Donic Defplay Classic Senso V3

by Donic
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As its name indicates, the new DEFPLAY CLASSIC Senso has been developed by DONIC blade experts for the classic defensive game. Long range defence, as well as sudden unexpected attacking close to the table, can be successfully undertaken with this new model. Weighing approximately 70 grammes or less, this blade is a light weight among the modern blades despite the larger size.
Two balsa middle plies glued together, give the DEFPLAY CLASSIC Senso fantastic control and a superb feel.
The Koto and Ayous outer plies enable the player to switch to a safe attacking game when under pressure.
DEFPLAY CLASSIC Senso - The cream of classical defensive players.

Speed: 55
Control: 92
Weight: 70

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Reviews of Donic Defplay Classic Senso V3 (12)

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 External Review for Donic Defplay Classic Senso V3 on January 28, 2017
This blade has excellent control but gives a certain feel through your hand when chopping. Balsa + empty handle is the reason for sure. One might like it or not. I didn't like it.
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 External Review for Donic Defplay Classic Senso V3 on July 22, 2013
Amazing defensive blade, it was made for a modern style, you need to know how attack with accuracy, also I recommend a medium sponge rubber and long pimps with 0.5 sponge. I proved this blade with Akkadi L2 0.6 mm in the backhand and Joola Brave 2.0 mm for the forehand. It's incredible, the ball when I used the Akkadi was a crazy move with tons of chop, also the blade allows you to attack with good accuracy, you can develop this quality for your game.

The blade surprised me because the characteristics, I agree about the speed, this blade has good speed so I rated with an 8 because the impressive control.
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 External Review for Donic Defplay Classic Senso V3 on March 17, 2013
Much faster than it is officially rated. This blade looked fragile to me. When I attempted to seal the blade about 100 ml of varnish (Polyurethane) just vanished in to the layers of the blade. It became harder. Definitely. May be it lost some of its original features. It has a lot of flex. Hence it gives a different feel. It seems to be a poor cousin to the much hyped defplay senso, which is hugely popular in main land China, where a lot many top-notch defenders seem to patronize it. I found it very difficult to find matching long pimples and reverse rubbers for this blade. Feint Long II with 0.5 mm sponge and Joola Topspin Chop C in thin sponge looked OK on this blade. Butterfly Tackiness Chop also worked well. Defplay senso classic seems to be very spin friendly. One can attempt topspin from far off. Long range chopping is possible. All said and done something vital is missing!
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 External Review for Donic Defplay Classic Senso V3 on June 2, 2012
This blade is soft and medium stiff due to the balsa core. Great control en good feel. Not the best for topspin, but fantastic control for defensive allround play
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 External Review for Donic Defplay Classic Senso V3 on May 19, 2012
Excellent blade for modern defense.
I'm using Xiom OmegaIVPro 2mm in black on the forehand.
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 External Review for Donic Defplay Classic Senso V3 on February 19, 2012
I usually play with Matsushita Pro Model blade and I recently tried Defplay Senso. This blade is very soft, even softer than Pro model. Senso is lighter (mine is 72 g) and provides amazing control while choping. I would say that Senso is a little bit faster than Pro Model during offensive strokes. The Senso technology is quite efficient : marellous control but hugh power when needed, with lots of sensations... Excellent blade for modern or classical defense (my favorite with Pro Model).
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 External Review for Donic Defplay Classic Senso V3 on March 11, 2011
In my opinion, one of the best blade for defensive and allround players. So far I'm playing with the blades TBS and Kreanga Aeros Off +, but the control that this blade offers is phenomenal. Retention time (dwell time) ball on the blade is great, and the blade can be paired with defensive rubbers (in my case, I have paired it with soft rubbers, Donic A'conda Soft which also have the highest possible control and spin) and regardless of the lower speed, because excellent control, the difference in the severity of the impact is almost invisible. A great blade that can be paired with defensive and offensive rubbers and will offer their best.
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 External Review for Donic Defplay Classic Senso V3 on February 25, 2011
Very good blade, a lot of control and fast enough for a good attack
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 External Review for Donic Defplay Classic Senso V3 on January 19, 2011
I just love this blade, it's the one that I always comes back to when I've tried other defensive blades. For pure chopping there are better blades but the Defplay brings so much more than just chopping ability. Probably one of the things I like most about it is the maneuverability when playing close to the table which most other defensive blades lack. It blocks and chop-blocks really well! The offense is also very good for a defensive blade, especially at the table and it's very easy to twiddle. It's very light but still with a very good balance.

I can only complain about one thing and that's the thin handle, but that can be fixed by adding some soft-grip or by changing the "grip-blocks". I've changed the grip-blocks to Persson Power AR blocks on one of my Defplays and that worked really well, that's actually the blade I'm playing with at the moment.

To sum it up I would call this blade the "allrounder" of defensive blades, it's simply nothing it can't do well!
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 External Review for Donic Defplay Classic Senso V3 on November 22, 2010
I LOVE this blade. The control is just so high on it, you shots immediately become more consistent, and at least at a low level, that instantly raises your game. I used to go back and forth with faster setups and offensive style, good weeks and bad weeks, losing to people I should never lose to and getting a game off of a guy way out of my league sometimes.
This blade I am consistently beating everyone near my level. I've gone 20 wins 2 losses in my club matches with this blade, 1 loss was to a guy who's like 600 points higher than me and I've never gotten a game off of, the other one was deuces in the 5th game and I beat him the next week.

But I'm beating everyone near my level consistently due to consistency, and the long pips help. But with the placement power, I'm beating a lot of people I've never beaten before, one guy is supposed to be rated 400 points higher than me but I beat him 3-0 just using careful placement.

It's got an oversized head, but the blade it still light, I have a straight handle and it's veeery easy to twiddle.

I'm using Donic Akkadi 1.5mm in black on the forehand and it surprisingly gives plenty of power but with the blade maintains a very high level of control in all areas. Very easy to block with it, chops took a little adjustment coming from smushy sponge tackiness chop, but are very good when I mix in sidespin forehand chops. It still has plenty of looping power a few steps away from the table and of course anything near or over the table gets killed when I feel the need.

Backahnd is Pogo ox long pips, very high control allaround long pips, still missing a few hits with them and my blocking needs work, but that's my fault having only been using long pips for a month or so now after a year away from them. Chopping near or a few steps away from the table on slower balls is very easy and consistent, further back I'm still working on chopping hard hit, low spin balls, sometimes with those I just have to lob them back, which is also easy to do.

Short game and serves are excellent. You can keep everything short and very low chopping over and near the table to bog down their attacking game. No springiness here!
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