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Reviews for JOOLA Rhyzm Tech (6)

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Good Rubber nice spin
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I play with it for less than a year on FH side, and Joola Octopus for BH side. It's very good for the modern defensive players because its high rotation effect on the ball and relatively low speed compared to Butterfly Tenergy 05 as a good model for a spinny but also very fast.
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2018: I play the Rhyzm-Tech now for 5 days on a Timo Boll ALC in 2 mm, black, cut 47 g by 150 x 156 mm.
What surprises me in retrospect, is that this rubber has been touted as very fast, but, however, it is more particularly spinny. No "not sticky" rubber ever before, gave my service so much rotation and also it was never easier for me to return service passively !!! - addition, I would call him forgiving and very save.
Thanks to the Rhyzm-Tech, my game has become more secure (... and more success) !!! :-D
2019: Now, after using the rubber for 5 months (training 2 times a week) I think, I'll buy a new one. ;-)
- ... reviewed 07/2020
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decided to give a try to this manufacture since it was a time to change the rubber and i like to try different ones. totally disagree with the characteristics given here.
Speed: 118 (FAST/EXTREME)
Spin: 120 (High/Extra High)
Control:High/ Extra High
as for me, i would cut these numbers in HALF. much slower and less spiny than my previous rubbers: donic blue fire p1 or killerspin fortismo. control is good, but definitely not high as mentioned here. Plus, it makes some sound i guess because of peculiarities of the sponge.
i am not satisfied by this rubber and would not recommend it.
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Have played with the RT in Max thickness on my BH on an Off carbon blade and I've played very well with it. It has plenty of speed and spin, and the control is fine. I can brush loop and drive my loops with it. The throw angle is definitely higher than the other Rhyzm rubbers. I didn't rate the durability because I've only had it 1 week, but I suspect it will be good since the regular Rhyzm rubbers have good durability. I do disagree with the previous review though that says it's pretty much the same as the "P" series. I have played with the "P" Rhyzm rubber and it doesn't have the spin this rubber does. This rubber is much better IMO than the Rhyzm P rubber. I've let a couple of 2200 players hit with it on their BH and FH and both said they felt like they couldn't miss. Give this rubber a try, you'll like it!
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I played with Rhyzm P 2.0 for just over a year. Wanted to upgrade and gain a little speed. Tried tech max on both fh and bh. I couldn't control bh so I switched to 1.8 thickness. Which gained control for me and made it useable. To be honest it feels almost identical to the rhyzm p. Sponge is white and pores are maybe bigger? I was very happy with P version and I'm happy with tech. I think they are identical with the exception of tech has slightly softer sponge 42.5 vs 45 of Rhyzm P. I would expect very long durability just like the P. Tried on rossi emotion and Tpe perform
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