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Reviews for DHS TinArc 3 - Soft (20)

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good rubber.
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One of the best rubber I've used so far. "Digs" are good. Throw angle is quite low, I was impressed on how this rubber turned out on my Donic Impulse Blade. This rubber is good for my forehand (aggressive 3rd ball attack). Service is OK also, gives a lot of spin specially on reverse tomahawks, pendulum serves, etc. The price is also a good deal. all in all 8.5/10
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First of all: dhs says on their website that 2,0mm rubbers come with SOFT sponge and MAX thickness rubbers with MEDIUM HARD sponge.

I really agree with that because on ttdb it says 5.5 but my rubber which is the max version is much harder than 5.5

I bought this to my forehand and when i started to play i tried it on my fh and it was nothing special. Then i tried it on bh and i was seriosly amazed! Never tried a bh rubber with that much control+power at the same time!!! In my opinion this rubber have a low throw angle so it's easy to by mistake play the ball to high, but after 2-3 trainings you will get in on it. That low throw angle makes it really easy to open up against a push, and if you want u can easy make a slow SPINNY loop. Also away from the table it's easy to counterattack. Much easier than with other rubbers. As everyone said, it's very heavy. I glued it on to a balsa blade which was extremly light so on a normal blade it will be much hevier. So i recommend to cut off the rubber as close to the blade as possible to get i as light as possible.
Overall it's a very spinny and controlable rubber, that doesn't mean it's slow. It's actully very fast too :)
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It's a good start from DHS. Keep working at it guys! It's a fairly average rubber. Ok speed and spin. The control is pretty good. I wasn't really wowed by anything as it pertained to this rubber but I would like to see DHS continue to improve upon this type of rubber.
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You can use this rubber on either forehand or backhand. One of the best DHS rubbers. This rubber can generate an incredible spin even if the top sheet is just a bit tacky. Looping with this rubber is so easy but you should hit the ball enough, with a good contact, for the sponge to react & be springy. The only problem that I have on this rubber is that I can't chop confidently as I can't produce a good under spin with it.
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Sponge is medium hard, rubber is grippy.

What I do not like about the rubber, is its appearance. After a month or so, it looks very bad, dirty, though it is still very good.

Just an optical thing, but I dont like it. Seems to be typical for chinese rubbers.
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Coming from Classic rubbers i found the Tin Arc a super has a small catapult effect which is very usefull to me on blocks. has more spin and speed than classics and almost the same control,however it's a little heavier and more fragile than sriver and mark v.
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Nice rubber. you can do anything with it. You have spin, speed and control. No special training time to play with it.
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speed is like tenergy 05 . this is the most control rubber which i ever seen. even better then xiom sigma just feel the ball with extream sensation and control.i can push the ball exactly where you want .the spin also is very good . only 1 thing i don`t like .this is the weight . this is very bad . my rubber weight is : 57g and size 152 x 158 . for example my xiom sigma pro on B is 50 g and andro hexer powersponge is 42g with the same size . it is up tou you what you can choose
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I bought this in Hong Kong and I was impress on how this rubber works on me..

Top spin is so consistent and the bounce is very strong..very good to an aggressive medium/long table players..

Overall comment, I like this very much it improves my style of play from a Aggre-Defensive to pure Aggressive Type in which I really wanted too..
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mejor que las dhs normales pero prefiero donic yasaka stiga o andro
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i had one session with this rubber yesterday, all i can say is wow...what a rubber , if you are looking for a control rubber with lots of spin, look no more, sponge is soft but not mushy soft..blade compliance i use it on a hard stiff blade i get the best of both world is a perfect combination..durability idk yet but dhs products are really good on that department..this is it for me, after spending all that money in trying all that equipment like tenergy series...matter of fact this rubber behaves like t-05...with more control...try it youll like it...40usd less a great product indeed..
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Some one said this rubber is substitute of T05, but in fact the only substitute of T05 or any other else is itself. So TinArc 3 is unique too, best control, excellent spin and fast on hard and medium hard blades, such as carbon and hard 7-ply wood blades. Overall, it is great indeed.
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I'm just a casual player, play 12 game per day 5 days per week after office.

Previous rubber: DHS H2 Non-Neo 2.2 (19 sponge) both side
New rubber: TA3 35 deg 2.1 both side

Comment for 1st day (comparing to H2):
1) Serve decrease
2) More bouncy
3) Backhand top spin near net on table become easier (dont know what this is called)
4) Much heavier. After 12 games non-stop, my elbow tense (while i dont feel any tense with H2).

I thought if i buy softer sponge, i'll get lighter rubber but i think i was wrong.
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DHS Tin Arc 3 Review:

Design: I am very pleased with the rubber design of the topsheet.

Control: The rubber gives me excellent control because the ball follows the direction where I want it to land. I'll give it a 10/10 for control.

Spin: The rubber gives the ball a lot of spin because rubbers like the Tin Arc 3 requires us to REALLY brush the ball instead of hitting the ball flat. I am still adjusting to the rubber because I came from using a soft rubber in my forehand. I'll givei it a 8/10 for now.

Speed: The speed of the ball is not what I've expected it to be. But It makes the ball fast enough to pass an attack. 7/10 for speed.

Heaviness: For me, the heaviness gives me advantage in serving. Because I tend to give even more power to my wrist which makes my serve spinny.

Service: The serve is very good because not only does it give me heavy spins, but also give me excellent control. 9/10 for service

Overall: Tin Arc 3 is a rubber that requires brushing the ball and not hitting the ball flat. It is ideal for players who previously used Chinese rubbers for they will have shorter adjusting period. As for players who previously used soft rubbers like Donic DESTO F3 (me). There would be a longer adjusting period both in having the feel for the rubber and the strokes. I'm very satisfied with this new rubber.
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This semi tacky rubber is quite different from what I usually use. I was quite surprised of how consistent and spinny my forehand loops were. Combined with the TBS, my third ball attacks devastated my opponents. Serving was a little different and hard to get used to but I soon adjusted. Smashing is great and pushing is fairly good too (not as good as Hurricane 3 though). This rubber would also suit as a backhand rubber because of its softer sponge.
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a step forward from the hurricane and skyline's series. great balance between speed, spin and control. you can play it close or far from the table. looping is easy and the ball flies very fast. shorter dwell time compared to hurricane and skyline.
for me, if you want to speed up your game using a chinese rubber, this rubber is a good try as well as outlaw gambler..
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It is a very good rubber from dhs. Honestly i am very surprised. The problem is tht every company is copying some form of new technology from butterfly. Keep experimenting a good job, very good job
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Nice rubber!!

i Use it on forehand..

has higher throw than tinarc
this sponge is a little bit harder than tinarc 37d 2.0

try it and you will like it...

dont use too fast blade or no dwell time blade because it cannot spin much..

this is much2 easier too use than e.g H3NEO.. more consistent..

overall a good product from DHS and i like it
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speed8.8 spin9.6 control9.6 good c atapult .good complet rubbers
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