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6 Reviews for Victas Triple Double Extra

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Great rubber, med low throw angle and super spinny. It comes pre boosted, so i would not go ballistic with 5 layers of falco or anything. I put just one layer of yellow haifu on mine and really liked it, tackier than my h3 neo provincial. honestly, i wouldnt have bought this, but i was in japan and it was cheap. I wash the dust off with water after every use and put protective rubber on it and its still damn tacky after 5 weeks. Pretty slept on rubber. I'll buy it again.
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Great rubber: grip is excellent, looping great. Not as fast nor as spinny as Dignics 09c, but slightly lower launch angle. I replaced Hurricane 8 with this and find the Victas rubber much better for my game. For the money it is hard to beat.
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The first feeling, the control of this rubber is very dominating, dampening smashes and chop blocks becoming sharper, the resulting ball spin is very powerful. the opponent had a very hard time returning the loop spin and spin smash that I did. this rubber is very sticky and runs according to its function.
Using Lin GaoYuan ALC blade, for forehand Victas Triple Double Extra and backhand using dignics 09c feel the awesomeness!!!!!
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This is a very tacky rubber with a hard sponge, but surprisingly soft topsheet. It's quite slow at low impact, but at higher impact the sponge is very powerful and lively. It's different from H3 in that it is powerful without booster.

Overall this rubber performs very well for Chinese-style loop forehand. It is quite hard to use and requires good technique and strength.

Also, it seems to react poorly to booster. The topsheet is soft and the sponge is hard. When you apply booster, the topsheet easily detaches from the sponge.
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I chose TD to upgrade from VJC>07 Sticky Extra on a FireFall VC (inner carbon quite similar to HL5).
I was satisfied by VJC but since I like Chinese rubbers like H3 I wanted to try the TD.
TD is unofficially presented by Victas as the competition to H3 (hence the name, Triple), but with a modern sponge (that behaves like a tuned H3, without needing any booster or speed glue). Similar concept to H3 Neo, but likely more advanced (H3N coating wears out quickly).
Compared side-by-side to VJC: TD sponge is WAY harder and heavier. Top sheet is tackier. More gears. Throw is equally low. VJC is more suited to people coming from regular rubbers (especially Japanese rubbers) entering the Chinese style. TD is more aimed at advanced players already having some experience with Chinese rubbers. It's not a beginner rubber yet it's surprizingly easy to play with, I think an intermediate player can grow quickly with such a linear rubber. Like any Chinese rubber, it just needs a good technique (long throws moving all the body) to send speedy balls.

Compared side-by-side to H3N: Very similar in almost all respects, except TD has a slightly lower throw. In a blind test I wouldn't be able to tell them apart.
Only drawback is the price (especially compared to H3N). Update: after 30+ hours playing with TD over a month, the rubber has shrunk (indicating some heavy factory tuning) and the top sheet looks worn out. It's still good to play and tacky but not as tacky as during the first 30 hours (despite cleaning and protection sheet after each session). Removing 0.5 points for this. So imho durability isn't great, but still much better than DHS rubbers.
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If you like hard and tacky hybrid rubbers this is a great example of it! My blade is a inner carbon construction blade with a decent flex so my review it is based on that. The Victas TDE is faster than DHS H3 Neo and slower than Yasaka Rakza Z Extra Hard. The sponge hardness of these rubbers are approximately identical the H3N having a thicker top sheet compared to a softer and more flexible one on the TDE and RZ-EH. TDE has lower throw than both the H3N and RZ EH what I like better for my forehand. It gives you more confidence in your shot than the faster RZ-EH and keeps the ball lower to the net than the H3. The loss in speed compared to the RZ-EH it is made up in the ability to play crazy wide angles when close to the table. Compared to H3N it feels more lively and does not require boosting. Overall it is a great rubber for all in attackers but is also controlled in the short game and great for a variety of heavy spin to no spin serves. It is worth giving a try you may end up sticking with-it for a long time.
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