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Kokutaku 007 Pro Selected

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• Newly developed table tennis rubber that tested with beginners and pro level players.
• Hybrid table tennis rubber, easy to play even for beginners while pros can play powerful shots with it.
• One of the best price for the performance table tennis products from Pingponghouse.
• From testing, speed and spin will be increased then stable after 7th day of play.
• One layer of booster is sufficient for pros to maximize its performance.

Pingponghouse in the Philippines and Kokutaku Table Tennis worked together to develop a new design of table tennis rubber that would suit all the way from beginners to pros. Unlike the traditional Chinese rubbers, this rubber is not very sticky but able to grip the ball very well, so high amount of spin on the ball can be created. Combining with extra power blue sponge, this rubber can give sufficient power for killing shots to win the point with superb control. It has been tested by many beginners and pro players to ensure everyone will happy with the rubber.

Note: This rubber is required to break-in in order to give you the best performance within 3-7 days.

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Reviews of Kokutaku 007 Pro Selected (6)

Tried this one with 38, 39, and 40 degree sponge hardness. My guess is that the one who developed this rubber was inspired by rubbers like Yinhe Big Dipper or Palio HK1997 Gold, with the goal to create a modern Chinese/Euro(Japanese) hybrid rubber with a very good synergy between sponge and topsheet. I would dare to say that 007 Pro.Selected is the best one in the category. Like with Yinhe and Palio rubbers I mentioned, the topsheet-sponge synergy works especially in 38 degree version. I am not sure if Palio offers different hardness, but BD comes also with 39 and 40 deg sponges and these rubbers lean significantly more towards typical Chinese rubber characteristics. 007 P.S., on the other hand, gives you a rubber that, once it breaks in, or you boost it a little, can still perform as a hybrid even if pretty hard. However, still, the best performance/control ratio is definitely offered by 38 deg version.
38 deg Kokutaku 007 Pro.Selected is an amazing rubber. The amount of control is HUGE, thanks to the linear behavior and a specific feel, while this is not simply a beginner's rubber. It offers significant power and tons of spin! If I directly compare it to Big Dipper, I can say the spin when brushing the ball is comparable, it's huge, but when the euro-stroke is in question, especially on lower impact strokes, 007 P.S. is significantly ahead. Not Tenergy 05-spinny, but very good. Wrist snap added for a quick brush and the arc gets lifted and spin increased even to T05 levels.
As I mentioned, the control is out of this world, and this is why I can see this as a rubber even beginners can use and quickly learn with.
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I bought it in Thailand, it cost me only 15-20$. Feel tacky and sticky, can grip the ball really well, but not so tacky if compare to Chinese rubber - like hurricane. I also have a 007 Pro 'Hard' version too, hard version feel a bit more like H3 Neo but a little bit softer and little bit less tacky. Never try boost it, but I like 'Hard' version more than regular one (regular one feel like 38 degree).
Like other said, this is a good choice for beginners to semi-pro (compare to price), you can do anything with this rubber, spiny service, loop, short push, flick, hit, smash!. Really good for control focused player. However, if you are looking for more direct power, fast attack - due to a bit soft sponge - I think Chinese rubber can do better - let say like H3, Tuttle Beijing IV, Sanwei Target.
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Thanks to my friend from Bangkok for that rubber.
I am a long term Hurricane user. It is quite hard to convince me using another rubber, since I always go back to hurricane. This time is different. This rubber has a similar spin development but furthermore a higher consistency in drives and passive shots. hopefully there is soon an European distribution for that rubber. It reacts well to booster, if needed some extra kick.
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Weight: 58 grams uncut
Hardness: 38 degrees
Speed: Off- to Off
Type: Chinese/Tacky

This was given to me by friend Achoomai as he is a distributor of Kokutaku in Thailand and also the owner of PingpongHouse Store. This rubber is very soft and even at 38 degrees it feels softer like 37 or 36 degrees. The topsheet is the standard 007 topsheet but with a selected and improved sponge. The topsheet is tacky and sticky which I caution people to always clean this and place a plastic cover after cleaning it as it is prone to gathering dust but this is not a problem that I really see. The topsheet is kinda soft also and you can feel the softness the moment you press your fingers against it. The sponge is porous as you can see in the pic and feels very soft. It feels softer than a Big Dipper that has 38 degrees hardness.

I tested this both as an unboosted and boosted rubber. I think I told Achoomai a few times how apprehensive I was with the softness because I have always been a hard Chinese type user in the FH with some ESN rubbers as exceptions. He told me to just give it a try and off I did. Unboosted, the 007 Pro feels like a faster but soft Chinese rubber. It is like a faster Sanwei Taiji but spinnier. At first day of testing, I was not so impressed by it because maybe it feels "Mehhh" but I had to give it some break in time just for the rubber's characteristics. Do not get me wrong. Unboosted, the rubber shows promise and good playing characteristics but if you have been used to playing with boosted rubber you would be forced to really boost it. It was on the 3rd day of playing with it that I noticed some changes and the rubber felt a little better when doing loop drives and spinny loops. The loops are very spinny probably almost near the level of Hurricane 3 unboosted. I had to adjust because of the softness and I had to dig into the sponge to spin better. The arc was medium unboosted.

When I boosted the 007 Pro, this is the time that things get interesting. I boosted it with 2 layers of my homemade oil based booster with paraffin mix. The rubber became very bouncy. In fact, it felt like a tacky Rakza 7 soft or a tacky Acuda S3. It felt like a soft ESN rubber in general. The 007 Pro was already bouncy before I boosted it and it was faster than the regular H3 unboosted. When boosted, the 007 Pro feels like a very bouncy ESN rubber. The arc became higher and the trajectory became a bit longer that you can still do hard strokes middle distance from the table easily. It is very spinny now if you engage the sponge more because of the softness of the topsheet and sponge. I give credit to the sponge for absorbing much booster especially that it is soft and also has large pores. For a 20USD rubber, you could get a soft ESN-like rubber that is very spinny and also bouncy.

Other good things about the 007 Pro are: good serving spin, good in spinny pushes and also can block well but you need some adjustments with the angle as this is a bit sensitive to incoming spin due to its tackiness and softness.

40 degree version

The 40 degree version has a slightly darker blue color in order to distinguish it from the 38 degree version. It is also on the heavy side like about 64-65 grams uncut but still lighter than a lot of Chinese rubbers since it has a porous sponge. The 38 degree version has bigger pores compared to the 40 degree version.
All I can say is that the 40 degree 007 Pro can seriously give the Hurricane 3 a run for its money. The 007 Pro 40 has everything you wanted for a Chinese rubber. It is in the same level of spin with the Neo H3, both unboosted and boosted. I boosted mine after playing for 3 days because I am used to boosting Hurricane 3 and Sanwei Target Pro 90 rubbers. The spin is crazy with the 007 Pro 40 that I switched to it coming from an H3 neo rubber because it has the spin that I have always wanted from the H3. It has a slightly lower throw compared to the 38 degree version but not a low throw. I would consider the arc as medium arc. This is easier to use than the H3 and also offers more speed. I think it is better compared to the H3 if you are talking about smashes as you are less prone to errors or hitting the net. The spin is crazy wherein a friend of mine blocking my loops during a friendly match could not block it properly because the ball return outside the table. He was using an antispin rubber when he was blocking my loops. I would have this as my number 1 Chinese rubber in my forehand and it can totally replace Hurricane 3. Hurricane is only better in terms of durability I think as the topsheet is much more sturdy. Also, you need to clean the 007 Pro often because it easily catches dust but other than that I do not have any qualms about this rubber.
I strongly suggests players who loop always and are more advanced in their skill to choose the 40 degree version instead of the 38 as it offers more. Hurricane 3 users can also use this as a substitute. I would suggest boosting the rubber at least 3 times. You have about 3-4 days of breaking in the rubber. After that, the rubber can really grow on you.
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Very good rubber. Maybe this is the best for it price I've ever used. The top sheet is tacky and elastic. The sponge is blue with large pores. After I boosted with 1 layer of Falco long booster I feel like finally I found my weapon. Service, touch , flick , smash , topspin , counter loop....I can do everything with this rubber. Good job Kokutaku. This rubber is the best!!!
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