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The MAXXX-P is ideal for ambitioned players who lay emphasis on control and ball feeling with the new Poly Balls.

P like precision, P like professional, P like Poly-ball

GeoGrip- Power-Technology is used - this develops significantly more grip of the ball for more spin due to an intense friction surface structure.

Find out for yourself, use the P's in your game and become even more successful!

The JOOLA-MAXXX rubbers with the Triple X Factor!
MaXXXimum power, MaXXXimum control and MaXXXimum spin are now being completed with a new variation that is even more dangerous.

The new GeoGrip-Power-Technology with the even more intense friction surface is ideal in connection with the special pimple arrangement and the large macropore structure of the sponge for perfect topspin balls at the highest speed. These characteristics come to be an advantage especially when playing with the new Poly-ball.

Due to it being a slightly softer version with a sponge hardness of 42,5, the MAXXX-P is ideal for ambitioned players, who lay emphasis on control and ball feeling.

Speed: 117
Spin: 120
Control: 80
Hardness: 42.5

JOOLA Rubber Comparison Chart (Updated July 2023)

JOOLA is a brand with a long history of outstanding products. JOOLA's reputation for quality spans the globe, having originated in Europe, now US-owned, and one of the premier table tennis brands in the world.

The Dynaryz and Rhyzen series are JOOLA's latest rubber sheets featuring state-of-the-art technologies for professional play. The Rhyzm, Rhyzer and Maxxx rubber series are still popular and are focused on delivering more affordable performance to table tennis enthusiasts. JOOLA offers various Pips-Out, Anti-spin and defensive-oriented rubbers. Whatever your style, JOOLA has you covered.

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Racket Assembly Limitation: We regret that we currently can only assemble this rubber sheet to a JOOLA blade.

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Reviews of JOOLA Maxxx-P (16)

Great rubber and best value for money. Ive played this rubber for many years and bought a lot of sheets. Every time i try one of this "wonder rubbers" from the newest generation there is only one thing in my mind: the Joola Maxxx P is better!! I play this rubber mostly on forhand in MAX. It produces good spin and is one of the fastest rubbers on the market. I like the direct feeling and the medium high throwangle. This rubber is truly a Looping-machine and grabs the ball perfectly. Give it a try and never change back :)
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Such a beautiful rubber ... I use it for my backhand with Joola Fever blade... Superb performance ... It's super fast and springy ... Rubber is quite soft and easy to loop the ball ... But highlight is the amount of speed you can generate on your attacks ... Since it's consistently springy it's easier to get used to it ... Pushes are effortless ... Superb for blocking and placing ... Overall an effortless springy rubber with good spin
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I use this Maxxx-P rubber for my forehand rubber on a Joola Aruna off+ blade. I use Rhyzm-P on my backhand. I find Maxxx-P to be slower than the Rhyzm-P, with a higher throw angle. The higher throw gives me a better hit rate when looping strong backspin close to the table. I tried using the Rhyzm-P on my forehand against strong backspin, and found that many shots either hit the top of the net or went just slightly long off the table. By switching to Maxxx-P on my forehand, I am now landing more shots. When moving away from the table (1.5 meters or more), I find the Maxxx-P to be a little slow. However this rubber is great for looping close to the table, providing a ton of spin. It also has great touch for soft play up close.
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I have just replaced my FH of Rakza7, which had worn out on edge quite quickly, by Maxxx P on my Treiber Z. Different from the Weight rated by other raters (4.1) , this rubber is quite heavy and actually heavier than Rakza7 (rated 5.0). I would rate its weight of 5.5 at least. Speed a little bit slower than Rakza7 but it's more consistent and the ball behaves more predictably, maybe because its sponge is softer than Rakza7's. It's just been one session but I found that the transition from Rakza7 to Maxxx P is smooth and easy, which is different from my difficult transition from Rasanter R42 to Rakza7. One more, Maxxx P has a bit lower throw than Rakza7 and therefore it's more difficult for opponents to attack on my blocks. In summary, Maxxx P is a quite easy rubber to play with and I expect it would last a long time (will update if it's not).
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Great spin.Ideal for BH.Amazing in loops,chops,blocks.Keeps ball very low in serves and chops.
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