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Reviews for Victas Fire Fall FC (9)

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This is a good All+/OFF- blade. I have the new version, which has a simple wood and blue design. The blade has nice finish and great craftsmanship. The wings are pre-sanded. The FL handle is very smooth and comfortable. Mine weighs 80g and is 6.10mm thick. I glued Yinhe Big Dipper (38 degrees) on FH and Xiom Vega Pro (2mm) on BH. The resulting racket is 178g, but it's extremely head-heavy. In terms of playing characteristics, the feeling is a bit muted, probably due to the fleece carbon layers. I didn't like this, as I generally prefer blades with sharp clear feeling. Even though Victas categorizes this blade as OFF, it feels very soft and slow. I would rate the speed as between ALL+ and OFF-. Throw angle is medium high, which I like. Control is very good; I have no trouble with ball placement at all. I am able to generate huge amount of spin, but my shots really lack speed. This blade is definitely not suitable for Chinese tacky rubbers. Even with tensor rubber (Xiom Vega Pro is a fairly fast tensor), my shots are still not as fast as I wanted. Looping is ok. But drives and blocks are less than satisfactory. Again, this is due to the softness of the blade. I would only recommend this blade to allround players who largely focus on spin and control. For offensive players, I suggest finding a faster blade than this one.
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Very nice touch close to the table also good at mid distance play , pretty high trajectory ,very nice spin,, in all a very good blade ,, i have MXP both sides :-) the downsize is there is no vibration ,its a very stiff blade
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Thats perfect for me. Im a penhold player, but I play with this in shakehand perfect. Thats the best.
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Victas Fire Fall FC deserves a rating higher than ten,production of top quality, comfortable ST handle, the spin and control fantastic,speed between off- and off,balls go where you want,best so far
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Well balanced. Allows you to make all strokes. Good job Victas!
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An incredible feeling , control , speed,
Simply the best
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I'm using AN grip (sealed 88gr) with Rhyzm(48) / Victas Stiff on FH and T80FX on BH (180gr).
Good control and speed on FH (no vibration, loud click) even 3m away from table.
Amazing control and enough speed close to the table (BH).
I've played before with more expensive blades (Xiom H ZXI, TB ZLF, TBS, Photino, etc. - not mine) but THIS IS THE ONE!
Thick grip (i like this) and exceptional finishing!
If i'll broke this, i'll cry a week and buy another one.
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What a beauty! A really perfect combination between velocity and control; spin is good too.
Touch is superb.
Nice job, Victas!
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I'm using this blade for about a year now and choose this one because I wanted a more spin-oriented , but controlled game. I'm a two wing looper and use Adidas P7 rubbers on both sides.

This blade is for sure not a speed-canon, but gives you a lot of control in return. Fast attacks at the table but also in mid distance, it's no problem. Due to lack of speed, you must rely on your topspin, rather than speed when playing mid distance.
I'm playing with much more confidence at the moment.

The quality of the blade is very good and the handle is rather thick (which I like).
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