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The Dynaryz ZGR is the groundbreaking and long-awaited fusion between a tacky and extremely grippy surface structure, and a spring-loaded powerful sponge. Combining the very best elements of table tennis rubber production, this exceptional rubber is a unique merging of Hyper Traction Surface and Hyper Bounce Sponge, giving players an expanded range of playing gears, and the ability to reach new thresholds of spin production and dynamic power. The rubber table tennis players have always desired is finally here, raise your game with the Dynaryz ZGR!

Line: Premium
Sponge: Hyper Bounce
Surface: Hyper-Traction
Hardness: Hard

Hardness: Hard
Spin: Extreme
Speed: Extreme
Pimple Geometry: Height 0.8mm | Width 1.5mm | Spacing 0.9mm

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JOOLA is a brand with a long history of outstanding products. JOOLA's reputation for quality spans the globe, having originated in Europe, now US-owned, and one of the premier table tennis brands in the world.

The Dynaryz and Rhyzen series are JOOLA's latest rubber sheets featuring state-of-the-art technologies for professional play. The Rhyzm, Rhyzer and Maxxx rubber series are still popular and are focused on delivering more affordable performance to table tennis enthusiasts. Rhyzm-P and Maxxx-P stand out as the flagship rubber sheets from these series, designed for the plastic ball era. Additionally, JOOLA offers various Pips-Out, Anti-spin and defensive-oriented rubbers. Whatever your style, JOOLA has you covered!

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Racket Assembly Limitation: We regret that we currently can only assemble this rubber sheet to a JOOLA blade.

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Reviews of JOOLA Dynaryz ZGR (8)

Pretty good as a forehand for modern defender playstyle with very soft defensive blades such as joola toni hold white spot. It doesn't chop that well but for all kinds of attacking it's awesome. Pretty low throw and over the table pushes stay low but risk going in to net or over the table if not playing correctly. Mine wasn't tacky, as in sense that it couldn't lift the ball off the table when new, but very grippy. It loses some of it's pop after 2 months, but plays decent after that. It seems to be heavily factory boosted as it played new similar to a well boosted H3N. Propably is a lot harder to control when used with fast carbon blades.
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The rubber has some tack but with a very hard sponge. Not sure if it's "tensor" because Joola doesn't specifically list it as such. Playing it has good speed but not for soft shots. You need to compress the sponge to get maximum grip. If you hit a soft or half shot you don't compress the sponge and therefore you need more upward stroke to spin. Since it's so hard on serves I don't have as much feel so I can't control it as much. It has a very low throw angle so it needs good technique to loop. This is definitely an advanced rubber suited more for people who play farther away from the table. However if you are advanced and can take advantage of it's qualities then it would be a great choice since it definitely has great spin and speed.
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I have used this rubber on my Classic Kenny Style wooden blade and far prefer it to the Butterfly Dignics05 FH & BH on my Mitzutani Super Jun Carbon blade. I use the ZGR on my FH and found it excellent on defensive short back-spin chops close to the net taking the ball early off the bounce before it reaches max height with a short doward only movement seems to work best and gives great grip and control when opening up a topspin loop attack against a defensive backspin chop that's gone to long or to high. I have real issues with the Dignics 05 rubber in the short defensive game, although it's great with topspin loops but not as good as ZGR in my opinion and will purchase another ZGR to replace my forehand on the Mizutani Super Blade SJ blade before deciding to try it on my BH..
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No, i want more spin and control, and the rubber lasted for 2 months playing 2-3 times a week
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Melhor borracha que ja usei para o ForeHand
Dynaryz ZGR "preta" "Max" no fore, Viscaria ALC, Tibhar MXD "Vermelha" no back.

Gira muito facil, rapida para o ataque, loop potente, daque extremamente spinny, grip muito bom, smash e chapada bem estranho com ela, pode ser dificil para jogadores de bola reta, para drives, couter, over drive, o melhor que pode encontrar, a esponja rapida e a top sheet tacky fazem combinao perfeita!

Em comparao com as que usei anteriormente
Mxd, mxp, tenergy 05, 80, Hurricane 3 neo, hurricane pro turbo blue, omega 7 pro, a Dynaryz ZGR tem um potencial de giro incrivelmente superior a todas as anteriores, com uma velocidade comparvel a Tenergy 05, porem com muito mais Grip, assim gerando muito mais giro, o toque dela muito mais agradavel que o da Dignics 09c, som do material bem similar ao da madeira q usa, por ser muito duro, tem um som solido, sem muito da disperso do efeito spring das tensionadas mais macias.
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