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8 Reviews for JOOLA Rhyzer 48

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I had the red 2.0 rubber on my bh side. It was not linear. I didn't like it. On the fh side i had the black 2.0. It was good for flat hits but not for loops. Underspin pushes were good. After a few days much of the spin was lost. My blade was a fast carbon blade, yinhe t11s. The rubber is too firm, no dwell time.
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I have Rhyzer 48 max on forehand and Rhyzer 48 2.0mm on backhand of Joola Mikado off + blade . This combination is immense , the power and spin on both wings is fantastic .. I think with a carbon Off+ blade these rubbers would not have much consistency but on an all wood blade its a loopers dream. Not only do I get great spin and speed but also delicate touch play close to the table when returning serve . I have found a rubber that suits my game perfectly and with vicious spin . I am yet to play against a defensive player but I have no fear playing heavy topspin game . Freya rubber once been used a session or two .
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A little too soft. Throw is high. Good for opening up close to the table. Backhand rubber only.
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Amazing balanced rubber, amazing spin and great speed, excellent feeling
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This what can expect from Joola new rubber. Not surprised.
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I try it on a friends blade Korbel SK7 in 2.0 thickness.
Its very fast even in 2.0 mm,little bit faster then T05 2.1mm which is also on blade,throw angle bit lower then T05.
Sponge is med. hard just like T05 or MX-P.
Serving is pretty good but T05 wins here with a small difference.
Looping and Powerlooping is a breeze,very nice feel and sound,better than any rubber i try.
Blocking good.
Can be a good option on backhand also.
Because the Korbel is softer blade and not so fast for me i try it on my blades Apolonia ZLC and Freitas ALC then i update review.
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I did not rate it just because I hope I got a pair of Rhyzer48 from a bad batch. Not bad, very bad!!! I put them on a Donic Waldner Senso Carbon blade and I couldn't play at all! Not because of speed which I rate at 8.8, not because of spin, which I rate at 8.5, but because of completly lack of control! The balls were flying towards all directions, it was impossible to control them, fh and bh, both sheets! For control I could rate it at ....4 maybe...3! I don't rate it, I hope I just got bad copies. I really like some Joola rubbers like Rhyzm-P which I love it, or Golden Tango and I was looking forward for this new rubbers, Rhyzer....but I was very, very dissapointed! Once again, maybe I was not lucky!
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