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21 Reviews for Victas V>15 Extra

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  • The Victas V>15 Extra table tennis rubber offers high speed and spin, with many users noting its performance is comparable to, if not better than, popular alternatives like Tenergy 05 and Fastarc G-1. It is particularly praised for its power on max power loops and its significant kick when more power is applied.
  • The rubber is also noted for its excellent control, with users noting it works well at shallow angles and provides good control due to its low tackiness. It is also appreciated for its performance in looping, with users noting it provides incredible spin and a forgiving soft sponge throughout the loop.
  • Many users have found the Victas V>15 Extra to be a great option for backhand play, noting its excellent power-control ratio. It is also praised for its performance in opening attacks with backhand topspin and active blocking. Some users have also found it to be a good alternative to more expensive options like Tenergy 05.


  • Despite its many positive attributes, some users have noted that the Victas V>15 Extra table tennis rubber does not last very long, with noticeable signs of wear appearing after about 40 hours of play. This, combined with the cost of the rubber, has led some users to consider it a poor deal. Additionally, some users have found that they edge the ball more often due to the rubber working best at shallow angles.

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This is a very popular rubber from Victas, maybe the most popular today. Several players in my club use it, either in FH or in both FH and BH.
But I haven't been impressed by it.
Speed is very good but spin is barely good and a control is average. It's not a bad rubber, but I think there are better options in every regards. Just to give a few examples I have in mind: Hammond Z2 is as fast but spinnier and better control. V>22, MX-P or R48 are faster. Vega pro is spinnier and cheaper.
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After playing Nittaku G1 (2mm), V15 Extra will feel like a G1 with Steroids. It is more powerful, more solid and faster than G1 yet with the same excellent control of the famous G1. Both rubbers are also spinny, but the Victas V15 extra has more gears. Serves are very spinny and will force pressure to opponents. Looping is lovely. Smashing is good too. Pushes take some time to get used to, but it's not hard at all after a few times. Blocking is easy. You dont have to close the blade angle too much when blocking. It is quite a forgiving rubber.

I know Nittaku released G1 with 2.2mm recently which I have yet to try, so I cant comment if the new G1 2.2mm is as good as the Victas V15 extra. Dont spend more money on the new V20 and V22 cos they are virtually the same as V15 Extra.
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Its very hard, very spinny and very fast. I play it on my backhand now since forehand was a bit too fast. Pretty similar to the fastarc g-1 I tried on the same blade.
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Best FH rubber.
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Very good backhand rubber. Control is high with very nice feeling.
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Top quality rubber! It has a bit more "bite" than Fastarc G-1 (ie. a bit faster and a bit more top-end spin on max power loops). Of course it needs a higher level technique to get the best out of it, but if you have the skills and are looking for a step up from G1 then this might be the one for you. It's not to quick on low-to-mid power shots, but when you apply more power there's a significant kick. Imagine a cross between G1 and Evolution MX-P and you've got the Victas V>15 Extra.
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A very good rubber for the backhand, unfortunately after a month and a half (three times a week) it is finished.
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Facts: blue rubber in max. thickness (2,2 mm), 47,5 degree sponge hardness. The "most thorough table tennis- shop in the world" (Spin and Speed) determined a total hardness of 57.6 degrees.
My rubber has a weight of 49 g. (cut, 156 x 150 mm)
I know that this rubber is extremely popular, but for me it is not the measure of all things.
Only if it would provide more rotation, I could (possibly) imagine switching from the Nittaku FastArc G-1 to this rubber. However, the G-1 not only makes more spin, but also the higher arc. The angle game also works better with it.
In the end, I only liked the V>15 better when smashing!
(- well! ... and it is easier to control!)
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Please notice I am reviewing this rubber as a Backhand rubber (on ALC blade). That said, I will come up with the best BH rubbers I have tried: Tenergy 05 and Rakza 7. V>15 Extra fits right between those two. I found this rubber excellent for BH, specially in the power-control ratio. T05 is still a bit more offensive but harder to control. Rakza gives the same control but lacks the power Victas can produce. I recommend V>15 Extra for those who like to open attack with BH topspin and also those who like to active block. Unfortunately I could not adapt it to my Forehand, my FH style requires something with harder sponge and more speed and spin (think of T05 Hard?). But for BH I believe I will keep playing with it for a long time.
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V -15 Extra is MH rubber 47.5* offensive rubber.Like most rubbers nowaday is made in Germany but is not a ESN ..rubber.Hight end rubber by TSP/Victas is not cheap for sure cost US$54 got it from TT11 for a lot less.No question a good offensive rubber the quality is there .But IMO MXP is a bit better in feel and spin.
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It's great while it lasts. I switched from Andro Rasant Grip because of availability, and I wanted to be like Koki. V15-Extra has 3 gears. If you hit flat you can bottom out the sponge easily. It feels a bit slow but control is good due to the low tackiness. At medium angles the rubber plays its worst - counter hitting has high throw angle with average spin. Control chopping is ok, but nothing amazing. Looping is just insane! At fine angles it feels like I'm aiming at the back wall, but the ball dives very quickly due to the incredible spin. If you can hit it fine enough, backspin is also pretty mad. The soft sponge is forgiving throughout the loop, giving me a lot of confidence.

There are two problems I had with this rubber. Because it worked best at shallow angles I found that I edged the ball a lot more. Secondly, this rubber did not last very long at all. I went through 4 sheets of V15 in under 6 months - about 40 hours of play per sheet. At 40 hours there was obvious signs of wear on my contact points which caused the ball to slide out at shallow angles. The cost of the rubber and the short lifespan makes V15-Extra a pretty bad deal - a shame because I really wanted to love it.

Setup was V15-Extra 2.2 red (fh), Donic Bluefire M3 2.2 black (bh), TSP Swat Power, shakehand grip.
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Very good backhand rubber. Control is high and forgiving. Inside out shots or snake shots are amazing,
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Very happy with this rubber. I was trying to find a decent replacement for Tenergy 05 and it plays a little harder and faster. Spin is great, you get what you put in. "On average" my game has more spin across all strokes compared to the Tenergy 05. More linear than Tenergy, not too bouncy in the short game but very fast on power loops. Overall this rubber plays somewhat similar to the new Tenergy 05 Hard.
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Using as FH rubber on Marcos Freitas ALC, amazing speed ,spin and good control with very nice feeling.
best alternatives for Tenergy
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Fantastic rubber !!
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Using as FH rubber on a Tibhar Stratus Defense Wood IN 1.9mm, switched to this a year ago from Tenergy 05. I'm a modern defender and this rubber does it all. I'm able to loop just as well as I did with T05, it does have less spin but the speed and throw arc is very similar to T05. Short game has improved due to this rubber being far less sensitive to incoming spin. This rubber chops like a dream as well. The top sheet does seem to wear out quicker than T05, however at 40-45 USD replacing this every 3-6 months is way better than the 75usd I was paying for T05.
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I played with this rubber on Stiga Allround Evolution,on it is this rubber very good in speed ,spin and control.
for fasted blade is this rubber very fast and very hardnest.
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Speed like T80
Spin like T05
Throw Angle beetwen T05 & T80
For me its easier to use than T05 (more insensitive to incoming spin than T05, im curving top spin more better)
Im using for FH, move from T05 to this rubber at BTY ALC blade
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Although it emphasizes on spin, the rubber is not particular spiny. What special is it offers balance performance with non-tacky top sheet, therefore it is less sensitive to spin. This benefits players who often take chance to attack against back spin. In short, it is just another can-do-all medium price rubber.
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Great rubber for a offensive game. Not recommend to use it on both sides, cause it's a heavier than average
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My detailed review can be seen here:
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