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2 Reviews for JOOLA CWX

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I use a victas blade koji matshuita offensive (hard wood blade) with the .09mm CWX long pips on backhand.

This is good close to the table (except for chop block), serve return and mid distance. The tensor sponge allows me to flat attack high balls. However, it comes at a cost.

Chopping away from the table its hard to chop because of the fast sponge. Hard and fast loops against this can go out of bounds so chopping bat angle and grazing the ball to engage the most pips out of this becomes critical. It struggles with chop blocking since the sponge is very fast, unlike tsp p1r. It has good reversal much, like dtecs but faster, good deception. direct blocks gives a low floater, but its fast. bumping works good, mis read a flat serve and fast bump its going out of bounds. side swipe is okay.

Ultimately, I use this for deception (they give me backspin and a slice close to the table, they misread the spin because its topsin and i finish the point), okay chopping near the table/close-mid table, service return works great here, I use this also to move my opponent out of position to give me an easy forehand finisher. if you play higher level players where deception doesn't work as well, you maybe in for trouble. not a classic defender rubber.
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This pips has a nice pink color sponge. Consistent return for mid and close table play. It has almost similar characteristics with Spinlord Dornenglanz (1st month) and Saviga Monster 77, but with better control and durability.
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