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Reviews for DHS TinArc 5 - Soft (4)

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I'll never understand why DHS sticky rubbers supposedly produce more spin than non-sticky rubbers. - I have never experienced it before and I firmly assume that this can only be the case with the use of tuners! I ordered this rubber with 33 degree sponge and 2,1 mm thickness, at Ali Express for 16 , and I have never received a softer rubber from China. Its really super soft !!!!! ( maybe max. 36 degree at int. range !!! )
My rubber in red (i ordered especially "low weight") weighs uncut, with foil, 61 g and on my blade (156 x 150 mm) 43 g. This rubber creates a wonderful loud sound, on my Palio R57 blade. - ... it bangs wonderful !!! ;P
Conclusion: If you like super soft rubbers (... with a wonderful sound!), which are in the upper middle speed and spin range, you should order this rubber in the 33 degree version.
Update: I bought the same rubber again, in black and it generates less spin. Sad !!!
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Excellent rubber. Been using it on fh and bh on two DHS Power G12 for a long time.

Its slower, softer and more controlled in offensive play compared to Gewo Hype EL 40. Hype EL is more controlled in defence, pushes and so, especially in thinner versions, but quite fast in offense.

Tinarc 5 Soft has a very fragile sponge. Dont move the rubber once its glued.
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I'm currently using this rubber on my backhand (blade: hurricane king 3, fh: h3neo) and so far, it exceeded my expectations on dhs rubbers. Compared to my previous bh rubber (tenergy80fx), it has less speed and power but gives you better ball control with lots of spin. Good for loop, drive and block. Performs well on 40+ ball and gives you an awesome feel on each stroke. Chinese style top sheet with a european spring sponge feel, definitely my new favorite bh rubber.
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Tin Arc 5 is the good rubber for my forehand. The speed of this rubber is good,and the spin is also well.The throw angle of it is medium, and I feel the weight of it is heavy. It is suitable for playing 40+mm balls.
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