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3 Reviews for JOOLA Rhyzen CMD

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Great rubber for advanced beginners.
It's not very fast, but has a lot of spin and very good control. Flicks are easy, looping is very consistent. Especially when looping, it gives you much time to "hold" the ball. Passive blocks tend to come low. Shortgame also feels good. All in all great rubber.
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This is a good modern tensor that has enough catapult for the modern game, but not so much that it makes control difficult. It has more grip than Rozena and other similar controlled offensive rubbers. I'd say it's a It's a good option for forehand and backhand, but the relatively uniform and pore-less sponge makes it better for forehand in my opinion. my big gripe with this rubber is that it curls inward right out of the package. This makes gluing, especially re-gluing very difficult without boosting it first.

Otherwise, it's a great value rubber that will likely last a long time. Just don't re-glue it.
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Surprised that this rubber doesn't have any reviews, I bought it because it comes in blue and I really like it for my backhand especially opening aggressively with an emphasis on topspin against long/halflong balls. This is an allround topspin style, spin focused rubber. Soft sponge and moderately high grip topsheet with slightly longer thinner pimple structure. Nearly mushy feeling on softer shots from the softness but with an elastic yet fairly stable feeling once you start hitting into the sponge. Spin on service and shortgame is pretty good and the rubber behaves linearly so shortgame and opening the rally is very controlled. Topsheet is a bit more sensitive than average but it is not so difficult to . It may or may not be factory boosted, from the package it came with a reverse dome (which also makes it a bit of a pain to reglue BTW) and its got a bit of the bouncy characteristics of a softer rubber compared to a harder rubber but is not very bouncy by modern performance rubber standards. Less active blocks and brushy loops have a tendency to drop rather low of the racket so it's important to adjust your angle or hit into the sponge a bit more which gives the ball trajectory a bit more lift. A good rubber for the more experienced beginner looking for a softer, predictable spin-focused rubber that offers more performance than Mark V or Sriver, up to lower end advanced attackers/allrounders looking for a control oriented rubber without giving up spin capability- perhaps not for fairly advanced players and semiprofessionals due to the lower speed compared to high end rubbers such as MX-P, Dignics and other modern performance class rubbers, but it is not that slow a rubber once you start getting aggressive with it. Cannot comment on consistency (have only one sheet), durability (~20 hours of playtime so far), or weight as I have not weighed it.
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