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With the JOOLA Dynaryz CMD, you’ll be one step ahead of your competition! This Dynaryz rubber provides the touch, control, and precision you would expect from a medium-soft rubber, but with unprecedented performance standards only made possible by JOOLA’s latest advances. Featuring the Dynaryz line’s signature Hyper Bounce sponge and Advance Traction Surface technology, you’ll be able to generate fast, high-quality shots with added spin and dynamics. Stay in the lead with the JOOLA Dynaryz CMD!

Line: Premium
Sponge: Hyper Bounce
Surface: Advanced-Traction
Hardness: Medium

Hardness: Medium
Spin: Extra-High
Speed: Fast
Pimple Geometry: Height 0.9mm | Width 1.7mm | Spacing 0.6mm

JOOLA Rubber Comparison Chart (Updated July 2023)

JOOLA is a brand with a long history of outstanding products. JOOLA's reputation for quality spans the globe, having originated in Europe, now US-owned, and one of the premier table tennis brands in the world.

The Dynaryz and Rhyzen series are JOOLA's latest rubber sheets featuring state-of-the-art technologies for professional play. The Rhyzm, Rhyzer and Maxxx rubber series are still popular and are focused on delivering more affordable performance to table tennis enthusiasts. JOOLA offers various Pips-Out, Anti-spin and defensive-oriented rubbers. Whatever your style, JOOLA has you covered.

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Racket Assembly Limitation: We regret that we currently can only assemble this rubber sheet to a JOOLA blade.

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Reviews of JOOLA Dynaryz CMD (3)

Among the best rubber I've used. Great spin, control, good speed and not overly bouncy. It gives you a good sense of confidence and lasts a really long time. It's not too soft also I would guess it's around 45 ESN. This rubber feels similar to rozena except not as bouncy and more spin and control with similar speed.
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The Dynaryz series give me mixed feelings. They're amazing in some aspects, but terrible in others. I am playing it in BH, because I don't want to replace my current FH rubber (729-Battle 2 blue sponge) Whenever I can keep playing the attacking game this rubbers does wonders. It's stable in blocking, opening loop can be varied decently with spin and speed and looping far from table is fun and easy to do as well. However, I struggle so much just to do a proper push with this rubber. It's not that you can't push, you have to push the same way every time to get the ball on the opposite side and it gets predictable. It's really hard to vary the spin, speed and depth and after a while people start to catch on. The Hyper Bounce sponge feels hard to adjust to. At low impact there is no extra bounce, at medium impact you can feel the bounce more and at high impact it is a very strong bounce. The first few weeks I drove slow balls into the net and fast balls way over the table. Played with Yasaka Rakza 7 on BH before and the catapult effect was less pronounced and more predictable
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I am no fan of Dynaryz CMD, despiste trying it for about 2 months. Nevertheless, this rubber is very accurate, with great control and great speed. I consider to be a blocking rubber, a do it all. Really great in speed control, spin, and speed, that probably works great in stiff blades. Very easy to loop, flick, next of far from table. The dynaryz models are great, congratulations to Joola.
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