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13 Reviews for JOOLA Maxxx 500

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Used FH with max thickness. Fast and spinny, good for close to table plays. Not good for variable situations and passive plays you have to think attacking all the time. Mine was not that durable, in about 3 weeks with light training sides of the rubber started to rip.
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very good rubber for topsping and fast attack, it goes very well in short strokes and flips
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Impressive rubber .
Insane control in short game . More power you put in the sponge , more control you get in your stroke , give some spinny stroke.
Even on plastic ball ... Good feeling.
It linear , not too much catapult .
Block is easy.
If You boost it ( sponge will be springy , you will lost a little be your short game )
If you like high throw / hard rubber maybe this is the cons.
Quite easy handling . For average player and advance .
If you like Chinese rubber don.t boost it ...
I will change your gameplay in short game , will be too springy .
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I was wanting to get a Maxxx-P and Maxxx-400 combo, but found this rubber and decided to try it out pairing it up with Mark V and Ma Lin Hard Carbon. You can use it on FH and Bh, but I use it on BH. This rubber, however does take a while to adjust to. Overall I love this rubber!
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I was looking for maxxx-p and maxxx-400 combo but discovered the maxxx-500 and decided to give it a try on my Ma Lin Hard Carbon. Definitely a FH side. I really like the sponge hardness and the high throw angle. It does, however take a while to adjust to. Overall I love this rubber!!
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In my search a replacement for Tenergy 05 due to its extreme speed, I tried Joola Maxxx 500 because it is on sale on And I am very lucky to find this rubber ( not so lucky with Nittaku P1, Tibhar MX-P, or Donic Z1). Maxxx 500 is very fast, spinny, controlable, and has very high throw angle that help loop heavy underspined easily.
I paired Maxxx500 black max for FH, and 2.0 red BH with BTY Viscaria, Yasaka Goiabao 5, BTY super Zhang Jike, and Stiga Rosewood XO, and I like the Rosewood XO+ Joola Maxxx 500 most.
Compared to BTY T05, Maxxx 500 is less bouncy, same spin, more control, and higher throw angle ( contradicted to other reviewers who say T05 has higher throw angle)
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I don't know why Maxxx 500 is not widely used as Buttrfly Ternergy 05. In my club the only players who use Maxxx 500 are me and coach. With high throw angle, good speed and spin, and good feeling, maxxx 500 is as good as Tenergy 05, just a little bit less spin. It helps me lift a heavy back spin easily in looping and back hand flick. I strongly recommend maxx 500 for player from intermediate level to more advanced. It has best characteristics as Tenergy 05 with more control and less expensive
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This Joola maxx p is easily the best overall rubber I have used in my 3 years of trying over 40 rubbers. It has no weaknesses. Control is amazing. Very very easy to hit with in everyway.
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This rubber is really good for forehand!
But I have to say that the rates about its weight and hardness is definitely inaccurate!!! First, this rubber's weight is very similar to XIOM Omega V Tour and Pro, the max of it might be 46-48g cut on a shakehand blade! But here the weight rating is 6.2, far more than Omega V Tour's 5.0 and Pro's 5.3! Second, the hardness is 50 degree printed on the package, a little harder than Rhyzm's 48 degree, and maxxx 500 feels not as hard as a hardness rating of 8.1, quite similar to XIOM Sigma II pro or Omega IV Pro! the rating is ridiculous.
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Very good lining. Low angle view of the blocks. Strong rotation. I changed from T05 to Joola maxx and I am 100% satisfied.
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The joola maxxx 500 is a very fast rubber with less spin than baracuda. I think the topsheet of baracuda is much more grippy. The joola maxxx is just for advanced players, who have a godd arm-accelaretion.
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After five hours of playing over the last two days I have the following review to give.
Just like with the Joola Rhyzm on my forehand, Joola Maxxx 500 is the best rubber for my backhand. Ever. There are spinnier and faster rubbers I played with, but none that are so uniquely me; none that complement and reward my skill and effort like the Joola Maxxx 500. Peerless playability of all shots just like the Joola Rhyzm on my forehand. Opening backhand loop is not just easy, it is an emotionally satisfying experience. I find the rubber giving me back everything I put into it and then some. Spin and speed are in the top 5%. Again, like the Rhyzm; it is the control and playability that is just beyond any superlative. You have power and control at any range. I have ended points in my favor with my backhand counter loop from a distance of 10 feet plus, just as easily as punch blocking a loop for a winner or doing a drop shot that is dead on arrival. I have picked up balls off my shoelaces and won points by lobbing. I have never derived so much satisfaction. I do not want to stop playing table tennis now because win or lose, every shot is a rewarding experience. Joy of playing my backhand has never been greater than now. No more experimenting. I have found my perfect backhand rubber.
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High throw and fast spinny rubber with a hard 50 degrees sponge. Could be both backhand and forehand rubber but most suited for forehand because of the speed. It is lightning fast! But even though its fast also slow loops are a breeze with this non tacky rubber. Best suited for an all out attacker or an allround player with very good control and killer loops.
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