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31 Reviews for JOOLA Energy X-Tra

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Primeira grande vantagem, muitooooo leve. Estou adorando o uso dela no BH em uma raquete ALC. Excelente controle e velocidade moderada. Efeito cola e sonoridade que excepcional. timo para abertura de topspin e para quem gosta de rally.
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This rubber is definitely undervalued (in the table). The most reviews are out of date. This rubber should be rated using the plastic ball!
Facts: my (extra lightly selected) red rubber with 1.8 mm sponge weighed 78 g in the original packaging and 54 g uncut. The sponge hardness is 37.5 degrees, the total hardness is 47.9 degrees.
(Such information and some more, you can ONLY find at the "most thorough" TT shop in Germany, "SPIN und SPEED." - ... which I would definitely recommend here !!!)
In the search for a very light rubber, with good catapult and not too much speed (... for a very hard and fast blade!), I came across this old classic.
- ... the last I played about 18 years ago, but it had too much catapult and too little control for me at the time. (... when using the celluloid ball !!!)
Even nowadays, with plastic balls, this rubber is (in combination with very hard, fast blades and preferably max. 2 mm sponge) quite suitable for an aggressive backhand game.
My blade, currently combined with the X-tra, is a replica of the Butterfly Lin Yun Ju Super ZLC from Lemuria. (- read my review under "no brand" !!!) ... my rubber has a weight of 37 g by 156 x 150 mm.
Conclusion: this rubber is still absolutely recommendable even today, whether for beginners or advanced players.
Players of the ( ... 4 ?) lower divisions are definitely the preferred target groups for this rubber.
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It looks like this rubber is good combination with hinoki 1py blade. I am using Tigress blade with this rubber on both sides. I can control ball and make ball fast with my power. I would recommend this rubber to people who want to place ball well with powet.
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It is a good rubber for a beginner stage, Its soft sponge combined with an all wood allround blade allows the beginners to have a good dwell time, good feeling and good control on their shoots. The spin this rubber generates is also really good so allows the beginners to learn every kind of shoots where spin is needed as top-spins, serves, chops, etc. quickly, for intermediate players definitebly there're so many better options than this.
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Is on my Cornilleau Gatien crown All+.Amazing rubber,great spin+good speed.Throw is high.
Update-amazing rubber...I dont know why the ratings here so average.I am now using it on hinoki blade....amazing feel+spin+quite fast.
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As an all-round rubber, probably the best I have come across. I've played with Energy X-Tra for three seasons now on various blades and found it to be reliable on all. Produces heavy spin, is not overly quick and has decent control too. I've been using it on both my FH and BH and has brought my backhand on massively, it's very 'whippy' and rewards you for putting the effort in with spin.

From personal experience, I've found it performs best on an all-wood blade. Playing with it on Joola Eagle Fast, which is balsa, it doesn't quite have the same soft feel and control as it does on an all-wood.

But for any all-rounder or controlled attacker, I'd thoroughly recommend. It has that little extra zip that can just take shots to the next level and doesn't force you to sacrifice it for control.
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Strong rubber, good, but depending on what kind of blade you put them on. for me good on fast blades playing mid distance or away from the table. Price with quantity discount is ok.
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I love this rubber. When a child asks me "I want something faster than vari spin", I advise him to buy this. It's very forgiving, and no other tensor has such a huge control. Perfect rubber to start with tensor and learn table tennis. Good for loop AND flat hit, so suitable for many game. Of course it's not as effective as "premium" rubbers (speed and spin).
I love it for his great durability too
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Used this rubber for about 4-5 years now. Main gripe is durability. Love everything else about this though. In my experience works well on JOOLA Zolli Light and Xiom Stradivarius. Great range of gears. Very spin insensitive so blocking is simple. Loops well!
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Nice and forgiving, and good control when receiving oncoming spin, particularly for services. However, lacks spin and bite for services and pushes compared to other new generation rubbers. Sounds like a rubber from the speed glue era, but without the spin. Still love it though, and good if you aren't playing well
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Rubber is very good on the forehand of an intermediate player, and maybe good on the backhand if you have nice technique. Rubber has quite a high throw (quite bouncy) and is easily fast enough to finish a point. It's spin is one of the best rubbers I've ever had for the category. It's up there with andro rasant grip. Looping and driving is easy. Flicks are great and drop shots are good too. Backspin can easily be imparted on pushes and the rubber is controlled enough to block. A great rubber for people looking to buy their first custom bat as it is forgiving and easy to use.
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i wonder why does it say that it is not a tensor but in the package in the pic does

its perfect for the BH for me
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Love energy xtra, you can play almost any style with it, you can play upto the table or at distance and the feeling is superb! switched to this from sriver a few years back and the only difference is it s faster and spinnier
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I love it...i try tenergy 64 on my fh insted of Xtra and i didnt notice that the tenergy has more speed...
however I put back Xtra becouse ,Xtra is better choice for me.
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This rubber is a very good BH rubber!!!
I found it horrible on my FH because it kept on going too far or in the net.
I would recommend this rubber for your BH but not for your FH!!!
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Just started playing with this rubber. Overall impressions are good. Its like less a bit of everything of Sriver G3. Seams to wear out really quick. Same age other rubber and this one, and x-tra shows some traces where the boll hits the most. Its a great rubber for a price, but if it is durable as it seams, its value is considerable. Better add 10euros and buy yourself G3 or something like it.
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If you want to empty your wallet, you must play this rubber, because you have to replace it a couple of times a year!
The speed, the feeling and the sound are great, but it lacks spin in the short play above the table. All my serves where dead, no effect at all.
Absolutely no value for money.
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very good allround- ofensive rubber.good control,spin and speed.
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Have only played with this a couple of weeks but like it very much. I usually play with soft rubbers like Desto F3, but I wanted something with just a little more power. I think the Joola rubbers I've played with overall are high quality, but the Express X-tra soft doesn't last as long as I'd like, only a couple months. Hopefully this will last a little longer, but overall am very satisfied with this. Good throw angle, not too hard, and good spin.
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I start with cons:

The only noticeable drawback is the lifetime. No more than 2 months for me :(. I use to spin a lot on fh and bh.
After 2 months the rubber is passably used, the adherence lot reduced. The sponge has no more accelerated effect. So, no more the "glue sound".

The advantages:
- A lot of gears; high confidence in blocking.
- Good adherence
- Good speed, even on an allround blade
- Cheap price (in France). The cheapest price (from far) of all energy rubber (25â¬).
- EXCELLENT ratio: Power, adherence, control
- Allow to do bounce looping style easely. It's a plus against defense play.

I continue with these rubbers for another couple of month, however next week I'll switch for an offensive blade.
I've tried it a little and this rubber performs better on offensive blades.

As I miss the Mark V rubber, I'll give a try this summer to Mark V HPS; but the price is close to double (46â¬)!

Note: It reminds me Donic Vario a better way (more control, more elastic, more punch, more adherence (when new))!

Blade: Grubba Allround AN
fh: Joola X-tra Max
bh: Joola X-tra Max
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Great rubber for controlled looping and for playing away from the table. It is great on a hard blade, serves are relitively easy to keep short, and long and fast serves are also great with this rubber. Easy to use and fantastic if you are looking for more control. Don't underrate the 1.8mm thickness as it has got great control as well as lots of speed and spin.
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Great rubber,softness:soft to medium,medium to fast speed,good spin,very good in short game and has a lot of control,great for the backhand looping.
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Great rubber for controlled looping. Easy to serve short spinny serves and long fast serves. Has lots of control as well. Very good in the short game. It is great on a harder blade. It is very soft as well so it is easy to use.
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This rubber is ideal for a soft rubber junkie. Definitely an off the table loopers dream. The soft sponge also makes blocking so much easier. Tons of dwell time.. and one of the loudest glued effect rubbers on the market. I've had many people ask me if I just glued up my racket!
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Great rubber! I'm a penholder and use a 1.8 thickness for my reverse backhand. It gives me great control and AMAZING sound! My reverse backhand has gotten a LOT better because of this rubber!
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great soft rubber, not very different from big slam
maybe 2% faster
good sound and a lot of gears
people say it has no spin and is slow, that is crap!

you got to get used with these soft rubbers like big slam, a high trow and best for off the bounce looping style, great for punchblocks with hard blades
great for controled looping!
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Over the NA teams tourny in baltimore, my Bryce SPeed FX on my BH kind of ripped while i was regluing, so this is the rubber i chose to use on my BH. though not quite as good as the BSFX, it still helped me play really well.

basically, this is a kind of soft rubber, with very fast shots and spin. My backhand is kind of a "hit the ball extremely fast right when it comes off the table with a small swift stroke with lots of speed and spin" stroke. I found this rubber was very suitable It has good control. It was great for blocking and counterlooping and smashing. I foudn it kind of problematic for looping really underspinny balls, but it was a good countering rubber.
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great rubber on a hard blade, the spin that you can produce is surprising and the rubber has alot of gears. i was very surprised by this rubber,
i also feel the sound is great and my short game which is usually pretty good was not really effected so much, a slight adjustment was required yes, but not much
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Very good rubber, but you can play it just 2 months
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Before trying the Energy xtra, I used Joola Samba nTec glued. The feel of the Xtra is softer and it's way faster than the nTec. When you use speedglue on the Energy Xtra, the sound is very nice, but the rubber lacks control. The rubber becomes a bit too dynamic. This rubber is intended for the topspin attacker.
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Hi there! Well, I´ve now changed from a speedglued Hammond X (2 layers) to a non-glue Tensor-sheet and was amazed! Even though I realized through my DIQ (on bh) that it´s possible to have a fair glue-effect without glueing, this rubber offers a topnotch performance. For players like me, meaning reasonable "glueers", this rubber has everything one might need to have. To me it´s the same effect as my Hammond X! Well, the topsheet of this product is thinner and the sponge is little softer, but I felt no lack of response. Good speed combined with a nice spinny surface and very good control. It has a somewhat lower throw, but that´s not meant to be drawback. I´ll keep it and put the glue now to a somewhat safer place, than my sportsbag! Good luck to all of you! I am through with testing for the time beeing.
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