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9 Reviews for Donic Acuda Blue P1

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I'm fairly new to competitive ping pong, so please take this review however you want. I play chinese penhold and used this on a Ma Lin Soft Carbon blade. The control is decent for how fast it is, but it basically has one gear. I found that it is very fast in well hit loops, but otherwise doesn't do much very well. It is not very grippy and therefore not very spinny for me. For my style of play and skill level, I didn't really get the point of this rubber. Other than straight forward speed, it seems kind of dead.
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easy rubber to play with especially with the current polly ball.. very easy to loop the 40+ ball , and spin
I felt like wont go wrong using this rubber.. but it's hard to play in long distance.. using this rubber on fh n bh
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Cut has 45 gr. Low arch, and for this seems a little a chinese rubber like Skyline neo TG3, with more bouncing. Same spin as TG3. Much more control, because more linear than TG3.

I have Blue P1 turbo as well, and it is much more faster.

I used to play with a Blue fire JP 01 turbo. It's arch is higher, so to my game I prefer Blue Fire JP01T. The problem is that blue fire is heavier, 50 gr cut, and for RBP wheight is very important.
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Fast rubber, I was able to use it efficiently on a blade ARTTE NUVOLA as it allows me to always have a good control and a lot of precision.
Best used up close or medium distance from the table, away from the table you have to give so much power. The catapult the ball is good.
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Very good rubber, both in fh and bh. Has great speed and touch, giving excellent control to it. Update: Had the opportunity to play with it again. The speed is there, the spin is there, medium throw, but it shines in control, amazing. Kinda soft.
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For my detailed review see:
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I like it for my BH, the medium feel and the grippy topsheets (semi-tacky) makes it easy to grab the ball and direct it where i want. Touch plays is where this rubber shines for me. This rubber is FAST, it took it me a while to control it. This is a good FH rubber, but i prefer medium to harder feeling rubbers. Bluefire m3 actually feels harder than this rubber.
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Love the spin of this rubber. I can curl the ball easily. I think this rubber is good for spin-oriented player who played close to the table. Pretty fast in close-range, but need more efforts to shots from distance. Even though the sponge rated as medium+, I don't feel that this rubber is too hard. This rubber feels really elastic and give me a great feel when hitting the ball. I feel that Bluefire M2 have a harder sponge than Acuda P1.
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I got my new black sheet in max yesterday and glued it up with water glue and allowed it to dry under a click press for an entire day.

Again, I had heard the sponge was the same blue sponge used in Bluefire but to my eyes , the grain is finer and it appears less porous working from memory.

I didn't detect any booster smell like in some of Bluefires ,nor did I detect any residue whatsoever.

The sheet was flat, there did not appear to be any curl, convex or concave at all.

Donic says the sponge is a degree or two harder than the S1 and I concur.

Its just a wee bit heavier than the S1 but it's not Bluefire or T05 heavy.

the topcoat is soft, thin and the pimples are thin and flexible.

the overall feel is not hard , the sponge and rubber combine to give a medium feel.

Now bear in mind I have an injury (did I say thanks Adam?), I could only play at about 70% power so I will reserve judgement on the top end performance of the rubber if and when my shoulder mends.

I always loved Acuda S1 and I thought the blue sponge in BFJP was cool, so I wasn't surprised that they sort of combined them. Its a marketing winner, but is it a winner-winner?

For me, trying out a new rubber is like a courtship, is it a slow burning romance, love at first sight? hmm.

Speedwise and feel wise, its like a better, more well behaved Acuda S1: stripped of its catapult top end trampoline engine, replaced with a bigger, better more efficient engine that gets to top end without so much noise.


The S1 catapult has been replaced in the P1 with a linear flatter response perfectly capable of getting to top speed without relying on rubber and sponge elasticity instead more coming from sponge density and overall mass and therefore giving a more predictable and controllable response over the range of speeds. I put it at speed equal or slightly faster overall than Acuda S1.
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