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6 Reviews for JOOLA Rhyzm 425

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Actually I can only confirm the response before me. I currently play with Donic BF M3 on my BH anf JP01 on my FH. I'm currently experimenting with Joola rubbers like MAXXX 500 and Rhyzm (48). Rhyzm has many gears and decent control. Not as springy like M3 and has a lower throw angle, but only took some minutes to calibrate. Attacking heavy backspin balls was a bit harder for me, because the hardness of the sponge. So maybe I try an used 42 to see, how good it is. But I will also try a JP02 for my BH, because M3 is slow (but great control).
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Either reviewer destodave doesn't know the proper way to generate spin, there're quality control issues, 425 differs a lot from 48 or red differs a lot from red(last 2 unlikely). I'm damn sure that my red Rhyzm 48 max is both much spinnier and faster than my M3 max.
In fact Rhyzm 48 is 1 of the spinniest rubber I've ever tried (much more than commercial version Tenergy). Only a very tiny bit less spinny than Rasant Turbo.
Control excellent. Hard surface and sponge avoided bounciness in short games but trampoline effect kicks in when hit hard(very fast). There're faster rubbers still though like Calibra and Rasant.
Rhyzm series has 1 great advantage though compare to its rivals: weight. Just simply much lighter. Such lightness can help to compensate what it lacks from rivals due to much more power, freedom and accuracy in your swings.
Though I was reviewing Rhyzm 48 u can kinda predict how the softer-sponged 425 behaves differently from it.
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Lots of speed and lots of spin, really really love this rubber when played with the JOOLA Viva.
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This is a great rubber for spin attack. It is very very spinny, with excellent control when blocking, pushing and driving. When engaging the sponge during a hard loop, it does accelerate the ball very aggressively and so loses a control point there. But it response very consistently overall. I am using it in Max on my forehand and will probably drop back to 2.0mm next time to add a touch more control to loops.
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very good rubber, very good speed, and very good spin and desent control
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Played with this in black 2.0 for a few hours and was a little disappointed. This rubber wasn't as fast or spinny as I'm used to so going back to Bluefire M3 on my BH. Don't get me wrong, this rubber is good quality and some people will probably like it just fine, but I didn't feel like it had as much spin or speed as I'm used to. If you're a player that just wants something with decent spin/speed on your BH then this will probably work for you. If you have a powerful BH and use this as your weapon then play with Bluefire or some other similar rubber. I tried it in 2.0, but it might be better in max.
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