LKT Rapid Soft

by LKT
Rated 4.3/5

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Rubber designed for the speed glue ban.

Soft sponge and a specialized pimple arrangement gives LKT soft a high degree of control while still maintaining the ability to generate spin at low or high speeds.

Ideal rubber for players who will not compromise control, yet still wish to have an effective attack.

Speed: 80
Spin: 90
Control: 100

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Reviews of LKT Rapid Soft (11)

 External Review for LKT Rapid Soft on August 9, 2014
The best thing about this rubber, aside from its affordability, is its weight. It's light for a chinese rubber. You can do everything with this rubber. Speed, spin and control are balanced. Not sure if this is a tensor rubber. Used it on my backhand. Black, max.
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 External Review for LKT Rapid Soft on November 2, 2011
This rubber is a Sriver EL clone, spin insensitive, medium-low throw, soft, with lots of control, with poor spin, great for blocking hitting and driving, great on carbon blades, cheap and very durable.


I tried this rubber in red on forehand. blade was galaxy t4 (off++). On the other side I had LKT pro XP black.

Rapid soft is similar in feel to LKT Pro XP black (red XP is harder). Differences are: Rapid soft is considerably faster than black XP (only in the top gear. the low gear is almost the same), is considerably less spinny, has slightly more gears, is slightly higher throw. It is softer than red XP and as soft as black XP.

gears: low and medium-fast gear. (Warning: Rapid Sound does not have a low gear, Rapid Soft does).

Opening loops: the arc is short but low. This is a very good thing: short arc means you have margin for error. low arc means your opening loop can't be easily attacked. However, the spin on opening loops is poor, unlike XP (both black and red), and surely not great as MercuryII 36 or good as Palio CJ8000 36.

Spin insensitive means that blocks, service returns and counterloops are very very easy. This is a strength of the rubber. Also hits and drives are great with this rubber.

Throw: low, slightly higher than sriver. Like LKT PRo XP black (higher than red). Like LKT rapid sound. Lower than H3, Acuda S2, T05, Vega Pro. If you are used to high throw on forehand, give it two days to get used to the low throw, and you will be surprised that you are more consistent.

Counterloops: great. They are very easy, due to the low throw and the spin insensitivity. Your counterloops will not be spinny but consistent, fast and low.

Spin: not tacky and not very grippy. Spin on opening loops is poor, reason why I switched to red XP. However rapid soft is softer so it has more of a low gear than red XP.

Speed: very good on carbon blades. On wood, it might be too slow for forehand.

Pushes: very easy but not very spinny. If you switch from Rapid Soft to vega pro or acuda s2, at first your counterpushes will go to net.

tackyness: almost completely non tacky. The protective sheet barely sticks to the rubber. Plays like a non tacky rubber (actually it is less grippy than many nontacky rubbers)

hardness: this is a soft rubber (about 35 in the DHS or Galaxy scale). This is what gives you the low gear.
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 External Review for LKT Rapid Soft on October 22, 2013
I bought a pair for my wife ended up using them myself. Nice, controllable, tacky, medium soft rubbers. They are slow as hell, but if you tune them and add 5 layers of water glue and use a hard offensive blade they become quite a spiny rubber for the controlled attacker. Mine are very tacky, good for brush loop. If i stick the paddle on the door it stays like that and it doesn't come off. They are like a light, soft, slow version of DHS. If you improve the slow part you get a good rubber.
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 External Review for LKT Rapid Soft on January 7, 2020
Wow, a weird but cool rubber, has Tensor but Medium los throw! (Usually it's at least medium high) Exceptional speed and control with well spin balanced in ALL+ Blade, but with OFF/OFF- with more to OFF Side, it's very good, as it increases dwell time, with Yinhe 985, I can have a quick TPB and FH Switch
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 External Review for LKT Rapid Soft on December 29, 2018
I use this rubber in 2.2mm both sides (2.0mm was not spinny enough for me). It's very light so my BH still has a lot of snap and decent topspin, while my FH variation has improved, especially the speed/spin on my FH loops. I can also keep the ball low against better players thanks to the soft sponge and topsheet, and there is enough catapult effect for counters. I've paired this with a lightweight balsa carbon from XVT and its been my favourite setup having tried various combinations and price points. The control is great and tbh so is the price. I'd recommend this rubber especially for All round players of any skill or Offensive players at beginner/intermediate level.
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 External Review for LKT Rapid Soft on March 12, 2011
love this rubber from the first attempt. on my BH, dwell time is very good and i can flip and loop better that my old rubber. i have a 2.2mm but it doesn't weight much.
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 External Review for LKT Rapid Soft on October 31, 2010
Attached this to a LKT 9010 carbon blade on my forehand. To give an idea on tackiness it can pick up a ball from the table. However the rubber can't retain the ball. I went for this rubber after finding that a sheet of Hurracaine 2 was far to hard/fast as a rubber for me to loop with. The LKT rapid soft has a soft yellow sponge and a translucent-ish red topsheet which I like. The rubber is great for looping incoming slow balls as it has lots of control and the soft sponge allows the ball to dig in so you can impart your spin. Produces good spin from service however it won't generate as much as a really tacky sheet of Chinese rubber. Consequently it handles opponents spin better. I really like this rubber and I'd describe it as a tacky albeit slower version of Sriver. This could be too slow on a slower blade however on my blade I find !
it has acceptable speed. I would defiantly buy this rubber again as it suits my looping attack game and offers great control. It's also a great price!
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 External Review for LKT Rapid Soft on October 28, 2010
I agree with JimC. Good cheap replacement for Sriver FX, and also very good for beginning players who need to concentrate on technique development. Could work even with slow blades if you do not step away from the table.
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 External Review for LKT Rapid Soft on June 26, 2010
Attached to medium fast carbon blade, adequate speed, good spin for looping and excellent control. I would recommend this for less skilled players (like me) who want to develop their looping game. Good value.
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 External Review for LKT Rapid Soft on December 20, 2009
Good stuff for 14 dollars or so. Ihave some of this on the backhand of a LKT Gun with the Rapid Speed on the forehand. I like the speed version better but on a fast blade like that you can get some serious speed and spin. On an All or All+ blade it might be too slow for those who attack mainly. The speed version has a lower angle than this rubber. I have found that the quality of the "rapid" family of LKT rubber to be very good
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Review by lefevre (Verified Customer) for LKT Rapid Soft on December 15, 2009
I use this on a donic def blade and also on a waldner hinoki. strickly for my BH. very low throw, very slow. you must put some juice into your swing to appreciate this sheet. that said, looping all day, blocking with your eyes closed, unwinding any chop shot, are the pros. cheap,durable,sticky,good quality, and for the price, u can't go wrong. good luck from Andros island in the bahama's!!
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