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23 Reviews for Killerspin Fortissimo

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Fast rubber great control and a lot of spin
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Ratings for 2.0mm. Nothing killer about this spin, lacks grip. Not comparable to reputable table tennis brands.
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Good product.
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Speed: low (8.6).
Spin: average (8.9).
Control: high (9.3).
Tackiness: slightly tacky (2).
Weight: average (45g, 0.22g/cm^2).
Sponge hardness: medium (45/32).
Top sheet hardness: hard (56/44).
Gears: average (5).
Throw: medium high (6.4).
Consistency: always identical (10).
Durability: average durability (5).
Top sheet thickness: average (1.7mm).
Surface thickness: average (0.8mm).
Pip length: medium (0.9mm).
Pip width: average (1.7mm).
Pip spacing: average (0.8mm).
Overall: average (9).
Value: expensive (4).
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the best rubber i have played with! this rubber really impressed me. very fast and very spiny. i could really surprise my opponents by the spin put on the ball. it took about a week for me to adjust and fully understand this rubber, but i was very pleased by the result. looping is very easy and arc is decent. strongly recommend for fast and attacking players.
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Weight: 64-65 grams uncut 2.0mm, 67 grams uncut 2.1mm or max
Type: ESN rubber
Hardness: approx 45 degrees (medium hardness)
Speed: Offensive

Fortissimo is a musical term which means "to play very loud". I have used this rubber before but only for short time and it wasn't new. Got 4 sheets, 2x 2.0mm and 2.1mm rubbers both in red and black sheets. The sheets are very grippy when you rub your fingers against the topsheet. The sponge is a non porous ESN sponge although KS claims this is a Japanese sponge. The quality of this Killerspin rubber is comparable to Euro ESN rubbers.

I glued both red and black Fortissimo rubbers onto an ITC Challenge Force blade which is equivalent to a Butterfly Petr Korbel blade which is an all wood 5 ply off- blade (limba-limba-ayous composition). I used wbg glue for both sheets.


Both the 2.0 and 2.1 max versions are very fast. On drills the 2.0 have enough speed for offense and the max version is as fast as a Rakza 7. Whenever you hit through the sponge, it produces a loud cracking noice hence its name "fortissimo". I could compare its speed to a Tibhar Aurus or an Adidas P7.


The very grippy topsheet gives a vicious spin on loops although you have to dig through the sponge more or hit through it more to fully utilize the spin potential of the Fortissimo. The level of its spin is equivalent more or less to a Rakza 7 but lesser than the Adidas P7. It is spinnier if you compare it to Tibhar's Delta rubbers or Xiom's Vega Europe version. Loops give a medium arc. The thin topsheet with long inverted pips make spinning easy because it lets the ball sink into the topsheet and sponge and grip the ball better.

Overall Performance

The rubber is a superb all around attacking rubber for both forehand and backhand. For the forehand, it is a very easy attacking rubber especially when hitting and loop driving. The level of control is high and it is very easy to tame a very fast rubber. The rubber is linear in which what you give on your shots is what you get. For people who smash a lot, they would love this rubber. For backhand, it is a good blocking rubber because it is not sensitive to incoming spin and at the same time it is very easy to handle and control against spinny and fast loops. For all around players I would recommend using this on a 7 ply all wood blade but for offensive and intermediate players maybe it is better to use this on blades such as Timo Boll ALC or an ITC Strike Carbon. It is suited better for medium to medium stiff blades. Overall, a bang for the buck rubber at 44usd each.
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Fast, very fast, but pretty controllable. I have it on my Timo Boll W7 and once you get a handle on the speed, it can work wonders. It feels pretty unforgiving if you're not hitting dead center of the racquet, compared to my Donic Bluefire M3's that I had on the blade previously. Looping's also pretty hard due to the aforementioned speed, but overall it's a damn solid rubber.

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This rubber is really fast and have good spin and control to it.. You have to get used to it though. It will take some time but it's worth it.
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Amazing, and on some way specific rubber. Very fast, but also with nice control can be very tricky for opponent. It's very precise in smashing and for chops. Throw angle is low, requires practice&adjustment from player, but I prefer to put it on fast blade with as much control as possible. I played it on Joola K4, and it was great experience after I get used to the angles.
Tenergy 05 is a bit spiny but also a bit slower, and comparing those two rubbers, Fortisimo is more delicate with side spins, and generates exactly what you want (requires good technique), while Tenergy 05 is more forgiving, but also fast and spiny.
Fortissimo is very good rubber, that I would recommended to ALL round to Offensive players, without any doubt.
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A very forgiving rubber with speed and control and one of the fastest rubber for forehand I've used so far, beats bryce speed and tenergy 05 in-terms of speed and great control on slower blade. Out lasts it's competitors and better price too. Good spin for its class. Absolutely no speed gluing or boosting needed as the rubber itself already has extreme speed and softness out of the packet. Has similar feeling as a freshly speed glued Mark V. Only downside is its relatively low throw angle and spin comparing with tenergy 05, bluefire and evolution series, can be fixed by correcting strokes and more controlled topspin play with a softer blade. On a harder blade it can be used for flat hitting any topspin balls with ease and on a softer blade you may loop with extreme power and speed. It can be said to be the perfect hybrid between Tenergy 05 and Desto F1 achieving the east meets the west phenomenon. When used properly by a skilled player, the!
re should be more spin than you'll ever expect being produced by the European topsheet!
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Black and Red max sponge
Speedier than Bryce speed. a medium to high throw rubber. A bit shiny top surface sort of special additive were use on this rubber. Pair it with Killerspin Diamond CQ blade. At first its a little too bouncy and hard for blocking but once you get used to and right angle of blade, this set up is a beast. Tensor rubber is decently price.
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He probado varios blades y rubbers, hoy probe los Killerspin Fortissimo y realmente son otra historia. Yo tenía el blade de la Jet 600 y decidi probar unos nuevos rubbers. Gran combinación. Pruébenlos son excelentes, 5 estrellas, the very best, la ultima coca cola del planeta, la cereza del helado, high tech, los mejores que he probado hasta ahora.
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Fast rubber same as many rubbers in the market. Spin is very poor. Not a good rubber to combine with a very fast blade. Rebounding is too fast. Probable with a soft blade could have better properties.
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The Killerspin Fortissimo is Killerspin's answer to post-ban speed-glue effect rubbers. First off, I want to make it clear that Fortissimo IS NOT A TENERGY REPLACEMENT. There is very few similarities between the two, the playability and appearance are very different. With that said, I will begin the review. Some physical features: the rubber is tuned and came with a reverse dome out of the package. The sponge felt fairly firm and the topsheet had a very shiny sheen to it. All in all, Fortissimo looked of very high quality. In regards to actually playing with it: the rubber was fast but controllable (I had it in MAX sponge). I was also very impressed with its glue effect: the feel was there, and the sound was very similar to a glued up rubber. The spin was decent, although I was a bit disappointed since the topsheet looked very grippy, almost tacky. Loops were good, however, you have to penetrate the sponge (drive loop) rather than use solely the topsheet (brush loop) in order for the rubber to be effective. It was a bit hard to make ridiculous arcs with Fortissimo because of the topsheet, and also because of the low throw. Smashes were very good and easy to perform. The short game was good and controllable: pushes and touch shots could be done easily, however I occasionally dumped my pushes in the net or overshot off the table. Serves were good, but were not extremely spinny. Blocks were a breeze and easy to place. Some unique features I noticed about this rubber (good and bad) is: its mushiness in rallies, its extreme low throw, and the way the ball tends to slip a lot on extreme brush looping. Just pressing on the rubber itself, the sponge was firm; however, during play, the rubber felt a bit too mushy for my taste, softer than a comparable rubber like Boost TX (and of course Tenergy 05). The low throw was a bit ridiculous to me as well, and it took me some time to adjust. At first, counterhits went into the net, pushes went into the net, and brush loops/arc loops dived into the net. However, as you hit a bit harder, fully using the sponge, the throw got a little higher, and the result would be a devastating shot loaded with power and spin. Many of my opponents dumped my low-arc/spinny loops into the net, surprised at how fast and low my loops were. Another negative was the ball slipping, that I experienced a lot. The grippy/almost tacky topsheet disappointed me in rallies, and it almost seemed impossible for me to brush loop or make a serve extremely spinny. All of my spin shots required some usage of the bouncy sponge. As a result, the mechanical spin of Fortissimo is quite high, but the topsheet spin - not so much. In conclusion, the Fortissimo was a fast speed-glue effect rubber that I enjoyed using on my backhand (not so much on the forehand though). The Fortissimo is a bit on the pricey side compared to what it can do ($49.99), but I occasionally see it on sale for ($39.99). I would recommend it for offensive players who are looking for a good fast backhand rubber, especially those who want to use Tenergy but cannot afford it on both sides. I personally am using Tenergy 05 on the forehand and Fortissimo on the backhand, and I am loving this setup for my two-winged looping game! Special thanks to and Killerspin for making this review possible!
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This is a very good rubber for fast looping and smashing. It plays best when glued to an off+ blade like gergely, timo bol tri-carbon or sardius. I have mine glued to an unknown carbon ritc 729 rated off+ blade and its performance remains rock solid even when hitting heavy loops. Topspins and pushes are very controlled. It plays better than a btfly bryce in terms of creating heavy spins because of its sticky topsheet. One of the downsides is that it is not as durable as some of high end butterfly products. Little cracks begin to appear in the middle portion whre the ball is frequently hit. Some say this is the case in some tensor rubbers. The cracks become more noticeable and gets wider each time. In a nutshell, This is one of the best rubber in the market today. You get what you pay for. No wonder this is a bestseller.
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Fortissimo black 2.0:
As reviewed by Blade (1800-1900 Usatt; classic offensive style player)
In this review I am comparing Fortissimo to the Joola Express/ Energy and Donic Platin series rubbers. It also shares some similarities with a rubber like Boost TP in that it has a firm feeling and fairly low throw.

Details of Physical characteristics

Sponge - very small pores, like Joola Express (JE) and Donic JO Platin(JOP) series rubbers, almost identical.
Hardness - (Estimate by feeling)in the 42.5 to 45 degree range, related to Joola and Donic hardness scales.
Top sheet - As I mentioned previously, Very High quality, slightly textured , shiny with the pimple form visibly evident (like a tuned rubber, see pics.)
Pimples - Noticeably longer than those of JOP and JE.
Spacing is closer together than JOP and JE. The spaces between the pimples are a little more than half a pimple width. JOP and JE have almost equal pimple and space widths.
Top sheet is thicker than JOP and JE.

Playing Characteristics:
I think the top sheet structure of this rubber causes it to feel and play significantly different to most of the3rd and 4th generation tensor rubbers that I have played with. The sponge seems to have a very similar feeling and playing characteristic to Tensor rubbers. Overall I really like the way this rubber feels, it does not have that mushy feel that many tensors do. It still feels very elastic and lively but it feels more rubbery than spongy due to the top sheet thickness and pimple geometry (make sense?)
Counter hitting- Easy to counter hit with it works best with medium to high racket speeds, due to its medium- low throw, if you do not contact the ball solidly it tends to drop the ball in the net. On the receiving end it seems very easy to control your opponent's shots.
Looping - This rubber feels the best when looping at a medium to medium-fast (40- 70%)pace and in this range it feels very stable predictable and delivers crisp loops with a long low trajectory and good spin. However, when you really crank it up (let's say 85% or higher)a couple of strange things happen with the throw angle: With a closed racket forward driving type loop the ball sometimes shoots off the rubber straight out and seems to have little to no spin. With a more upward heavy spinning type stoke the throw of the rubber becomes very high.
So what does this mean? If you are a looper who is used to tensors, this rubber will require adjustments at the lower speeds and at higher speeds. I haven't had a chance to play with it extensively, so I can't say if the nonlinearity of Fortissimo at the low and high ends would continue to be problematic and hard to adjust to. Intuitively, it seems like the rubber is stable enough over all and would play comfortably with some adjustments.
Smashing - Fortissimo is excellent for smashing and has a great crisp feeling when doing so. It does not completely bottom out and again as I mentioned above has that nice firm elastic feeling of the top sheet as opposed to a mushy sponge feeling. It seems easy to place your kill shot where you wish.
Blocking - Since the rubber has a firm feeling and a fairly low throw blocking incoming topsins is easily controllable. One caveat, my hitting partner while I was testing the rubber did not have heavy top spin loops, so I'll have to do some further blocking practice with a heavy topspin looper before I can give a final word on this.
Serving - the amount of spin on serves was a little hard to determine as it compared to other rubbers. My best estimation would be that it serves with as much spin or slightly more than JE or JEGP(Joola Energy Green Power). I have a particular knack for creating very spiny, short services and my touch and stroke on this type of service is geared towards JE and EGP. That being said, I'd say it took a little more effort to keep the Fortissimo serves as low and as short, but again not a big difference.
Forehand or Backhand - For me I liked fortissimo equally well on both sides. Because of its firmness opening up against heavy back spin close to the table or over the table is more difficult than JE or EGP and requires a bat angle and stroke adjustment on both sides.
Final Word: Fortissimo is a very playable modern rubber that has a unique feel as compared to it's Tensor, Boost, Tenergy counter parts. It is a rubber that I might choose to play with for it's over all feeling and crisp mid power looping, easy blocking and effective smashing. However, although it has good spin I am looking for something spinier. In part due to the latest generation of super spiny rubbers like Barracuda, Genius, Hexer and of course Tenergy, Fortissimo seems a bit behind the curve.
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Not my cup of tea. Throw is too low for me.
If you have more of a hitting game, this rubber is great, just not for variable looping.
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This is an advanced rubber comparable to Tenergy in Speed and Spin however has the advantage of having much more control. Its control is much useful in Topspin, attacking, looping, blocking and pushing. It is a real attacker's dream , has lots of gears and flawless. It is definitely an advanced breakthrough rubber for the advanced Loop/Attack style.
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This is a Looper/Attack dream, comparable to Tenergy but provides more controlled looping and smashing, great for blocking and pushing.
I found it helped my game especially in fast looping, my opinion that it is better suited for offensive fast blades.
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Love it. Makes it so easy to produce very fast and spinny loops.
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Love it.

I feel like playing a Chinese topsheet with some Top class sponge.

Love it.
A bit too expensive
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Great rubber for looping with excellent control on top.
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This is a very good rubber. It is both faster and spinnier than Bty Bryce and Killerspin Nitrix 5z. An attacker's dream!
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