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DHS TG Skyline 3 Neo

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TG3 Neo is good for mid-distance looping attack play style.

These new and improved TG3s are designed specifically for the new VOC-Free glue era.

NEO version of TG3. It is in a vacuum sealed pack. More speed and power than TG3.

'Neo' sponge which is in the energy storage status makes rubber deformation come back quickly. Outstanding style of continual, quick attack without any interspaces."

This is China's new High Tension Technology rubber. It has outstanding control when playing topspin against topspin and they claim that it is nearly unbeatable because of it's aggressive and sticky upper surface.

Developed for players who pressure their opponents with power topspins instead of spin variations. This new sticky rubber has been extensively developed using the latest sponge and rubber technologies. Used by world-class player Wang Hao. His aggressive looping over the table and forceful attack benefit most from the extended control qualities.

Hardness: Mid

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If you've watched competitive table tennis at the highest levels, then you've surely seen DHS products in action. Perhaps the most notable athlete using DHS equipment is Ma Long. A legend of the sport, Ma Long uses a Hurricane 3 rubber on his forehand. Hurricane 3 rubbers are undoubtedly the most popular rubber series from DHS and are a prime example of hard and tacky Chinese rubbers. Many players try out the Hurricane 3 and H3 Neo rubbers on their forehand as an introduction to this style of rubber. These rubbers require considerable power to fully unleash their potential, as well as proper brushing technique. You can find the H3 rubbers in Commercial (NEO), Provincial (H3, NEO) and National (H3, NEO) versions.

DHS offers rubbers with different characteristics well-suited to other uses as well. The Gold Arc 8 series is a high-powered rubber that performs more closely to other brand's flagship offerings, with a grippy surface and fast sponge.

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Reviews of DHS TG Skyline 3 Neo (74)

Very nice rubber. Enough speed. Faster then H3neo and Skyline 3-60. Because of soft topsheet rubber doesnt feel hard, much softer then Hurricane. Control is incredible. Very good FH rubber. Maybe good also for BH but I didnt try it on BH.
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Good rubber. Tacky, hard sponge. I like this rubber. Good for FH
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Awesome rubber, great speed.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

9.3/10 for OFF style. FH: DHS TG3 Neo, 2.2mm, 53g (0.258g/cm^2), 40 degrees (Shore A). BH: Yasaka Rising Dragon, 2mm, 50g (0.241g/cm^2), 47 degrees (ESN), 37 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Galaxy T-11+, 72g, 158mm x 151mm x 7mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 7 (5 Wood + 2 Composite): Limba - Limba - Carbon - Balsa - Carbon - Limba - Limba.
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Very nice for close to the table playing style.
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