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Victas V>20 Double Extra

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Victas V>20 Double Extra Table Tennis Rubber combines European tension technology's attacking power and dynamics with the advantages offered by Chinese pips geometry.

The V>20 produces vigorous attacking power and reassuring precision - a combination your opponents will fear. This innovative hybrid technology with shorter pips guarantees perfect ball coupling, which results in excellent accuracy and forgiveness, with unbelievable spin ratings. Despite the sponge hardness of 52.5 degrees, you will be surprised by the elasticity and feel of V>20 Double Extra.

Made in Germany
Rubber Type: Inverted, High Energy Tension

Speed: 93
Control: 84
Hardness 52.5

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Reviews of Victas V>20 Double Extra (8)

More controlable than v22,also bit slower and more precise.
Block, counters,everything.Its just one of the best rubbers on the market.
Amazing second boucne-very low.
Usig it on backhand Zhang Jike Alc but sometimes switching to forehand and works just great on both.
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Corrected and completed !!! - at the beginning I was once again annoyed about a VICTAS rubber that was stated to be harder than it felt when playing! After I had the impression with the V11, 15 and 22 that the sponges were softer than stated, I now felt the same again with the V20. "Sensibly" ;-P I recently bought a Shore Meter (sponge hardness measuring device) to be able to measure in such situations!!! Result: despite all my efforts, I was only able to measure 45 degrees. - sorry Victas, but 52.5 degrees sponge hardness??? Here are some real facts ;) Rubber (2 mm black) 104 g. in original packaging. Uncut 68g. and on my blade 48 g. (at 157 x 150 mm) - glued with solvent-based glue !!! I quickly realized that it wouldn't be easy to find the right blade for this rubber. During the first test on my Sanwei 75 ALC Inner, I could feel absolutely no pressure point when hitting! After further tests on various synthetic fiber blades, the rubber finally ends up on my very stiff and hard Huieson ZLC (... on my backhand side), which now gives me "feel" and a lot of spin! - including the long-missing "pressure point." Conclusion: Undoubtedly picky rubber when it comes to the right blade. (... which in my opinion will not find "very many" friends, due to its softness and the difficult blade choice!!!) Addendum: Due to my very different experiences in connection with different blades, I will refrain from judging it Control!!!
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V>20 DE Black 2mm. Test for modern defense : hughe stepup compared to V>15 Extra! More control, more spin, more gears, with less catapult and just a tiny less top end speed. V>20 is not a super fast rubber, although it is not slow at all. Dynamism and speed are cleverly dosed to achieve one of the most balanced rubber on the market. Sponge is 52.5 degrees but topsheet is smooth, giving an overall feeling softer than 52.5. Still harder than V>15, wich is a good thing to me. Chopping is great and very stable, pushing is awesome (super spinny!). Opening topspin, percussion, everything is very satisfaying. A super stable rubber with many gears and a super grippy topsheet. My favorite from Victas to date.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Amultart 88g - V20 max black on FH : soft feeling, flat smash easy, counter spin automatic, push good and precise, block stable. It is a good rubber on FH on Hinoki carbon (ZLC) outer blade. V22 is a little bit too bouncy, so V20 is pairing really well. However, I do not feel same on TB ALC, I prefer V22 with koto/ALC. Question of feeling maybe.
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Tried on Fortino DC inside, both FH and BH.
V>20 is like a super V>15, as if the concept was pushed to the extreme. It's very hard (it feels more like 55-57), it's heavy, it's demanding. You need to be active, always. Think H3, without the tackiness. The top sheet is a little tacky, but not much, just enough to counterspin during short game. To reveal the potential of the rubber and reach the high gears, you need to engage the sponge, which isn't an easy thing as the window is quite narrow, and you have to find the exact right angle.
So you need some pretty high skills to benefit from this rubber. But once you are able to master it, it's among the most powerful missile thrower one can get. Balls are lightning fast (similar to MX-P or T05 but more predictable) and even spinnier than you get with H3. You have the skills? Be rewarded with the highest speed, heaviest spin and greatest counterspin abilities. I guarantee your opponents will suffer. You don't? Don't worry there are hundreds of other options around. Next I will try C53 to see how it compares (my guess is that they are very similar).
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