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JOOLA Zhou Qihao Hyper ARY-C 90

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The powerful blade of the Chinese National teamís Zhou Qihao! The Hyper ARY-c fiber is aligned vertically, providing an unprecedented catapult effect and crystal clear feedback. Reinforced by a hard outer Koto layer, the JOOLA Zhou Qihao Hyper ARY-c 90 creates direct power and performs with exceptional accuracy. The next generation in offensive blades!

Line: Premium
Ply: 5+2
Top Layer: Koto
Fiber: Super ARY-C (Outer)

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Reviews of JOOLA Zhou Qihao Hyper ARY-C 90 (9)

Very good blade. The handle is very smooth, factory-sanded so it is very comfortable holding in hand. I played for 1 month and my BH skills upgraded. Lack a bit power for FH power-loop but it is still great. In my consideration, this blade is the upgrade version for Super Viscaria. Its worth your money.
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84 Grams. Tried with G-1 2.0mm on both sides and was an awful choice. No spin, no dwell, etc. I cannot imagine faster tensors creating more spin potential or control on any other shot selections. Then I put a tuned H3 Neo red 2.1 and Skyline 3 Provincial 40 degree and it was a sea change. Speed is faster and more feeling than viscaria. Speed and tempo is relatively fast but also dynamic meaning I can basically drop shot a block on a weaker loop or counter the crap out of it, my choice. Serve and receive maintain high levels of touch and control. Blocking is similar or superior to viscaria. Similar blocking to Primorac Carbon. Large sweet spot and excellent re spinning capability. Looping is difficult with tensors due the the springiness and hardness combined. Much better with tacky Chinese style rubbers that work in tandem with the blades speed and all you need is spin. I would highly recomend a Chinese rubber combo or a very small tensor. Does not seem to work well with soft rubbers since they bottomed out quicker. Opening wasnt too hard compared to Vis or Super Vis. Its a really good upgrade to the outer alc blades that reminds me of Fang Bo 2x but better in every way if it took it to the nth degree.
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A very good blade that doesn't leave much to be desired in speed and spin generation. I noticed it can be a pretty unforgiving of improper technique/timing and it can be difficult to play consistent if you don't. That's with practically every blade this fast though.. you will almost always sacrifice control and consistency for easy power. You should be a high level intermediate at least if you expect to play consistent with this... Beginners stay far away.
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My new blade. It's a lot of fun to play with. It plays a bit more controlled than my Viscaria and it's also a bit slower at almost the same weight. Everything goes a little better than with the Viscaria, except for the 1st ball on backspin. You have to work a little more there. Workmanship is very good. Good job Joola.
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This blade is fantastic. It's very fast yet it has control. The manufacture quality is high, mine is 83gr FL 1511Hz. The handle is comfortable even for big hands. The arc is long and low, and that unfortunately make this blade a bit difficult to use: you need good technical movements and good hands. I used with V>22 max on FH and DNA Platinum M 2.1 on BH. Recently I put Donic Z2 2.1mm on BH and BH improved a lot! I recommend the Z2 on BH. Since I'm looking for a bit more control, I'm trying Joola Nobilis with same rubbers. Let's see what happens, but I will keep ZQH90 always with me. Great blade.
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