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1 Review for Y&T V-989H Robot

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After owning for over 1 month I find this robot to be good, however a little lacking.
- Very programmable and can do different spins in the same routine
- Very quiet
- Very easy to set up/take down and maintain.
- Fairly consistent ball placement
- Spin and speed is lacking
- Cannot serve (bounce on both sides of table)
- No random ball function

Regarding the cons:

I used this machine with some beginner players during a coaching session and after 20 minutes, I had the topspin set to max and the players were easily block returning the balls. This indicates the spin imparted by this machine on maximum is not very high. The previous Butterfly machine I had was able to spin the ball so quickly that returning was almost impossible.

Being unable to serve is not too much of a problem, but it would be nice to have, just to make a routine a little more realistic by having the ball bounce on both sides for the first ball.

Random ball placement is missing, however, you can easily set a 9 position placement routine. Remembering 9 positions would be a tough exercise and should be as effective as random.
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