DHS TG Skyline 2 Neo

by DHS · Part of DHS Skyline Series
Rated 4.3/5

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DHS Skyline 2 (control + spin) Skyline 2 rubber made with new technique brings fresh experience of loop with quick-attack. Colloid combined with acerbity and glutinosity has distinguished friction, which is completely different from Chinese traditional rubbers and can create powerful and changeable spin, Power and energy would break out continually for unique pimple structure and elastic colloid so that changeful spin is more steady and threatening.

Speed: 90
Spin: 100
Control: 110

Additional Information

If you've watched competitive table tennis at the highest levels, then you've surely seen DHS products in action. Perhaps the most notable athlete using DHS equipment is Ma Long. A legend of the sport, Ma Long uses a Hurricane 3 rubber on his forehand. Hurricane 3 rubbers are undoubtedly the most popular rubber series from DHS and are a prime example of hard and tacky Chinese rubbers. Many players try out the Hurricane 3 and H3 Neo rubbers on their forehand as an introduction to this style of rubber. These rubbers require considerable power to fully unleash their potential, as well as proper brushing technique. You can find the H3 rubbers in Commercial (NEO), Provincial (H3, NEO) and National (H3) versions.

DHS offers rubbers with different characteristics well-suited to other uses as well. The Gold Arc 8 series is a high-powered rubber that performs more closely to other brand's flagship offerings. It has a grippy surface and fast sponge, which comes in both 47.5 and 50 degree hardness. You can find Skyline and TinArc rubbers rated as Soft, Mid-Soft and Mid-Hard.

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Reviews of DHS TG Skyline 2 Neo (56)

 External Review for DHS TG Skyline 2 Neo on May 22, 2019
I'm using this Skyline NEO TG2 Red 2.15mm H39 on my forehand. I'm coming from using DHS Hurricane 3 & 2 NEO and Hurricane 8. This one is slower, but you still get that catapult effect when looping. Better control and similar spin as the Hurricane series. You have to put more effort in your strikes if you're at a distance from the table, to get over the net. Lifting the ball from low from a distance still often goes in the net for me. That was easier with H3/2 NEO and H8, when you didn't have to put so much effort in the strike. Very good chinese rubber for brush looping. And I think it's easier to block with this than the Hurricane 2/3 NEO rubbers. Now after about three months use, the rubber has detatched a little from the sponge in some parts. Very little, so it's absolute playable, but I haven't seen this phenomena in the other DHS rubbers I've used.
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 External Review for DHS TG Skyline 2 Neo on October 10, 2018
Speed: 8
Spin (Chinese Style): 9.8
Control: 8.7
Weight: 49g in 2.2 (0.239g/cm^2)
Hardness (DHS): 40
Gears: 8.2
Throw: 2.5
Fast Loop: 9.2
Slow Loop: 9.6
Counter Loop: 9.8
Touch: 9.6
Block: 8.5
Smash: 7.7
Slice/Chop: 9.7
Serve: 9.9
Flip/Flick: 9
Available Sponge Thickness: 2.15/2.2
Durability: 4.9
Value: 8.5
Overall: 9.7
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 External Review for DHS TG Skyline 2 Neo on September 25, 2018
Very heavy rubber. Rating (Weight = 6.0) is ridiculous. The head of the blade, with these rubbers is heavy, like a hammer.
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 External Review for DHS TG Skyline 2 Neo on August 27, 2018
A very fun to play with speed-glued or heavily boosted. Put it on a fast blade, prefereble with carbon.
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 External Review for DHS TG Skyline 2 Neo on May 18, 2018
Blade: Butterfly Viscaria
FH: Neo Hurricane 3
BH: Neo Skyline 2

Let me start off by saying that I was not impressed whatsoever. This is the worst rubber I've tried so far.

For BH: One of the biggest misleading things others do not mention is the extremely low throw angle . This is NOT a backhand rubber by any means . I disagree entirely with other reviews that may say this is suited for BH . Due to the extremely low throw , you have to open up your bat a lot to compensate for the ball not hitting the net every time . Because of this, paired with the fact this is a medium hard rubber, unless you can consistently make very thin contact on backhand to brush the ball upwards , you will either end up hitting the net or it going over the table . For me, even fully engaged on the backhand stroke , with wrist motion, sometimes the ball would still clip the net due to the throw.
For FH: After some upsetting BH assessments, I switched sides and tried the rubber on the forehand. Comparing to the Hurricane 3 it feels slightly softer, as the ball seems to soak into the sponge more . However I would say there is considerably less power as well as spin than the H3 . Perhaps I got a bad sheet, but I feel the H3 can do everything and more compared to this skyline , and you are wasting your money even considering this rubber .

The redeeming quality of this rubber is that the control is quite decent , but considering the heavy cons, I would not recommend this rubber at all unfortunately .
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 External Review for DHS TG Skyline 2 Neo on April 27, 2018
Most has been said already. To sum up, spin and control close to the table is where this rubber shines. One of the spinniest ever. Although developed for penholders in mind, shakehanders who employ more physical action and naturally swing more upward than forward can greatly benefit from this. FH only. Comes in 39 and 40 deg hardness.
Needs some time breaking in the sponge. You might find you will lack either speed or recovery time using it but that can be easily resolved by boosting, which I recommend as it has an absolutely amazing effect, the performance increase is the best compared to all chinese rubbers I have ever boosted. Lasts forever. I have a 3 year old sheet which is outperforming a fresh battle 2 sheet and is still tackier. Give this rubber a try if you can.
Tip: 39 degree is much more playable, I recently got 40 degree, despite boosting too hard, and not much tack either. QC might be problematic.
Update: It turned out the 40 deg version needed a LOT of breaking in, specificly around 10-20 hours of play and two seperate boosting procedures. I also treated the topsheet with olive oil to soften it a bit / make it more elastic and increase tack a bit. So you need to be patient with this bad boy.
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Review by masoud5912 for DHS TG Skyline 2 Neo on April 22, 2018
it is cheap but it is not economical to buy this because after 20-30 hours of playing the rubber was detached from the sponge. pay extra money for a more durable rubber, average spin, good control, low speed
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 External Review for DHS TG Skyline 2 Neo on April 22, 2018
it is cheap but it is not economical to buy this because after 20-30 hours of playing the rubber was detached from the sponge. pay extra money for a more durable rubber, average spin, good control, low speed
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Review by dantheman (Verified Customer) for DHS TG Skyline 2 Neo on February 18, 2018
These rubbers are excellent rubbers and a very good price. Played competitively against player with tenergy rubbers and can compete equally with his heavy top spin and fast returns. Very nice rubber to play competitive tt.
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 External Review for DHS TG Skyline 2 Neo on December 20, 2017
I replaced the stock rubber on both sides of my Killerspin Jet Black with black Skyline TG2 and paddle immediately switched from speed to control. It was a bit weird to play it for the first time, less weird the second time and then somehow I felt in love with this Chinese rubber. I have a new Killerspin Jet 800 paddle with me, but never play it, because I totally love that feeling of additional control, which TG2 gives you.

It's definitely not the fastest paddle, not at all. I'd never recommend it to players, who prefer aggressive style. But if you're a control guy, TG2 might be a good choice. It will put your ball on the table from very unexpected angels, when you're pretty sure, that the score is lost. I surprise my opponents all the time with this "feature". Nevertheless, when this rubber wears out, I'll get back to my second speedy paddle. Despite being a fan of control, I like to be aggressive, when time comes.
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 External Review for DHS TG Skyline 2 Neo on May 11, 2017
ok spin.. good control.. low speed.. hard to loop.. the throw angle is low.. better use it for BH.. easy to receive any kind of serve.. need sometime to make this rubber break in.. the first 3-4 hours of this rubber will be a huge disappointment. but after that it will show their fangs. Good rubber for 2years++ experience of TT.. not recommended for beginner.. I'm using this rubber with DPPCS v1..
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Review by icontek (Verified Customer) for DHS TG Skyline 2 Neo on April 16, 2017
Must be broken in over a few hours/weeks of robot or drills. Then it starts to play well. Great short game potential for FH push/flick and attack.
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Review by jfblaza (Verified Customer) for DHS TG Skyline 2 Neo on February 27, 2017
Great for BH. Slow but good control and spin. Great for defensive play also.
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 External Review for DHS TG Skyline 2 Neo on December 25, 2016
With the right strokes you can play every shot with this rubber. It is amazingly versatile, and amazingly spinny. As to power you get what you put in. That is why it is true that a Penhold player will get the most out of this rubber's highest spin-speed gears. For the first 10 hours of play this rubber felt like a dissappointment: completely dead. After that it "Breaks out" as many say and starts playing like a real quality rubber. And oh does it play. A spin machine. I decided to boost -the sponge only- with 2 layers of olive oil while it was still fairly new, and it took 48 hours under a heavy press to glue to the blade correctly and stabilize, but after that it has given life to ANY blade I have stuck it to, no matter how recreation-level (low quality) the blade got. It is a blast! Nothing plays like a boosted Skykine, and this topsheet is just magnificent, even to look at. If you play the right strokes (shakehand or penhold), you will have a lot of fun with this rubber, boosted or not, and your oponents not so much .)
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 External Review for DHS TG Skyline 2 Neo on October 27, 2016
Incredible rubber. Works and show all your power on wood blade with koto outer ply.
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 External Review for DHS TG Skyline 2 Neo on July 20, 2016
TG2 Neo is a beautiful rubber for COMBINATION, TACTICAL play.
At the beginning it seemed to be slower than I expected, but after one week or so, the rubber became noticeably faster. CONTROL is just amazing. It allows you to place the ball on the table where ever you desire. I just was shocked by the amount of SPIN this rubber produces. It was extremely easy to counter loop or drive with it. The incoming spin didn't matter much when you loop extremely fast with this rubber. SERVICE receive is extremely easy due to the tackiness, i think. The incoming spin doesn't bother much when you receive the serve, which automatically gives you advantage over your opponent. BLOCK is excellent. GEARS. When it comes to gears TG2NEO shines among other rubbers. It is extremely easy to change the pace of the game by returns with different speed and spin from the same like movement. So many opponents are making mistakes on service return, because of the mega spin TG2 generates. I know, it all comes to the strategy, and Skyline TG2 NEO (max) can be a best friend for a tactical player.
DEFENSE. Even in max thickness this rubber offers pretty good abilities to chop and push the ball with astonishing amount of spin. All in all, this rubber has amazing control, mega spin and a lot of gears. Pair it with wooden ALL blade that has medium feel and medium flex, like STIGA WRB Classic, and you will get spin generating machine in your hands with amazing control and excellent feel. Overall, I'm very pleased with TG2 NEO performance and I'm going to stay with it for a long time.
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 External Review for DHS TG Skyline 2 Neo on January 31, 2016
love this rubber, spin is amazing. you can end the game by deadly serve..
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 External Review for DHS TG Skyline 2 Neo on June 24, 2015
This rubber has amazing spin characteristics and is fast enough. There is a lot of control, but it takes a while for it to break in. Looping is so easy due to medium throw. It is very tacky. I am a penhold player and this suits me best. Spin on serves is superb and my serves are deadly.
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 External Review for DHS TG Skyline 2 Neo on June 9, 2015
You can't play with soon with it not longs durability but very much control
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 External Review for DHS TG Skyline 2 Neo on December 18, 2014
I don't like this rubber, it's a good rubber i think but i can't really play with it, nothing like a H3 that really like.
With TG2 the spin is good but not good enough, the block is really good though and driving the ball is easy but it lacks something to be enjoyable, the feeling is that I have to force myself in order to do what i wanna do with it.
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