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4 Reviews for JOOLA Rhyzer 43

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Excellent backhand rubber, I love its consistency and shooting angle (medium high), it is fast but controllable. Good rotation. Ideal for the plastic ball, new generation, joola gave me just what I was looking for for my BH, at the level of the bty.
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Medium rubber, whith great felling, easy to control and produce a huge among of spin, great speed too
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I try this Rhyzer 43 2.0 red with DHS Hurricane 5, Fastarc P1 2.0 on the other side.
It's a fast and bouncy rubber, very similar to Fastarc P1 in term of speed. But the throw angle is lower than Fastarc P1, it's medium-low, trajectories are very directs, making it an excellent backhand rubber.
The short play is easy : it's not very sensitive to the incoming spin and control is good if you don't engage the sponge.
Blocking and flat hit : surprisingly very good, the medium hardness of the sponge let me thinking this rubber will be very limited on that compartment but I was wrong. Blocking even against strong topspin is a piece of cake, flat heating against a ball whitout consistency is easy to.
Topspin : The softness of the sponge help a lot for topspin, grip is good, not better not worst than all other modern tensors. Counter topspin requiert a good technic and/or be used to play with bouncy rubbers.

Conclusion : Good backhand rubber, bouncy, medium hardness, medium throw angle, many gears for close table players. Not recommanded for forehand side, mid-distance (or more) players, to soft for high level players.

Speed : Rakza 9 > Fastarc P1 = Rhyzer 43 = MXP > MXS = Fastarc G1 > Rasant grip
Spin : MXS = G1 > Rakza 9 = P1 = Rhyzer 43 = MXP = Rasant grip
Throw angle : MXS > G1 > P1 > Rasant grip > MXP = Rhyzer 43 = Rakza 9
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So i finally got to play with my rhyzer 43 today at a local table tennis club. I can only say positive things about it so far due to
1. I only played with it for 3 hours
2. I don't get to play/practice often so faults in my game/technique I don't want to blame it on the rubber
3. I have only ever owned 1 tensor rubber before being butterfly tenergy 05 as my comparsion

So one thing that I feel stands out with this rubber.
Its fast & loud. If you have good technique / foot work it is really fun to play with. My opponents were overpowered in topspin rallies or the ball came back to fast for them to respond against my loops & drives.

I want to say more about this rubber but I don't want to misrepresent it because I rarely play/know all the techniques/technical aspects of the game and how a rubber should perform close,mid,far from table with the correct technique. Lets just say I had fun with it from all distances especially mid distance.

Plus of going to a tt club is I got to try other players equipment as well as let them try mine. So I got to compare rhyzer 43 first hand specifically to tenergy 05 and joola rhyzm -P (both in max thickness that were both excellent condition). To my eyes the rhyzer had more spin with harder/medium strokes and a more linear arc (but still safe arc to go over the net consistently) compared to the 05 & rhyzm -P. Rhyzer 43 was faster than T05 & J-P and the rhyzer 43 is on a slow blade being joola chen defender compared to the butterfly zlc blade & the other one was hinoki but i forget what it was.

I liked this rubber alot so I ordered another 2 rhyzer 43 red+black in max thickness.
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