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Reviews for JOOLA Dynaryz ACC (3)

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Amazing rubber!
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I have tried many rubbers including most of Tenergy series, however this rubber is absolutely awesome and I am sure that it will nearly replace many top rubbers in the market. Before buying it I was doubtful about it since I ve tried variant Joola rubbers before where the didnt satisfy me regarding spin and speed characteristics. The speed and spin of this rubber are fantastic and really precise.. I advice it strongly for competitive players.. thank you Joola for this fantastic rubber.
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The Dynaryz ACC has a softer sponge compared to the AGR.

At first look the ACC Dynaryz could be mistaken as a Tibhar rubber because of its purple sponge but only looks can be similar and they play very differently. I can press the topsheet and sponge to some degree and it feels like it is medium hard and also felt a bit softer than the Rhyzer 50.

The Dynaryz ACC is the more "tamed" version of the 2 Dynaryz rubbers. It has a certain gap in terms of speed and power when I compared to the AGR version. I used the 2 rubbers in the same blades. I used a 5 ply limba-limba blade and a composite blade with carbon-aramid layers. I could say the Dynaryz ACC is quite bouncy. The speed is really evident even with just a 5 ply blade being used with it. For comparison's sake, ACC has more or less the same speed level as the Rhyzer 48 but it feels softer on impacts. Other rubber comparisons for speed are, ACC > Tibhar FXS, ACC >Donic BF M2, ACC=Donic Bluestorm Z2.

The ACC Dynaryz has a medium to low arc. I was looping with it near and mid distance from the table and observe the rubber to be very spinny. The grippy yet matte topsheet produces very high amount of spin. If you like Tenergy 64 but does not like its price, the ACC version is a good alternative since this is a long trajectory rubber with huge amounts of spin. You can feel the ball kick against your blade if you are blocking against it. The spin of the ACC is almost in the level of Tenergy 64. It is very spinny and spinnier than a Bluestorm Z2 or even an MXP 47.5 degree version.

This is impressive because the ACC despite being a very fast rubber has good amount of control. Although it is as fast as the Rhyzer 48, the level of control is simply much better and it is more forgiving. To think, when you are using the Dynaryz ACC, it seems you are using control type rubber because it is accurate and very easy to handle. Other areas that is is really good to use is ability to smash really good. Also, it was quite surprising to be not too bouncy on short and delicate shots like drop shots and short pushes.

Overall, this is a rubber that is good in almost aspect and with a very balanced amount of speed, control and spin.
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