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Reviews for Victas Fire Fall AC (3)

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The workman ship was not that great - I understand this is not made in Japan and the handle I got was not perfectly shaped. Stiff Ma Long V clone except for the central ply which is Kiri instead of Ayous. It's not that fast except for when you smash and dig into the inner carbon layer. The feel is soft due to the inner location of these carbon plies. Not good with some rubbers that are too soft so beware. Get harder sponge versions if you're buying Chinese rubbers.
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After hearing good things about this blade I decided to test it. I paired it with Tibhar MX-P max rubbers on both sides. First of all I disagree with first reviewer that this blade is a rocket launcher, it is not, especially not compared with other OFF+ carbon blades. Yes the blade is fast, but the problem is that it has no real gears away from the table, it lacks a lot of power. And that is the main issue with this blade. As long as you are close to the table it is fine, but from mid-distance and furher it is just not good. A very positive thing is that the blade has a very good feeling and a great feed-back, you are hardly aware that it is a carbon blade. Also the blade has a vey consistent and nice low arc. The control is also good in the short game and in blocking. If you are a close to the table contra player this blade could be good, but when you are more power and spin orientated, there are much better blades available.
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This blade is a rocket launcher, OFF++ without compromise.
Giant sweet spot, medium throw angle, woody feeling on slow stroke, absolute feeling of power on fast attacks.

The firefall ac is the fastest blade I have so far, even faster than photino or Mizuntani Jun. The limba outer provides decent medium throw angle and good feeling. The Aramid Carbon of this blade is ultra fast (realy faster than a stradivarius which has aramid carbon also).

Build like an Innerforce blade with the composite under 2 outer plys but it is realy faster than IF ZLC or even IF ULC.

The control is amazing, the sweet spot is so large that even out of position you can still trust this blade to respond with amazing consistency. The sweet spot larger than TBS/Viscaria.

This blade as decent dwell time also for this level of speed.

Tested with T80, the combination is magnificent but it was realy impressive with T05 and Evolution MX-P, you will have tons of gears and fearfull acceleration power with more than decent control and very secure trajectories.

Also, as you can expect for this price : perfect workmanship, nice handle & nice look.
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