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This rubber has a high friction top sheet, combined with the medium firm sponge it creates great spin when looping.

MAMBO H is the latest development from Japan. The sponge is slightly harder than that of conventional MAMBO. With a special glueing technique the upper rubber, which is already designed for extreme tension, is then combined with the sponge. This results in an unbelievable natural energy. This In combination with the extreme grippy upper rubber surface probably make it the rubber with the most spin currently available.

MAMBO H is a high technology High Friction rubber, that has been developed at the very limits of spin feasibility. Unlike MAMBO C, MAMBO H must not be stretched when fresh glueing, as this effect has already been incorporated into the rubber.

Type: ALL- / OFF+
Density: 42.5
Speed: 80
Spin: 83
Control: 75

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JOOLA is a brand with a long history of outstanding products. JOOLA's reputation for quality spans the globe, having originated in Europe, now US-owned, and one of the premier table tennis brands in the world.

The Rhyzm, Rhyzer and Maxxx rubber series stand out in a product lineup focused on delivering performance and value to table tennis enthusiasts. Showing their dedication to the evolution of the game, JOOLA developed the Rhyzm-P and Maxxx-P rubbers to shine in the plastic ball era. Additionally, JOOLA offers various Pips-Out, Anti-spin and defensive-oriented rubbers. Whatever your style, JOOLA has you covered!

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Reviews of JOOLA Mambo H (16)

 External Review for JOOLA Mambo H on November 16, 2019
17 Nov,2019:Very good rubber,not bad for the cost.Amazing for blocks,if you hit hard-speed is not less,not lightening fast,but you will end the point on hard well directed hits.To use it we must make the ball go deep into the rubber....engage the sponge.Control on blocks is a joy.But blocks are not rocket like.Amazing looping rubber,very low throw for me-maybe my style,I like it on FH.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for JOOLA Mambo H on March 18, 2017
Very- very good control, especially when hitting through spin. A very good Do it all - place the ball where I want rubber without much effort.
Excellent for blocking, and short game, obviously sacrifices speed.
I use it in 1.8 maybe thats why I cant engage the rubber that much when trying to generate curvy loops, they end up straighter and less spinny. ( For e.g DHS NEO Skyline 2 TG2 is an amazing loopers rubber )
Or is it the new poly ball that I cannot loop well anymore?
As I can recall it, it is like a modern Mark V but better.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for JOOLA Mambo H on May 2, 2015
Excellent for allround players
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for JOOLA Mambo H on March 29, 2013
An allround rubber, not very fast.
On brush loops, lt has a low throw angle and doesnt produce much spin.
But when the ball digs into the sponge, the throw becomes much higher and the spin produced is enormous.

It is obvious then, that I would recommend this rubber to those who engage the sponge while looping.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for JOOLA Mambo H on December 22, 2012
Incredible rubber which loops really well
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for JOOLA Mambo H on February 27, 2012
Just start to use it on both sides, great rubber. Expect much from reviews above and not disappointed.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for JOOLA Mambo H on October 26, 2011
- Game on the table (but still good for flipping)
- Nice spin (a lot of gears)
- Non reactive to incoming spin (stable in blocking)
Not very fast, but I like it!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for JOOLA Mambo H on September 16, 2011
Throws really high and has less spin than advertised, much much less than Sriver. Not the best rubber for topspin, but it lasts forever. For the same price, better is Samba.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for JOOLA Mambo H on August 4, 2011
Great rubber for initial play. great for spin serves and topspin. nice blocking ability too bcoz for ineffectiveness to spin
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for JOOLA Mambo H on July 8, 2011
I had originally been playing with mambo original 1.5mm but now have swapped to this using 1.8mm. The main difference is the speed is a lot quicker. You can pretty much do anything with this rubber
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for JOOLA Mambo H on February 13, 2011
Great rubber. I've got it on my backhand so it's a bit slow, but when I remember to use proper technique on my backhand loop, I get some nice looping arcs that can land deep to force errors.

In short game, it feels somewhat bouncy sometimes, but that's only if you don't put spin on the pushes. When you do, the ball stays nice and low with lots of spin. On serves, you have to catch the sponge too and that gives you some wicked spin on serves.

Mid-distance will require a lot of power if on your backhand, but won't be an issue for a forehand unless you're not strong enough.

It's highly grippy out of the package and given a few days that wears off a bit, but when the topsheet is penetrated enough, you can find that initial grip again. It seems to be a bit nonreactive to incoming spin which is great for blocking.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for JOOLA Mambo H on December 18, 2010
Very allround and improves pendulum, tomahawk, backhand, reverse pendulum services
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for JOOLA Mambo H on August 5, 2010
I reallly like this rubber. Lasts a long time and has a grippy (not tacky like hurricane) topsheet. You can brush the ball lightly and still create good spin with any trajectory that suits your game
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for JOOLA Mambo H on March 31, 2010
Great rubber. Not very expensive. Good control and i love the spin :) . Last longer too
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for JOOLA Mambo H on August 1, 2009
It has a softer sponge then mambo C, but still a firmer rubber compared to most. It has a high friction top sheet, when combined with the medium firm sponge, creates great spins and loops. The sponge is hard enough for some pretty great hitting too. It has alot of gears. On the short game, the high friction topsheet helps alot!
Review helpful?    Yes | No

 External Review for JOOLA Mambo H on July 31, 2009
I used this rubber for about 2 months before the sponge ripped. Really durable, great value
Review helpful?    Yes | No

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