DHS Hurricane 2 Neo

by DHS
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The Explosive NEO series is here!

The new NEO Rubbers have been produced for, and tested by, the Chinese National team to counteract the Speed Glue ban. The new NEO sponge has been developed to give the traditional sticky DHS rubbers the extra pace & rebound but without losing the much loved spin and control. With this NEW NEO Sponge, Hurricane 2 is quicker than before yet retains its legendary balance of speed, spin and control. Comes in an air-tight pack to keep good longer.

Hardness: Mid


Additional Information

If you've watched competitive table tennis at the highest levels, then you've surely seen DHS products in action. Perhaps the most notable athlete using DHS equipment is Ma Long. A legend of the sport, Ma Long uses a Hurricane 3 rubber on his forehand. Hurricane 3 rubbers are undoubtedly the most popular rubber series from DHS and are a prime example of hard and tacky Chinese rubbers. Many players try out the Hurricane 3 and H3 Neo rubbers on their forehand as an introduction to this style of rubber. These rubbers require considerable power to fully unleash their potential, as well as proper brushing technique. You can find the H3 rubbers in Commercial (NEO), Provincial (H3, NEO) and National (H3) versions.

DHS offers rubbers with different characteristics well-suited to other uses as well. The Gold Arc 8 series is a high-powered rubber that performs more closely to other brand's flagship offerings. It has a grippy surface and fast sponge, which comes in both 47.5 and 50 degree hardness. You can find Skyline and TinArc rubbers rated as Soft, Mid-Soft and Mid-Hard.

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Reviews of DHS Hurricane 2 Neo (30)

 External Review for DHS Hurricane 2 Neo on December 8, 2018
I use my bh and fh.This rubber provide high spin in my serves.I use boer hybrid blade and dhs h2 neo sounds like cracked ball sound.This rubber is tacky so you clean rubber everyday.
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 External Review for DHS Hurricane 2 Neo on June 23, 2018
I do not understand, why many people prefer H3 neo and then complain about the speed. They should simply choose this one! Another difference to H3 neo is, that H2 neo has a little bit lower throw angle. Please note that these rubbers without boosting is just waste of time
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 External Review for DHS Hurricane 2 Neo on June 7, 2018
All out offensive rubber for close to table players.
This rubber can be very dangerous in the right hands - very fast for chinese standards, and very, very spinny yet with low arc, resulting in huge kick off the table. However, control is really bad... Low margin for error due to low throw angle, and your loops will be blocked back really low, which makes it hard to continously loop. Also, looping backspin is not easy. Only for super aggressive attackers. I would rather recommend the original non neo version, which is less bouncy and overall has much better control.
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 External Review for DHS Hurricane 2 Neo on October 1, 2016
It was not the best among all Harricane series but with this price tag it does its job well and it is very much dependent on what blade you're using with it. It is tacky it generates enough of spin when you hit hard, speed is great especially when you play attacking game it generates a lot of spins thru the looping. Control is not what you should emphasize on this rubber as it is meant for attacking game or with some defense but you should pair it with a softer rubber on the backhand to allow you to block and to provide you with some defensive play as in most games not all the time you take the lead in attacking but your opponent may counter attack as well. Blocking from mid to far of table is great but when close to table you need to position your blade well in order to return ball with attacking power otherwise most of the time you will be out of control. Actually, the Harricane with blue sponge is a lot more better than any Harricane that with orange sponge. As long as it is affordable go for the sponge rubber version.
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 External Review for DHS Hurricane 2 Neo on January 30, 2014
Not too speed,Spins well and control is almost good.If you would mind the price its a good rubber for Offensive player but not good for OFF+ player.very Tacky so produces nice spin and flick.too weak for playing off the table and very important! the performance of this rubber totally depends on the blade you are matching with it.
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 External Review for DHS Hurricane 2 Neo on December 7, 2013
I use it on my forhand (2.15) blade Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon and feel very quick and spinner.
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 External Review for DHS Hurricane 2 Neo on November 6, 2013
Came back to Neo H2 after about 1.5 of playing with tensors on BH. Love at the first sight again :).

Reason i picked up tensors is my age actually. I was getting bit tired of swinging all the time and tensors did help good amount in that department.

H2 in any sponge is no where near as bouncy as tensors or "automatic" from mid distance but that does not mean it is slow. Fast and bouncy are not the same terms when speaking about rubbers.

H2 is rubber with insane amount of spin. Flicking serves is so easy, it feels like cheating actually. Tack helps bunch with close to the table shots.

It lasts a long time, spins great, it has amazing speed, low throw .... basically all you can ask for perfect BH rubber.

Most of it is already explained in reviews so no point doing it over again:)

Highly recommended rubber for anybody!!! One of the best ever in my opinion.

Enjoy TT and have fun :)
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 External Review for DHS Hurricane 2 Neo on October 23, 2013

I'm a modern defender and was looking for a good rubbers for my forehand. LOOP, chop, block, short game....

I tried soft and spinny sponge and somewhere feel like 2 diff©rents world between my TSP curl PR-1 lp rubbers and these soft spinny rubbers. I was playing only defense or only attack. Can't just get the right tunning. The short game was to springgy so I lost control, returned the bal to high or to far.

Then after reading and looking the top defensive modern players I noticed that many has these chinese hard sponge with soft top sheet. So I try some. Hurricane 3 and then the neo 2.

The hard sponge just keep the extra control over the table. Chop, push, small spinny tops... I nevers feel so in control and ready to attack on any mistake from the opponent. I play it very low on the table like the chinese players so I used mainly the soft top sheet. Europeen style... forget this rubbers. Using too much the hard sponge is reducing the speed. The catapult effet of soft sponge is missing. When you play with a strong horizontal angle you can feel the top sheet just ripping the ball. Your push just returned the ball so quicky and with low trow, thanks to the very tacky stop sheet and hard sponge. The opposite side wonders how I keep the push so low !

For those defenders who read this, you can compare too and It is similar feeling of all the the different combinaison of shot you can do with pimples alone or with the sponge and the bat behind . Starting from just chopping the ball with the pimple only without touching the sponge behind to agressive hard drive with all the weight of the stop sheet plus the hard and heavy sponge and the bat.

So You can do the same with this neo 2. Just riping the top sheet for very spinny loop or densive chop, top spinning with soft touch of the hard sponge or chopping with the hard sponge and finaly blocking or hitting with the all the 3 component !

The neo 2 is a bit softer sponge then the hurricane 2 or 3 and it's true that it tend to get a bit softer after many hours so you can put a little bit more action with the sponge.

I now starting to do fishing ( sidespin further from the table ) and a lot of variation of ball ( spin, speed,height, side etc... )

I didn't even talk about these very rapid and low loop and top spin you can do with this. It's crazy and with CONTROL !!!

It is for me the perfect blend for my modern defensive style !!!
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 External Review for DHS Hurricane 2 Neo on June 21, 2013
very awesome rubber
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 External Review for DHS Hurricane 2 Neo on June 6, 2013
man! great rubber & cheap too very fast but its like a "hammer rubber" the harder you hit the faster it goes and opposite when you hit softly very spinny though my bro said my loops are heavy & s.spin loops always fly to the side when he t.spin or blocking the ball. On my old bat i mostly play all around stlye i love to do looping ( pre-assembled racket-Fx lightning fh-RITC bh)
But now using h2 neo fh it forces me to play offensively, easy to t.spin, counter t.spin, loop, block in blocking its prety slow when its open but if its angled down its quite fast.
On other reviews here they its very tacky but mine i think its only tacky its quite fast on very first usage hard to control at first but very rewarding when tamed very nice rubber! the sponge is hard as rock though :)
its glued currently on stiga hypertech cr & cream transcend for BH Love the set-up .)
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 External Review for DHS Hurricane 2 Neo on June 3, 2013
A fast and TACKY rubber! I use it for fh and bh right now but i will change the forehand because it has to low arc for me. If you play like a chinese player u will love this rubber! Taking the ball early is excellent! Great spin! Remember to practise with this rubber before you go to a competition! 3 days after i get the rubber i went to a competition and everything worked good but not lifting backspin over the net! i always looped them in net. But if you played with tacky rubbers before it wont be a prolem.

Pushing: Good and you get good spin when you brush it to backspin.

flick/flip: Good but u have to practise some with it first.

Loop: Really good close to the table.

Loop(from backspin): you need to practise on this before you will get the ball over the net! the rubber also have to "break in" for some weeks in my oponion.

Driving from mid-distance: it works but you need to lift the ball pretty high upwards because of its low arc.

Spin on serve: amazing!

Recieve spinny serve: thats really hard because of its tackiness. especially if the serve is very spinny.

Smash: Amazing!!!!!

Drop shots: neither good or bad

Defending smashes: works but you need to counterattack back later or before in the rally.

Good rubber!! especially for backhand!
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 External Review for DHS Hurricane 2 Neo on February 15, 2013
Comparing H2 commercial, H2 sponge no19 and H2 NEO, H2 NEO is easily my favorite. H2 commercial feels hard and dead and I have to whack every ball to make things happen. H2 sponge no 19 feels like "something is missing". H2 NEO feels complete as an offensive rubber. Once the NEO sponge is engaged, power flows easily. However, its effectiveness lies in its combination of speed and vicious spin. I use a relatively open blade on the FH to drive and the heavy spin brings the ball down on to the table. When brushing, the throw increases dramatically. In any case, I have learned to always "engage" the rubber, keep the blade relatively open and have sufficient forward momentum to avoid dumping the ball into the net. With that, the rubber becomes very consistent. Full strength loops are very penetrating and difficult for the opponent to block. Out !
of position passive blocks produce weak balls because the rubber has no catapult effect. Hence, the rubber rewards active and aggressive strokes. It is a very strong rubber and the more we put in, the more it gives out. It is durable, inexpensive and performs great! I am a fan of H2 NEO.
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 External Review for DHS Hurricane 2 Neo on January 5, 2013
Low htrow??This is rubber with one of the higher trow I have used.When you brush the ball,ball goes almost parallel with the recket.
Great rubber.
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 External Review for DHS Hurricane 2 Neo on May 19, 2012
It is spinny and I can control it very good.
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Review by nathan161987 (Verified Customer) for DHS Hurricane 2 Neo on November 7, 2011
This rubber is very good for the price. Every time I smash the ball it sounds like I crack the ball but I don't. The spin is good but not great. I hope when it gets softer it'll be more spiny. I have this on my forehand and the speed is great.
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 External Review for DHS Hurricane 2 Neo on October 22, 2011
Very difficult to control. Throw is very low when driving and very high when brushing (due to the extreme tackyness). So good luck putting just the right amount of brushing during fast rallies!

This rubber is also, of course, very very spin sensitive, so good luck reading your opponent's spin perfectly.

And of course, you don't get a low gear, due to the hardness of the topsheet, so you are helpless against short flat balls, unable to create a short enough arc.

Bottom line: only for extreme, and very skilled, attackers.

If you are looking for a cheap rubber with a low trajectory, try LKT rapid soft. You get low gear, spin insensitivity, flat hits, good speed on carbon, low and spinny opening loops.
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 External Review for DHS Hurricane 2 Neo on October 21, 2011
I am a good "basement" player who just joined a club a couple of months ago. When I made the transition I realized I had to get a "real" paddle that would perform at a higher level. When you make that transition, the difference in spin alone is incredible. I am a natural RPB penhold player and after some research chose hurricane 2 NEO for my forehand. My first impressions were that it felt heavy and extremely fast. Part of that was the fact that it was my first real experience with high quality equipment although experienced players at the club where I play also commented on it's weight and speed. In a couple of months time (two 3-hour sessions per week) I have taught myself how to use this rubber and I really like it. It's very spinny when smashing and looping. The speed seems much more manageable than when I first got it although I still!
miss long more than short. Maybe that's technique. It does feel like you have to focus and be very precise to control it (i.e. it's not "forgiving"). You can generate a lot of spin on the serve and the short/touch game seems fine. You really have to consider spin on each hit because I find that it is vulnerable to opponents spin big-time...It has pros and cons but I am going to wait a while before making any kind of change. Overall, happy with the choice but interested in trying something different eventually.
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 External Review for DHS Hurricane 2 Neo on October 10, 2011
h3 Neo and tenergy are much better rubbers than this. Heck, if your looking for speed even bryce speed is much better than this rubber. Very few gears.
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 External Review for DHS Hurricane 2 Neo on September 19, 2011
nice rubber, but too heavy for rpb penhold player..
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 External Review for DHS Hurricane 2 Neo on May 26, 2011
damn this thing is fast.. i shifted to this from the original hurricane 2 and noticed the difference immediately.The problem is that you gotta whack the ball rather than play the stroke.
Be ready to get a lot more service points..:)
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