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Reviews for JOOLA Maxxx 400 (7)

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this rubber is pretty good for advance players, specially on the top spin and smash. I use it on the back hand.
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Very good rubber!
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Joola Maxxx 400 (used in 2.2mm on FH and 2.0 mm on BH, medium-fast blade).

With very good (top)spin and medium-high throw, it allowed me to have satisfying long rallies when hitting with friends. Used currently by my 12-year old son; his imperfect loops are also rather spinny. "Big Window" like Xiom Vega Europe - easy to land your topspin on the table.

Rather heavy, average 44g glued. Bouncy and rather sensitive to incoming spin, I struggled in the short game and serve receive.
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This is a very good rubber. It has good spin, speed and control properties. It does not seem to do anything overwhelmingly well. But it does nothing badly either. Medium throw, not too soft, not too fast. It is definitely a safe choice if you are looking for something to try. Probably a better BH rubber to spin and control the game than a smashing or blocking rubber.
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Excellent rubber. I enjoy playing it very much!
I immediatly got first in the first tournament I played with JOOLA Maxxx 400, after just one training with my new rubber. That says a lot.
JOOLA Maxxx 400 is very fast, but still has great control. Sensational playing experience! The spin is also good.
For me it's clear that JOOLA makes the best tabletennis products. My rubber, blade and shoes are from JOOLA and the're all the best I've ever had!
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I love this rubber :)
Very powerfull with great spin and very good control on my Butterfly Photino OFF+
The great thing about this rubber is her feather weight.Very light is just amazing for me ;p Joola Maxx 450 or 500 are very heavy so I don't even try them.
I'm using this rubber on my forhend ( tackiness max) and will no doubt i will buy another on my backhand :)
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This is a superb rubber,
Ticks all the boxes for an offensive top spin game as this was the soft version I wasn't expecting too much in the way of power from distance, but wow! It gives you buckets of spin , speed, and confidence from all areas of play. I use max sponge on fh with korbel off blade.
Not quite as fast as t80 but more control and as much spin, a lot easier to play with and just as good results than with tenergy!
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