Killerspin Pocket Tables

Top 3 reasons to order a Killerspin Pocket table from us:

  • Bundle$75 $25 optional Mega Bundle with all Killerspin tables (worth $282.95) - rackets, balls and table cover.
  • $50 off Blue Pocket tables
  • Best Price Guarantee - We price match!

Why order a Killerspin Pocket table?

  • Killerspin Pocket tables include hidden pockets that hold your paddles and balls within easy reach to keep the fun going.
  • The new look with clean lines reflects the stylish homes that Killerspin tables are designed for.

Ping Pong Balls Within Reach

Keeping Paddles Safe & Clean

A Cleaner, More Stylish Look

Each Killerspin pocket table holds 8 balls within easy reach of both players, so you can spend more time playing table tennis and less time chasing after balls.
Both sides have storage for two table tennis paddles. Now you don't have to worry about your paddle collecting dust and getting damaged when not in use.
Why clutter up perfection with unnecessary white lines? Killerspin removed the extra lines on top of the table, producing a much more modern look to their tables.

Our selection of Killerspin Pocket Tables

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Killerspin MyT7 Breeze
Killerspin MyT7 Breeze
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