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6 Reviews for Victas Koki Niwa

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Great blade. I like it much more than Viscaria. A bit stiff, a little hard but not dead hard feeling. Not disconnected. Great in todays fast aggressive looping, blocking, chop blocking and close to table play. I agree with Tabke tennis 11 professional review about this blade. Spinny, very enjoyable to play with. Plays well with harder rubber but plays also with 43 degrees rubbers.
After testing many times my friends Koki Niwa and Ma Long blades I liked this one more. Even the partner at club said that shots became much more spiny and artistic comparing to all the before blades I used against him. One of the few that I will always keep.
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This was my first real table tennis racket and I'm very happy with it. I play with Hurricane 3 on the forehand and Rakza Z on the backhand (although I use Seemiller grip, so I only use one side at a time, and twiddle). The paddle is very fast and has a lot of control, even with a slow tacky rubber like Hurricane 3. It's great for blocking, as well. My only complaint is that when using the Rakza Z side, I often hit too far and it misses the table. Serves are very powerful and spinny, though some of this owes to Hurricane 3. I definitely would NOT recommend using a fast rubber on this blade, unless you have very very good control. I don't typically play far from the table, but when I do it has nice power for looping.

My USATT rating is around 1100 and my playing style is mixture of Dan Seemiller and Koki Niwa (at a much lower level) I would say. It involves a lot of (chop) blocks and sidespin, and is generally pretty slow, except for some very fast backhand flicks when a good opportunity arises. This blade does an excellent job of playing slow and controlled when I need it to, and playing fast when I hit hard.
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Im using this blade as a replacement for viscaria since i need blade carbon. I put dhs goldarc8 for FH. And for short pimple VICTAS for BH.

1st impression this blade is very good. Amazing control. I can easily stroke the ball from far behind the table.
The blade technology help you to maximize the power and to maximize the control. Iam really enjoying use this blade. If you are Koki niwa fans and you are enjoying play attacking from far behind the table, and need max control ,this is the good blade for you.

I will never regret buying this one
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good feeling and speed, sweet spot a little small, like the average timbers, in straight handle they should make it rounded like the joola Rossi fire 07 design since flattened is more the grip is weaker unless it is square type butterfly for hands more Large, personally I prefer rounded straight grip, it is more comfortable and adaptable to the hand.
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11 December,2018-Am a Koki Niwa Fan.This blade was on my list.Amazing blade,very fast and great control.I have TB ALC-this Victas blade is far superior for my game at least.Its a BH beast-handle is great.It help in hitting great BH shots and also FH .Its a looping machine with great block,drops,touch,serve spin.Right now I think its best for my game at this stage.Has great catapult on power shots,and has great touch on net shots.Surface is so well finished,no need to seal or anything.Can re-glue rubbers with ease-no damage to blade-I am using Andro Glue-don't use DONIC glue-worst of all.Mine is 89 grams.I am using Black Fastarc S1(max) on FH,Donic Bluefire M3 on BH.Amazing combo for now.May change the M3.Main feature or the best feature of this blade is all shots land where you want....amazing control.I think best control of all my blades...I have many like TB ALC,Nittaku Acoustic,Rossi emotion etc
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Using it with H3 and Nittaku Flyatt on BH. Very satisfied

Previously I am a LongV addicted person but this blade support power for me a lot plus great at control. Don't know why not many people using it
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