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16 Reviews for JOOLA Maxxx-P

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Great rubber and best value for money. Ive played this rubber for many years and bought a lot of sheets. Every time i try one of this "wonder rubbers" from the newest generation there is only one thing in my mind: the Joola Maxxx P is better!! I play this rubber mostly on forhand in MAX. It produces good spin and is one of the fastest rubbers on the market. I like the direct feeling and the medium high throwangle. This rubber is truly a Looping-machine and grabs the ball perfectly. Give it a try and never change back :)
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Such a beautiful rubber ... I use it for my backhand with Joola Fever blade... Superb performance ... It's super fast and springy ... Rubber is quite soft and easy to loop the ball ... But highlight is the amount of speed you can generate on your attacks ... Since it's consistently springy it's easier to get used to it ... Pushes are effortless ... Superb for blocking and placing ... Overall an effortless springy rubber with good spin
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I use this Maxxx-P rubber for my forehand rubber on a Joola Aruna off+ blade. I use Rhyzm-P on my backhand. I find Maxxx-P to be slower than the Rhyzm-P, with a higher throw angle. The higher throw gives me a better hit rate when looping strong backspin close to the table. I tried using the Rhyzm-P on my forehand against strong backspin, and found that many shots either hit the top of the net or went just slightly long off the table. By switching to Maxxx-P on my forehand, I am now landing more shots. When moving away from the table (1.5 meters or more), I find the Maxxx-P to be a little slow. However this rubber is great for looping close to the table, providing a ton of spin. It also has great touch for soft play up close.
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I have just replaced my FH of Rakza7, which had worn out on edge quite quickly, by Maxxx P on my Treiber Z. Different from the Weight rated by other raters (4.1) , this rubber is quite heavy and actually heavier than Rakza7 (rated 5.0). I would rate its weight of 5.5 at least. Speed a little bit slower than Rakza7 but it's more consistent and the ball behaves more predictably, maybe because its sponge is softer than Rakza7's. It's just been one session but I found that the transition from Rakza7 to Maxxx P is smooth and easy, which is different from my difficult transition from Rasanter R42 to Rakza7. One more, Maxxx P has a bit lower throw than Rakza7 and therefore it's more difficult for opponents to attack on my blocks. In summary, Maxxx P is a quite easy rubber to play with and I expect it would last a long time (will update if it's not).
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Great spin.Ideal for BH.Amazing in loops,chops,blocks.Keeps ball very low in serves and chops.
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I have sticked Donic Bluefire M1 and than Rasanter R47 on my Bty Schlager carbon BH side, but booth were not satisfactory, after I replace with Joola maxxx p, my BH became amazing..
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This is a decent all-round attack rubber. It's got tremendously fast or spinny but has great control to back it up. To be honest it's a bit lackluster compared to other tensor rubbers such as T05, MX-P and such. If you're not a full on attacker but like to take the game with a bit less aggression, this would be a good option. Still, I'm not sure if the price can be justified.
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JOOLA MAXXX-P is a very good rubber very consistent power is very good when struck for power slams. Power on the serve is also very good. The spin is great on this rubber (chops are very spinney) All the different types of serves you can think of it can handle. The sponge on this rubber can handle blocking of your opponents fast slams with a great return. I would say this rubber is one of the best in the Joola family.
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Reliable rubber. Excellent control and grips the ball well. Feels softer than what I was expecting after reading the reviews, softer than Acuda Blue P2 and Bluefire JP 02. Feels quite spin sensitive, so you may need some time to adjust to that, especially when blocking spinny loops. Using this on my RPB.
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Best rubber overall I have ever used .. ( for me ie my style ) I have used t05fx mxp xiom omega 5 Asia and hurricane 3 neo ..But this one is my favourite .. it has good feel but no where close to that feel as t05fx obviously due to the more sponge hardness .It has good spin no where close to mx P .It has the best control I feel amongst them ..And speed wise it's good similar to all . But the best point I think is it's consistency ball always behave the same and if paired with perfect blade like I use joola Aruna off- u can create a monster with this combination ...My game has improved only within a month playing 2 times a week .. so go for this rubber It's a beast ..
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As rated, you get great control with this rubber, and can still achieve great spin and speed with ease. I used it on backhand before I decided to switch to the softer Evo MXS. This rubber has great catapult, great spin and great control. As advertised, MaX speed, MaX spin, maX control. Could not decide wether to use it for FH por BH. Really does everything from chops to smashes really well. Grippy as new after 20+ hours of robot play over a dusty flor (balls get really dirty). It does make a difference wether you hit celluloid or poly ball. It grips poly ball a lot better and can really make it spin, A LOT. P for Poly ball. Great quality, Not very appealing -to me- springy yellow sponge.
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such a nice backhand rubber, fast but controlable , you can do counter-backhand topspin, and the spin oh gosh! really great! dont miss this bomb!
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This is my first review in tabletennistdb, it is really a good source to help to make new gear decision.

Joola Maxxx-P is quite a surprise to me. I have been using Rakaza 7 soft on BH, which I like a lot. I have also tried Stiga Airoc & Butterfly Tenergy. Tenergy needless to say it's wonderful, but very expensive. R7 soft maybe an good alternative. Yesterday I realized Joola Maxxx-P is another excellent choice on BH. It deliver a very very good feeling og control and maxxx-p serve me well from the first hit. For my personal taste I like it more than Tenergy. It's slower and less power than Tibar MX-P, which is on my FH. Highly recommended on BH.
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i have been playing with the maxxx p for about a week now on the darker 5p and for me i like it. i was looking for a rubber to make the 5p more consistent and this is brilliant it has reasonable spin and speed and doesnt slip on brush loops. i would highly recommend but take into consideration blade
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This is a great rubber for topspin and smash. I used it for both FH and BH with Joola Greenline Extreme. The combo generates a lot of speed and spin. Joola Maxxx-P is also very durable. I love this rubber.
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Rhyzm-P and Maxxx-P review:

I have used several versions of Rhyzms and Maxxx's in the past and all I can say these 2 are unlike any other rubbers that I have tried. I used an Ebenholz 5 blade and Avenger 5 on both rubbers as test blades.

Rhyzm-Pweight: 68 grams uncut (approx)
hardness: 45 degrees

Weight: 65 grams uncut (approx.)
Hardness: 42.5 degrees

As I opened the 2 rubbers I was in for a surprise of my life. I was expecting the usual different sponge topsheet combination but Joola has made a different design on these 2 rubbers in a very simple but elegant to look at. Large enough logos and names are very nice to look at. The topsheets of the 2 rubbers seem a little different from their predecessors in which the rubbers have a different texture and there is this increased quality that I have noticed. The sponge of the Rhyzm-P is different from the old Rhyzms because it is more porous. Also that the previous Rhyzms are in white and this is in orange. Maxxx-P is the opposite, the Maxxx 500 sponge sample that I have has a larger pore compared the Maxxx-P.

I have used the Joola 3 star celluloid ball and the DHS 40+ polyball for testing both rubbers and here are my thoughts:


Rhyzm-P is faster than Maxxx-P by several notches. During drives and counterhitting, The speed of the Rhyzm-P is really evident when hitting through the sponge. I think Rhyzm-P is almost or in the same level of speed compared with the original Rhyzm but with a softer feel. The Maxxx-P felt faster noticeably than the previous Maxxx 450. I dunno if the cause is the topsheet but both Rhyzm-P and Maxxx-P felt harder than 45 and 42.5 degrees respectively. When I used the DHS 40+ ball on both rubbers, both have low trajectory with Rhyzm as having the lower one. I would categorize their throw as Maxxx-P low to medium throw and Rhyzm-P as low throw. Middle distance, both rubbers are good and no decrease in speed in power has been observed but far from the table the Rhyzm-P really stands out. Rhyzm has this sharp trajectory upon hitting the ball with flat hits or spin drives. Maxxx-P has an arching effect.


Both Maxxx-P and Rhyzm-P are a notch above their previous versions. For the celluloid balls, the Maxxx-P is like a combined Maxxx 450 and 500 in spin generation. I really find the Maxxx 500 spinny in terms of looping like using a chinese rubber which is more on a brushing stroke against the ball while the Maxxx 450 is also spinny but you need to hit more through the sponge and use the sponge more also to produce spin. Both of these properties by 2 different rubbers can be found in Maxxx-P. The Rhyzm-P is not far behind in terms of spin compared to Maxxx. I thought this was just another fast rubber with more emphasis on speed and less on spin blah, blah but I was wrong and was quite surprised. This version of the Rhyzm is very spinny. The previous rhyzms are spinny but not in the level of the P version. This one seems easier to produce spin also. What made me shun away from the previous Rhyzm versions is that the 48 degree version was too fast and the others were not too spinny. I think people who love the Rhyzm 48 will love the Rhyzm-P more simply because it is spinnier, easier to produce spin and more forgiving when looping. Same goes with the Maxxx-P.

Now the question is, were they still good in spin with the DHS 40+ ball? YES! and it is a BIG YES! I tested a lot of spinny loops on all contact points and timings on the table and all I can say is that both rubbers have a very good potential in spinning the polyball. I was wondering though even if they are very spinny both arcs of the Maxxx-P and Rhyzm-P still remained low to medium only. Although my loops were spinnier when I used the Joola 3 star celluloid ball, with the DHS 40+ there are still lots of spin left but only by a very small fraction. I could still feel the difference and even the student of mine who was blocking against my loop. At least there wasn't a large loss of spin when using a polyball. The Rhyzm-P was stronger when taking the ball on the rise and peak while Maxxx-P was better when looping the ball peak and late contact. When compared to the Evolution series, I think both rubbers have more or less equal spin.

Other comparisons:

controlled blocking against attacks: Maxxx-P
active blocking or punch blocking: Rhyzm-P
smashing: Rhyzm-P
drop shots: Maxxx-P
flicks: Rhyzm-P
serves: more or less equal in spin
pushes: Maxxx-P

So for both rubbers I give them a 2 thumbs up I am verryyyyyy impressed! Although I love the Maxxx-P more, I was more surprised and impressed with the Rhyzm-P because it felt more balanced in terms of offensive capabilities at the same time being forgiving. I guess Joola has produced their own versions of rubbers that are polyball ready. I recommend the Rhyzm-P if you hit middle to far distance from the table and Maxxx-P is you still want to spin a lot when using the new polyball. I am also expecting this to be very durable. The previous Maxxx and Rhyzm versions lasts very long and a lot of people appreciates their durability especially the Rhyzm series.
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