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Victas V>15 Extra

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Victas V > 15 Extra is the ultimate weapon for aggressive offensive players! V > 15 Extra is a high-end offensive rubber which will enable 0ne to perform on a new level in topspin rallies. Feel the ultimate power and high-efficiency energy conversion of the innovative 47.5 offensive sponge and experience the unlimited potential of the spin-optimized top rubber sheet! Demanding offensive players who rely on aggressive topspins as well as topspin-to-topspin rallies will take their play to a new level with V > 15 Extra!

The Victas German-Japanese team of designers (GJ Tec) have developed an outstanding series of professional table tennis rubber called V for maximum power and balance. The rubber sheets in this family are V > 01 (Medium Sponge), V >01 Limber (Medium Soft Sponge) and now the latest edition the V >01 Stiff (Medium Sponge with Tackier Top Sheet), and V > 15 Extra (Medium Hard Sponge Sheet) and V > 15 Limber (Medium Soft) Sponge Top Sheet.

The Victas V > 15 topsheet has a moderately tacky surface and a more direct pimple alignment. The result is a highly responsive rubber sheet that produces great spin, and speed on contact. The rubber is also very responsive for over the table touch shots. This rubber is ideal positioned to help produce the maximum spin with power.

Speed: 94
Control: 81
Hardness: Medium Hard 47.5

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  • The Victas V>15 Extra table tennis rubber offers high speed and spin, with many users noting its performance is comparable to, if not better than, popular alternatives like Tenergy 05 and Fastarc G-1. It is particularly praised for its power on max power loops and its significant kick when more power is applied.
  • The rubber is also noted for its excellent control, with users noting it works well at shallow angles and provides good control due to its low tackiness. It is also appreciated for its performance in looping, with users noting it provides incredible spin and a forgiving soft sponge throughout the loop.
  • Many users have found the Victas V>15 Extra to be a great option for backhand play, noting its excellent power-control ratio. It is also praised for its performance in opening attacks with backhand topspin and active blocking. Some users have also found it to be a good alternative to more expensive options like Tenergy 05.


  • Despite its many positive attributes, some users have noted that the Victas V>15 Extra table tennis rubber does not last very long, with noticeable signs of wear appearing after about 40 hours of play. This, combined with the cost of the rubber, has led some users to consider it a poor deal. Additionally, some users have found that they edge the ball more often due to the rubber working best at shallow angles.

Reviews of Victas V>15 Extra (21)

This is a very popular rubber from Victas, maybe the most popular today. Several players in my club use it, either in FH or in both FH and BH.
But I haven't been impressed by it.
Speed is very good but spin is barely good and a control is average. It's not a bad rubber, but I think there are better options in every regards. Just to give a few examples I have in mind: Hammond Z2 is as fast but spinnier and better control. V>22, MX-P or R48 are faster. Vega pro is spinnier and cheaper.
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After playing Nittaku G1 (2mm), V15 Extra will feel like a G1 with Steroids. It is more powerful, more solid and faster than G1 yet with the same excellent control of the famous G1. Both rubbers are also spinny, but the Victas V15 extra has more gears. Serves are very spinny and will force pressure to opponents. Looping is lovely. Smashing is good too. Pushes take some time to get used to, but it's not hard at all after a few times. Blocking is easy. You dont have to close the blade angle too much when blocking. It is quite a forgiving rubber.

I know Nittaku released G1 with 2.2mm recently which I have yet to try, so I cant comment if the new G1 2.2mm is as good as the Victas V15 extra. Dont spend more money on the new V20 and V22 cos they are virtually the same as V15 Extra.
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Its very hard, very spinny and very fast. I play it on my backhand now since forehand was a bit too fast. Pretty similar to the fastarc g-1 I tried on the same blade.
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Best FH rubber.
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Very good backhand rubber. Control is high with very nice feeling.
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