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4 Reviews for JOOLA Dynaryz ZGX

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My first full week playing with this rubber on a ML blade. Very fast, very spinny, good blocks, good control. A little too fast for my current backhand punch. forehand and backhand drives and loops kicks hard and have a lot of power. I feel better than K3 and DNA XH. I will re-post on durability in a few weeks
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Recently Used this as it was the latest hotness. It's quite heavy, cut was in about 65gms. The rubber is more catapulty compared to d09c, i think maybe softer as well, throw angle is lower, but not as consistent as d09c. The sponged does okay at low speed, great at high speed, okay at medium speed. I really prefer Tibhar K3 Hybrid compared to this. The rubber is fairly sticky, but the softness of the rubber plus the grip made it a bit unpredictable for me, maybe because I'm fairly low experiended. It's soft engough where i can get the feeling I can grab onto the ball and I have to angle the blade down to make sure it goes on the table. Overall i did not like it as much for how I play. I definitely have a preference for DHS Hurricane 8, Hurricane 3 neo , DNS Dragon Grip, and my favorite has to be Tibhar k3 hybrid.
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I'm using these rubbers on a Vizaryz Trinity Blade, and I just can say that they have been made for this blade. Highly Recommended!
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Fantastic rubber. Uncomparably excellent to K3 and many other hybrid rubbers.
After I put it, my opponents started saying that the ball after my strokes became invisibly fast and spinny.
I moved from Xiom Jekyll and hyde Z52.5 - and transition was very quick.
Highly recommended.
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