DHS TG Skyline 3 Neo

by DHS
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TG3 Neo is good for mid-distance looping attack play style.

These new and improved TG3s are designed specifically for the new VOC-Free glue era.

NEO version of TG3. It is in a vacuum sealed pack. More speed and power than TG3.

'Neo' sponge which is in the energy storage status makes rubber deformation come back quickly. Outstanding style of continual, quick attack without any interspaces."

This is China's new High Tension Technology rubber. It has outstanding control when playing topspin against topspin and they claim that it is nearly unbeatable because of it's aggressive and sticky upper surface.

Developed for players who pressure their opponents with power topspins instead of spin variations. This new sticky rubber has been extensively developed using the latest sponge and rubber technologies. Used by world-class player Wang Hao. His aggressive looping over the table and forceful attack benefit most from the extended control qualities.

Hardness: Mid

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Reviews of DHS TG Skyline 3 Neo (66)

 External Review for DHS TG Skyline 3 Neo on March 13, 2019
13 March,2019:-Good rubber.Looks pretty like all DHS rubbers.Great logo.Great spin.Its magical for blocks.If I block aggressively-its speed is amazing.Blocks always land on matter the amount of topspin my opponent puts on the ball.Pushes=great.Serve+returns=great too.Brilliant rubber.You need to be strong to use it.Very taxing on the body/shoulders.Love the cracking sound on my blocks.I use red,39 degrees on FH.Looping is good.
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Review by duke8253 (Verified Customer) for DHS TG Skyline 3 Neo on January 23, 2019
Not as good as Hurricane rubbers.
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 External Review for DHS TG Skyline 3 Neo on October 13, 2018
Speed: 8.2
Spin (Chinese Style): 9.8
Control: 8.6
Weight: 50g in 2.2 (0.247g/cm^2)
Hardness (DHS): 40
Gears: 8.3
Throw: 2.7
Fast Loop: 9.3
Slow Loop: 9.6
Counter Loop: 9.7
Touch: 9.6
Block: 8.5
Smash: 7.8
Slice/Chop: 9.7
Serve: 9.9
Flip/Flick: 9
Available Sponge Thickness: 2.15/2.2
Durability: 6.4
Value: 9
Overall: 9.8
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Review by sipokoyto (Verified Customer) for DHS TG Skyline 3 Neo on July 23, 2018
good product and speedy delivery
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Review by sipokoyto (Verified Customer) for DHS TG Skyline 3 Neo on July 23, 2018
good product and speedy delivery
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 External Review for DHS TG Skyline 3 Neo on June 17, 2018
I need to give this rubber a big credit. The price is good, spinny and controllable rubber. Works perfectly well with my forehand on a Mizutani blade. I've tried so so many Euro/Jap rubbers and end up here.
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 External Review for DHS TG Skyline 3 Neo on June 11, 2018
used in red and black with no variations. Its package says "control and speed", i can agree with that, compared with hurricane versions its more fast, but less spin. Anyway the spin its very high indeed. Cons: Very heavy and gets dirty very easy.
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 External Review for DHS TG Skyline 3 Neo on April 20, 2018
Compared to the original Skyline TG3, the neo version has softer sponge, which slightly improves speed and noticeably improves control. The topsheet is mostly the same as the original version, very hard and very tacky. Shots tend to be very linear and low throw. Like the original, neo TG3 is a very reactive rubber and will follow your commands. Soft shots can be very short, and loops can be fast and loaded with topspin. But it is not forgiving. Small mistakes will often result in shots landing on net or off the table.
After a few months of use, my loops and pushes still tend to drift long and off the table. Don't get me wrong, this is a good rubber, but it's just not the right rubber for me. It's easier to control than the original TG3, but it's still a bit too much for me. Maybe when my skills improve, I'll tried it out again.
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 External Review for DHS TG Skyline 3 Neo on January 29, 2018
After using H3 Neo on an allround blade, I switched to this. Spin is about the same as H3 Neo but it's a bit slower and you gain more control with the Neo Skyline 3. Suits me fine looping a 1-2m behind the table. You just have to use some more power with this rubber. Over all, a very good rubber for the money.
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 External Review for DHS TG Skyline 3 Neo on August 15, 2017
I used to play this on FH. I dont know, Dawei rubber is harder than this, Neo TG3 is medium soft sponge similar to Ritc 2000 tackspeed on my BH, the regular Skyline was better sponge for me. But it suits better on BH, easy to chop, push, flick. Sure, wonderful Backhand rubber !
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Review by blake6pong (Verified Customer) for DHS TG Skyline 3 Neo on August 8, 2017
i like this rubber a lot. sometimes it can be slo but then sometimes if you hit with just the right technique it can be really spinny and catch up on your oppenent. the qulity of the rubber lasting is ok. Reently just hit the paddle with thhe rubber on on the table and had to replace the red side. but overall, i recommend this rubber as an intermediate rubber.
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Review by striker81 (Verified Customer) for DHS TG Skyline 3 Neo on June 19, 2017
Good quality great price, fast enough for me and good spin I recommend this for FH intermediate player.
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Review by ritabeara (Verified Customer) for DHS TG Skyline 3 Neo on June 12, 2017
I was using TG3 as a FH rubber and realized it's slow which I later switch to hurricane 3 neo. However I later discovered the spin effect that the TG3 can generate from my BH. The spin is unpredictably strong helping me scored lots of points.
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Review by guest_2z91gcso (Verified Customer) for DHS TG Skyline 3 Neo on June 9, 2017
Great rubber does what you want I like it. One of the best out there
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Review by zanelightning (Verified Customer) for DHS TG Skyline 3 Neo on June 6, 2017
Black 2.15 - two layer boosted with Falco Tempo short term:
Juic Stellan Bengston Carbon blade and Yasaka Goibiao
Played well on carbon with a little more flex and softer veneer, very good short game, some net hitters and rolled back towards you on the opposite side(not intentional), medium throw on forehand, spinny and short deceptive serving with good touch feel on a dead sponge feel initially.
Yasaka Goibiao blade does not work well with Chinese rubbers and moved this rubber over and was not having it, may be good unboosted but It bottomed out and no dwell time for lift and throw was low enough and requires effort of a speed demon.
Spin:9.1/10 Speed: 8.7/10 Throw: medium-low durability- 9/10 no major edge loss, some edges were were loose off of top sheet, left a little bit for the boosting
Good rubber to see the full Chinese style and learn the footwork and technique and improve game, with rubber let me go from 1300 to 1650 in 4 months of
5-7hrs/week with the adjustments needed and switched back to tensor style rubbers
overall 9.1/10
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by iceman3825 (Verified Customer) for DHS TG Skyline 3 Neo on March 13, 2017
Its a great rubber, i attached this to 729 bomb on fh and bh. Its a good rubber to learn and advance in your strokes its reliable, it doesnt have too much ball feeling compared to my boosted twice now hurricane 3 neo, but its consistent with loops and topspin attacks, its nice for even blocking, sometimes i play my opponent by letting him waste energy on smashes and counter when im ready. Im very curious on boosting it, but im very content on how it is out of the factory.
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 External Review for DHS TG Skyline 3 Neo on January 31, 2017
I went through all of the reviews for this rubber and some were commenting that this rubber takes some time to break in but that's not true for me at all. Out of the 4 Skyline TG3 NEO rubbers I bought all of them broke in about an hour of play. I have used all of the rubbers out there (Tenergy, Xiom Vega Europe, Rasant, Mark V, Hurricane 3 NEO, Baracuda) and Skyline TG3 NEO is definitely my favorite rubber by far. I am a mid-long distance player and the control on this rubber is unlike anything I have ever seen. It has medium-low throw and the combined spinniness from the tack of the rubber really helps in making sure my loops land in from both short and long distances. I feel like with chinese rubber your power comes from how fast you swing. If you swing fast it goes fast and if you swing slow it goes slow which is a great plus since it will give you amazing feel. With most tensored rubbers, the tensor adds it's own power to the rubber so it's difficult sometimes to gauge the feel of tensored rubber. With this you will be extremely satisified of both the control and spin. I recommend this rubber for all intermediate to advanced players.
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Review by tackyontheforehand for DHS TG Skyline 3 Neo on August 26, 2016
(Black 2.15 on a 5-ply wood blade, forehand)
Have you ever read about pros using Skyline on their forehand? This rubber makes you feel like you're entering the big leagues. It comes in fancy packaging and smells something awful: likely the chemicals used for the post-speed-glue sponge. (Funnily enough, my rubber also had a permanent fingerprint on it, as mentioned in other reviews.) Holding the rubber in one's hands, the topsheet doesn't feel very tacky: you can't hold the ball upside down like they do on YouTube. When playing, however, the tackiness is extremely noticeable as the ball digs into the slightly softer NEO sponge. This creates a very heavy, hard, and tacky Chinese rubber where it sometimes feels like the opponent's ball comes to a stop on your racket and you get to choose where to send it next. Skyline 3 NEO excels at the powerful, deliberate gameplay of a Chinese rubber, but does so with a more elastic feeling, giving easier spin production and control.
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Review by samuphil (Verified Customer) for DHS TG Skyline 3 Neo on June 2, 2016
My Rubber came with finger prints smudged into the surface of the rubber. Very poor quality control, but then again you get what you pay for. The fingers won't go away! I've tried everything.
Review helpful?    Yes | No

Review by icontek (Verified Customer) for DHS TG Skyline 3 Neo on April 12, 2016
Fun rubber for the price. Good direct feel. Requires work to produce power. Has a high end versus strong shots that lets you counterattack balls that would overwhelm a softer sponge.
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