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6 Reviews for JOOLA Rhyzm 375

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je suis class 13. je suis attaquant et mon point fort est le top spin CD courte et mi distance.
je viens de tester ce revtement dans mon CD sur un bois ALL + OFF - (selon les avis) et tendre (Nittaku Latika Light) qui offre du contrle dans le jeu.
Je confirme qu'il est collant mais pas beaucoup tout de mme. j'ai cette sensation de garder la balle dans la raquette.
Il est tendre et permet un bon compromis entre le contrle en bloc et les attaques en top spin. Idem pour le petit jeu et les remises de service. Je le trouve complet pour mon jeu. L'angle de rejet est plutt haut et mme loin de la table il permet des retours forts.
Je reviendrai donner une critique ultrieurement quand j'aurai jou davantage avec ce revtement.
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Fairly good rubber. Quite fast, bouncy, soft and not heavy. But absolutely non tacky! (325 neither!) Ordinary tt-rubber for offensive players. Preferably for good amateurs, hardly it will suit pro-players.
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I'm an all around player leaning towards offensive. I really like this rubber for the feel, control, looping and counterspinning. It is more forgiving than chinese rubber and has good spin even though it's not tacky. I pair it with a fast offensive blade and it works very well. The dwell time on the rubber is much longer than other soft sponges I've tried. The only downside I've noticed is that the throw angle is slight lower with a flatter stroke. Initially I hit a bunch into the net but as I adjusted and just aimed a little higher the loops started dropping in with a lot of spin. I think I've found my rubber after trying Tenergy 05fx, and many chinese rubbers.
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Great for looping, counter topspin, when blocking some top spin you should get the perfect angle because the throw is long
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great for looping, smashing. when blocking some top spin you should get the perfect timing and angle because when the ball hit the rubber (joola rhyzm 375) the ball gets off very fast and the throw is long but still controllable. great for mid plays. i tried this with timo boll ZLC and it plays very fast with control.
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