Killerspin Fortissimo

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Killerspin Fortissimo
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Detailed Killerspin Fortissimo Review

The Ultimate Innovation in Rubber Technology! The Killerspin FORTISSIMO is an extremely innovative rubber made especially for high-level topspin players. The Fortissimo synchronizes modern table tennis technology to make this rubber unlike any other! The rubber consists of a hybrid top-sheet made of an elastic compound, which generates amazing rebound, as well as a soft compound that helps grab the ball and create more spin. Equal components of natural and synthetic rubber give an extra spring effect.

The Fortissimo features the best of 'East meets West', incorporating a made-in-Japan sponge, ideal for powerful top-spin shots, as well as German 'Torqsion Technology', which is stronger than normal tension standards, giving the rubber an added performance edge. All of this technology is protected by Killerspin's plastic bag to maintain the rubber's integrity from production to the court. Made in Germany. ITTF approved.

Used by Killerspin player Biba!

Available thicknesses2.0mm, max
Weight (cut to racket size)42-43g

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Reviews of Killerspin Fortissimo (20)

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 External Review for Killerspin Fortissimo on April 5, 2018
Speed: low (8.6).
Spin: average (8.9).
Control: high (9.3).
Tackiness: slightly tacky (2).
Weight: average (45g, 0.22g/cm^2).
Sponge hardness: medium (45/32).
Top sheet hardness: hard (56/44).
Gears: average (5).
Throw: medium high (6.4).
Consistency: always identical (10).
Durability: average durability (5).
Top sheet thickness: average (1.7mm).
Surface thickness: average (0.8mm).
Pip length: medium (0.9mm).
Pip width: average (1.7mm).
Pip spacing: average (0.8mm).
Overall: average (9).
Value: expensive (4).
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Review by rustam2772 (Verified Customer) for Killerspin Fortissimo on April 16, 2017
the best rubber i have played with! this rubber really impressed me. very fast and very spiny. i could really surprise my opponents by the spin put on the ball. it took about a week for me to adjust and fully understand this rubber, but i was very pleased by the result. looping is very easy and arc is decent. strongly recommend for fast and attacking players.
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Review by yogi_bear for Killerspin Fortissimo on August 5, 2016
Weight: 64-65 grams uncut 2.0mm, 67 grams uncut 2.1mm or max
Type: ESN rubber
Hardness: approx 45 degrees (medium hardness)
Speed: Offensive

Fortissimo is a musical term which means "to play very loud". I have used this rubber before but only for short time and it wasn't new. Got 4 sheets, 2x 2.0mm and 2.1mm rubbers both in red and black sheets. The sheets are very grippy when you rub your fingers against the topsheet. The sponge is a non porous ESN sponge although KS claims this is a Japanese sponge. The quality of this Killerspin rubber is comparable to Euro ESN rubbers.

I glued both red and black Fortissimo rubbers onto an ITC Challenge Force blade which is equivalent to a Butterfly Petr Korbel blade which is an all wood 5 ply off- blade (limba-limba-ayous composition). I used wbg glue for both sheets.


Both the 2.0 and 2.1 max versions are very fast. On drills the 2.0 have enough speed for offense and the max version is as fast as a Rakza 7. Whenever you hit through the sponge, it produces a loud cracking noice hence its name "fortissimo". I could compare its speed to a Tibhar Aurus or an Adidas P7.


The very grippy topsheet gives a vicious spin on loops although you have to dig through the sponge more or hit through it more to fully utilize the spin potential of the Fortissimo. The level of its spin is equivalent more or less to a Rakza 7 but lesser than the Adidas P7. It is spinnier if you compare it to Tibhar's Delta rubbers or Xiom's Vega Europe version. Loops give a medium arc. The thin topsheet with long inverted pips make spinning easy because it lets the ball sink into the topsheet and sponge and grip the ball better.

Overall Performance

The rubber is a superb all around attacking rubber for both forehand and backhand. For the forehand, it is a very easy attacking rubber especially when hitting and loop driving. The level of control is high and it is very easy to tame a very fast rubber. The rubber is linear in which what you give on your shots is what you get. For people who smash a lot, they would love this rubber. For backhand, it is a good blocking rubber because it is not sensitive to incoming spin and at the same time it is very easy to handle and control against spinny and fast loops. For all around players I would recommend using this on a 7 ply all wood blade but for offensive and intermediate players maybe it is better to use this on blades such as Timo Boll ALC or an ITC Strike Carbon. It is suited better for medium to medium stiff blades. Overall, a bang for the buck rubber at 44usd each.
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Review by shinjihiroku (Verified Customer) for Killerspin Fortissimo on June 26, 2016
Fast, very fast, but pretty controllable. I have it on my Timo Boll W7 and once you get a handle on the speed, it can work wonders. It feels pretty unforgiving if you're not hitting dead center of the racquet, compared to my Donic Bluefire M3's that I had on the blade previously. Looping's also pretty hard due to the aforementioned speed, but overall it's a damn solid rubber.

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Review by arso83 (Verified Customer) for Killerspin Fortissimo on April 14, 2016
This rubber is really fast and have good spin and control to it.. You have to get used to it though. It will take some time but it's worth it.
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 External Review for Killerspin Fortissimo on March 26, 2015
Amazing, and on some way specific rubber. Very fast, but also with nice control can be very tricky for opponent. It's very precise in smashing and for chops. Throw angle is low, requires practice&adjustment from player, but I prefer to put it on fast blade with as much control as possible. I played it on Joola K4, and it was great experience after I get used to the angles.
Tenergy 05 is a bit spiny but also a bit slower, and comparing those two rubbers, Fortisimo is more delicate with side spins, and generates exactly what you want (requires good technique), while Tenergy 05 is more forgiving, but also fast and spiny.
Fortissimo is very good rubber, that I would recommended to ALL round to Offensive players, without any doubt.
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 External Review for Killerspin Fortissimo on October 18, 2013
A very forgiving rubber with speed and control and one of the fastest rubber for forehand I've used so far, beats bryce speed and tenergy 05 in-terms of speed and great control on slower blade. Out lasts it's competitors and better price too. Good spin for its class. Absolutely no speed gluing or boosting needed as the rubber itself already has extreme speed and softness out of the packet. Has similar feeling as a freshly speed glued Mark V. Only downside is its relatively low throw angle and spin comparing with tenergy 05, bluefire and evolution series, can be fixed by correcting strokes and more controlled topspin play with a softer blade. On a harder blade it can be used for flat hitting any topspin balls with ease and on a softer blade you may loop with extreme power and speed. It can be said to be the perfect hybrid between Tenergy 05 and Desto F1 achieving the east meets the west phenomenon. When used properly by a skilled player, the!
re should be more spin than you'll ever expect being produced by the European topsheet!
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 External Review for Killerspin Fortissimo on September 3, 2012
Black and Red max sponge
Speedier than Bryce speed. a medium to high throw rubber. A bit shiny top surface sort of special additive were use on this rubber. Pair it with Killerspin Diamond CQ blade. At first its a little too bouncy and hard for blocking but once you get used to and right angle of blade, this set up is a beast. Tensor rubber is decently price.
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Review by guest_t93acox (Verified Customer) for Killerspin Fortissimo on April 18, 2012
He probado varios blades y rubbers, hoy probe los Killerspin Fortissimo y realmente son otra historia. Yo tenía el blade de la Jet 600 y decidi probar unos nuevos rubbers. Gran combinación. Pruébenlos son excelentes, 5 estrellas, the very best, la ultima coca cola del planeta, la cereza del helado, high tech, los mejores que he probado hasta ahora.
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 External Review for Killerspin Fortissimo on December 9, 2010
Fast rubber same as many rubbers in the market. Spin is very poor. Not a good rubber to combine with a very fast blade. Rebounding is too fast. Probable with a soft blade could have better properties.
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