This blue sponge with medium sized pores is softer than previous sponges, despite having a higher degree of hardness.

A new pimple geometry, thin long pimples with extra space between individual pimples.
The latest generation in top surface rubber: grippy, as with Bluefire M1 Turbo and JP 01 Turbo but with slightly flatter ball arc.

Ball return is excellent: Maximum control, a satisfying sound and so easy to play with. Fine touch, suitable for every playing standard (depending on sponge thickness and degree of hardness).

Speed: 98
Spin: 106
Control: 75

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Donic is a table tennis equipment manufacturer that produces high-quality products in Volklingen, Germany. In business for over 25 years, they have been on the forefront of research and development, led by top Swedish pro players Jan-Ove Waldner and Jorgen Persson. They also sponsor top German player Dimitri Ovtcharov among others.

Ask around your local table tennis club and you'll be sure to find some players using Donic equipment. They have a great reputation and it's no surprise when you look at their rubbers. Three of their most well-known product lines are undoubtedly the Acuda, Bluefire and Bluestorm series. Additionally, a spin-heavy favorite for the backhand is the Donic Baracuda. If you like to spin, smash, or a little bit of both, you won't go wrong with Donic.

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Reviews of Donic Acuda Blue P2 (28)

The perfect rubber for spin.
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16-July-2019:Good rubber.Most durable rubber I ever used.Spin=amazing.Control+speed good.
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I have been using this rubber for a year in 2.0 mm red version on forehand, paired with Donic Epox Powerallround blade. I bought it for 40 euros. It is relatively fast, not superfast, but fast, a bit slower than rubbers from Tenergy series. Also, considering its speed, this rubber has pretty good control, but the user has to be careful with his stroke adjustment and footwork, otherwise overthrows on clear smashing strokes and blocks, with uncontrolled long flat balls can often occur. It is not so spinny as Tenergy, but enough spinny for a player with average amateur technique, especially on opening loops and flicks, even against heavy incoming backspin, but when the rubber starts wearing out, logically this good characteristics of the rubber become much weaker. It has a medium throw angle (on the lower half), which is adequate for every stroke near and on medium distance from the table, but not far from it. The rubber is slightly bouncy on backspin strokes and pushes, and the adequate execution of those strokes need more attention, but it also depends on individual playing technique. Compared to Acuda Blue P3, Acuda Blue P2 has higher throw angle and is better on offensive strokes, like smashes and top spins, but the Acuda Blue P3 is better for serves, pushes and precise blocks. Overally, the Donic Acuda Blue P2 is a good choice for offensively oriented all-round players, who are not professionals, but advanced amateurs.
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I bought this rubber and put it on a 5 ply wooden paddle just for test and I havent stopped using it. I read all the reviews from others and just wondered if it was just that good as many have said ok let me say I bought red 2.0 for my forehand and anti power black yasaki 1.5 for my back hand and this is unbeatable tandem for who I play with at my ping pong club. Im not trying to sell this to you but the control and spin and when I need the speed is everything I need. I just want too try this now I cant stop using it. If you need contro speed and great popping spin try it yourself. I love it!
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La mia en 2.0 FH. Buena goma con mucho control, tacto suave en 2.0 deja sentir claramente la madera (Thibar Poer wood) en la ejecucin del topspin, posee buen efecto. En lo negativo destaca porque se desgasta muy pronto.
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Its a very good rubber, not very tacky but can generate a lot of spin and speed. Control is just good and I think it fits better in forehand of hard blades, had some problems using in my backhand. Blocking is also easy with this rubber. I recomend it for players tha like to generate spin with an active blocking game, not so good for smashes.
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I am using this in 2.0 red on my backhand. NEGATIVES//This rubber was and still is grossly overrated on spin. It is a spinny rubber compared to a large portion of rubbers that is out there, but the topsheet is not superbly grippy. Hence this is NOT a rubber for brush loops. The ball will simply slip and fall down. You need to engage the sponge to generate decent spin. It is very challenging to lift moderate to heavy backspin; even off the table that's very straining. You really have to rip through with your whole arm while then you have to make sure the ball doesn't fly off the end of the table. The lowish medium throw does its part in that equation. If I do the same strokes with my Hurricane 3 NEO, the ball just shoots off vertically into the roof. This rubber has crippled my game in the sense of opening backspin and my opponents frequently lock me down in my backhand.

POSITIVES//This rubber has outstanding control. It's difficult to stress enough the feeling of safety this rubber grants you. It is also fairly unreceptive to incoming spin. The medium (maybe even medium to low) throw angle just brings the ball back onto the other side of the table with ease.
Blocking: Passive blocking is great even against heavy rotation topspins that come in crushing on your side of the table, you just have to close the bat angle a little bit and this rubber provides very flat and annoying blocks. Active blocking is equally great.
Driving/Smashing: Extremely reliable, feels very linear. Nothing funny ever happens. Just hold the bat at the right angle and swing away. Of course it lacks speed, but you know, you can always just swing a little harder. When drive-looping you also develop some decent spin, because you're engaging the sponge more.
The catapult is not strong, but it is easy to activate even with your backhand. Due to the softness of the composition of the P2, you don't have to hit hard to get some potential out of this rubber.
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awesome for BH, speed and spin ok
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Upgraded P3. A little firmer. Easier to create some spin variation while still having good consistency.
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extra grip/spin. Awesome forehand rubber.
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Very good rubber with high spin and speed. Great choice for offensive players.
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This rubber is absolute magic. Great active and passive blocks, close and middle distance topspin and looping is absolutely fantastic. Godly spin on FH loops. Using the red at 2.0 with yasaka sweden extra (al wood 5 ply all+) and absolutely reccommend this rubber over other tensors or built in speed glue effect rubbers. Chops are achievable with good technique but to me it is more suited to a spin based offensive allround technique. Glue it to a fast stiff blade like BTY TB ALC and it will absolutely smash, maxing out and giving you great feel and beautiful sound. Great quality, beautiful blue porous sponge, after 70+ hours of play it is still grippy as new. P2 Will certainly let you play the top of your game if you play allround to allround offensive at any thickness depending on your average distance to the table and your ability to produce counter-topspins (thickness below 2mm will not let you counter from a distance as it does not allow enough dwell).
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I tested the rubber hearing the good reviews about it but this is definitely not the rubber for you if you like to play away from the table. Although there is a lot of spin I had trouble hitting consistent loop drives far away and so did my partner when I let him try my paddle. The tensors of the rubber make the feeling nonlinear so at times if you were not paying attention on your counter loop the ball would unexpectedly fly farther than usual. If you wanted to look for a more linear version of this rubber I suggest going with Andro Rasant Grip rubber instead. Even though it also has tensors, It is a lot more control friendly and you will get the same amount of spin andspeed as Donic Acuda Blue P2.
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soft top sheet with some medium sponge. Every just I do a fast loop I feel rubber bite the ball create massive spin. sound TOK! plus TAK!. easy loop. I recommend for beginner even intermediate, you will fun with loop from this rubber
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Feels good to play with, nice prolonged contact, high spin generated, however, it is not so fast and can be a bit hard to control because when trying to put additional power it can throw the ball too high and out of the table. So it is hard to score point with backhand with power but the spin does help a lot if you sacrifice on power, which is why I preferred it for forehand. Though it was still too slow for my forehand I think it plays better on forehand because it is more manageable. But still I dont think it is worth the price, there are better options out there. Though it depends on your level, it is more for casual players than advanced.
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such control . immense spin , so much grip , better than tenergy 80
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I have been looking for a rubber for my FH and I have found these reviews after when I have read them I said whay not I will try it. So.... I thought it can not be that fast like these statisctic here but I was wrong. This rubber is so powerful. I am little bit surprised because sponge hardness is medium however this rubber can create very powerfull shoots. The sound is very nice for an ears, the speed glue effect works very well. What about a spin? I can see how many problems have got my opponents with the returnes and my topspins. A lot of Spin plus speed glue effect gives me possibility to create very difficult topspins for instance, when a ball is taken just above the floor then the ball can be thrown max 3-4 above the net what is incredible. It is not easy to block the topspins although you can do this with maximum perfection but you and your friend acuda need to spend few weeks together to get know each other to do prefect blocking. I am using this rubber for attack not for blocks but sometimes also you have to use blocks so you need some time to get maximumum potential of this rubber. Bay the way I am using thibar off blade and tenergy 05 on BH.
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This rubber is not medium soft as advertised, it is medium hard. Spin and speed is ok, nothing special.
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Pretty impressed with this rubber. Quite soft sponge with a soft topsheet that's thinner than most. This leads it to be pretty light. Black and red 2.0 sheets were 60g and 62g, respectively. I think it is a little over rated on speed here, it is not a high end speed rubber, but has plenty if you put enough in your stroke. It does produce a very high amount of spin. It takes a bit for opponents to adjust to level of spin. Very controllable with a medium to low throw angle. With high spin and the throw angle, balls tend to dip earlier on the table, so you'll have to adjust if you want to hit a deeper shot. Good solid grip on the ball.
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Fantastic !!! best ever!!!
I had had acuda s1 s2 s3, blufire m2 and m1, and barracuda . And mark v.
But this rubber is the best. Enough speed, good control, amazing spin!
the speed similar acuda s1, much more control and same o more spin.
I use this rubber on the drive and back hand acuda s1. I wil not change any more.THese are MY RUBBERS FROM NOW
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