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Victas V>22 Double Extra

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Victas V>22 Double Extra Table Tennis Rubber produces superior speed and spin and high stability. Numerous top players like Koki Niwa and Liam Pitchford were involved in many years of development leading to V>22 Double Extra, a rubber offering an almost unbelievable combination of speed, spin, and precision.

Despite its unrivaled power, the high stability of V>22 Double Extra enables the exact placement of attack shots. The new Select top sheet guarantees perfect ball coupling, while the optimized, open-pore sponge design supports powerful, speed-reliant attacking styles.

Made in Germany
Rubber type: Inverted, High Energy Tension

Speed: 96
Control: 80
Hardness 50

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Reviews of Victas V>22 Double Extra (6)

I've waited a long time to finally learn about the weight of this rubber. Thanks to GP418, I found out the weight and fortunately I can now order this rubber at a reasonable price. Facts: black rubber with 2.0mm sponge. Original packaging 105 g. and uncut 69 g.
In the coming weeks I will test it extensively and then give my assessment. - I'm curious to see how it will fare against a Nittaku Fastarc G-1 or Hammond Z2 and a Butterfly Dignics 09 C !!! (... I will test this rubber on my both "darlings", the Stour Nobilis Hinoki ZLC and my Butterfly Zhang Jike TAMCA 5000.) Addendum: what really bothered me when evaluating this rubber is the fact that only a few reviews have been written but "masses" of data have been entered into the table !!!
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TB ALC - I use it on BH in MAX black. Very spiny, some power at mid distance (less than T05 2.1), stable block, not so sensitive to incoming spin, good control in pushes, good grip for chikita, easy to spin against chopper/defense. This rubber has many gears, the touch is very interesting compared to T05, there is a very good feeling in short game. It has not a huge power compared to T05 or D05 or D80 or T05H. To me, it is a good rubber for those who want to add something different in the game and also forgiving during match game as it is not so bouncy.
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Reviewed on off- blade, FH MX-D max (52gr), BH V22 max (49gr). I played a long time with V15 extra max (48gr) both sides and a searched an improvment in term of spin with the same feeling. First, this is not an improvment of V15, it's a new rubber. It's closer to Tenergy 05 for the feeling : good mecanical grip, hardness 45 (definitely not 50), bouncy but more linear than T05 (less than V15). More spin sensitive than V15, that's why the feeling is different, but not very sensitive like T05. So in comparison with V15 extra : faster, bouncier, little more spin sensitive, much more grippy, much better for service, same on block/short game/flick. The throw angle is to high for my FH because I play close to the table but it will be very suitable for mid distance player. I tried in max Hammond Z2, V22 and MX-D : speed MX-D >= V22 > Z2 ; grip V22 >> MX-D >> Z2 ; service V22 >> Z2 > MX-D ; short game Z2> V22 >= MX-D ; first topspin V22 > MX-D >> Z2 ; block Z2 >> V22 = MX-D ; counter topspin MX-D >>> V22 > Z2
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This is a very good FH rubber. Tested a lot of rubbers and this rubber has a lot of control despite being such a fast rubber. Opening backspin balls is easy. Topspin is easy. Counterspin very easy. Even fishing from behind works well. For me this is the rubber that will stay on my racket for a long time.

It is absolutely not tacky as people may say. It is very grippy instead. Feels not hard, I think it is because of the soft top layer. I play the blue version in 2.0mm. Fast enough for me. Played about 10 hours with it so I don't know if the durability is ok.
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A very good rubber from Victas
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