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Donic Carbo System Offensive Minus

Donic Carbo System Offensive Minus
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This high quality Hinoki blade, with cleverly constructed plies in combination with Carbon/Kevlar fibres, guarantees the ultimate in playing quality. Despite its firmness and high speed DONIC CARBO SYSTEM OFF- blade offers perfect control. The blade will delight every attacker who is technically minded!
1 ply: Hinoki
2 ply: Carbon/Kevlar
Centre ply: Kiri/Hinoki/Hinoki/Hinoki

Carbon blades have even conquered the European table tennis market. The relatively large sweet spot (contact point of the ball), improved stability, higher speed and lighter weight speak for themselves.
DONIC Carbo System Technology
A new era has been achieved by DONIC blade specialists with the technology of the DONIC CARBO SYSTEM. The idea was to combine high quality rare wood plies with carbon fibre. This resulted in three unique high-tech products. The outer appearance of the blade, with its attractive handle design and second lens, is typical of the excellent characteristics of DONIC's CARBO SYSTEM.

Speed: 96
Control: 73
Weight 85g
Ply: 5

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Reviews of Donic Carbo System Offensive Minus (3)

Its the blade I use now. Perfect combination of hardness, control and elasticity. Medium feeling blade with an obvious carbon sensation. Excellent control. Very light weight. Compact head size. Great for blocking and topspin. Blocking and backhand has improved with the introduction of this blade. Suits well with hard or soft rubbers. Best blade Ive used to date. Great handle design.
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coming from a Schlager Carbon, this pretty much blew my mind. doesn't give up whole lot of speed, but the of touch in all aspects of the game is ridiculous! that alone is worth it completely. it can more than hold its own close up to the table and if your form is decent enough, your distance smashes could knock a coin off the table. everything inbetween is just as amazing.

it's not without it's downfalls, however. it's not made in Sweden, so the fit and finish is lacking, especially in the carbon layer. there were little tufts of fibres sticking out everywhere, which is fine around the head (especially so if you like edge tape) but annoyed the hell out of me because it was basically leaving little slivers of carbon fibres in my skin. a couple light scrapes with sandpaper did the trick however.

my second issue is the balance. it's fairly average in weight (~85g) but coming from a ~95g+ SC, I was expecting a bit more weight in the handle (the whole ordeal not being made better by the need to take weight AWAY from the handle with sandpaper)

my third complaint: Donic doesn't make it anymore. *sadface*

if you can still find one, buy it! be forewarned of it's sub-par fit and finish, however. Donic seems to have replaced it with the Li Ping Kitex (which has me very interested, if I wanted to replace this blade)
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The best blade i've ever encountered. Tried over 15 blades from almost every manufacturer there is, and i once i found donic carbo system off-, i knew i had found the perfect blade. It's pretty light(around 80 grams), and most of the weight is on the handle, therefore it never feels heavy, not even with heavy rubbers. Another advantage is its softness. I'd say it;s medium soft, and therefore can be played with any rubber type, even hard rubbers feel good on this blade. The only downside is that it has somewhat of a medium-low throw. Too bad they've discontinued it recently...
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