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4 Reviews for JOOLA Tronix ACC

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A very balanced Rubber, feel softer than 47.5 hardness, more like a 45 hardness
Very grippy topsheet, and good durability, mine is Over 3 months and play very good
Training 3 Times a week, 2 hours every training
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Crazy spin, high arc and easy to play with. In many ways similar to Tenergy 05 but not as bouncy and spin sensitive. Highly recommended.
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Great spin even more than dignics 09c
Good control with good speed
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Corrected: After I saw the video about this rubber on YouTube, I immediately went to the store and bought the rubber in blue. (... "extra light" selected!) FACTS: it weighs packed (in 2.0 thickness) 103 g., uncut 66 g. and later on my blade (157 x 150 mm) 45 g. - a black one that I bought used weighs 46 g. another blue one even weighed 49 g. The sponge hardness of this rubber is 47.5 degrees, the overall hardness is 56.3 degrees. - thank you Spin and Speed!!! :-D (... if you want to know more than all the other clueless people ;-P , then take a look around at "" ;) First the rubber "landed" on my almost new one Sanwei 75 ALC Inner (... read the review!), but it was too fast for me. What was immediately noticeable, however, was the excellent ball control and the enormous spin potential. (- I also noticed such good ball control with the Tibhar Hybrid MK, which I tested with the same sponge thickness, on the same blade. However, this rubber produced less speed and spin and is a little softer.) Ultimately, the Tronix ACC landed for me on the Stuor Scepter Gold ZLC blade, with which I can play safely from all positions with enough speed and a lot of spin. ... the high flight curve helps me with this. In addition, despite the catapult effect, you can also act safely in short-short games. Conclusion: In my opinion (according to Dig. 09c) it is currently one of the most rotating rubbers. ... definitely test it !!!!!!!!!!! - he should make lots of friends.
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