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Paddle Palace Table Top Pro

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The Paddle Palace Table Top Pro is an affordable and quality table tennis robot that delivers strong and consistent topspin, underspin, and sidespin shots. It is simple to use and is jam free. The frequency and speed of the shots are controlled by convenient robot controls on the player's side of the table. It can be set to hit to one spot on the table, and it also has multiple oscillation options, both controlled and random. It can be set to shoot serves or rally shots. It can be placed on any location on the table, or it can be set on a stand behind the table (stand not included). A ball collection net is available for an extra charge. The Paddle Palace Table Top Pro is the easiest robot to set up and use that we have ever seen!
* Versatile, shoots from any location on the table
* Outstanding topspin, underspin, sidespin
* Multiple Oscillation Options
* Set for serves or rallies
* Easiest robot to set up and use
* One year manufacturer warranty on parts and service

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FREE 48 white Nittaku J-Top 40+ Training Balls.

Weight: 5.5 kg
Package: 37cm X30 cm X 47.7cm

Instruction Manual

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Paddle Palace Robot Comparison Chart

ModelTable Top ProA32W PROS4W ProH2W Touch Pro
# of Throw Wheels1242
Ball Recycling SystemNoYesYesYes
Rolls from tableNoYesYesYes
OscillationC & RC & RPP
Serve & Volley SequencesNoNoYesNo
Topspin/Underspin SequencesNoNoYesYes
LCD Touch ScreenNoNoNoYes
Spin IndicatorNoNoNoYes
Max ball speed65mph90mph110mph110mph
Balls included4848120120

Throw Wheels- One, Two, or Four?

Robots with one throw wheel can shoot topspin, underspin, and sidespin. With two throw wheels, the two independently controlled motors make it possible for independent spin and speed settings. This results in a great range of spin options - light to heavy topspin, underspin, or sidespin - or no spin shots. Four throw wheels provides the greatest versatility of all, including serve and volley in the same training sequence.

Oscillation - Random (R), Controlled (C), Programmable (P)

Controlled Oscillation means you can set the robot to hit alternately only to the two widest points in the angle rang, plus you can set width of the angle. With Random Oscillations, the robot hits to the inner angles as well as the widest angles. With Random Oscillation, where the ball lands depends on the frequency and speed settings you have chosen. Programmable Oscillation is the most versatile. It achieves everything Controlled and Random Oscillation does, plus you can program sequences of your choice for where the ball lands!

LCD Touch Screen

The LCD Touch Screen is a very easy and intuitive menu-based interface to control all functions of the robot.

Serve & Volley Sequences

The Robot can be set to serve and volley in the same sequence. So, for example, you can set a sequence to begin with a serve, then shoot volleys to specific landing spots with spins of your choice for a realistic training pattern.

Topspin/Underspin Sequence

The robot can shoot topspin shots and underspin shots (and other spins) in consecutive shots in the same sequence.

Spin Indicator

The Spin Indicator is located just under the shooting head. Before the ball shoots, it shows you the spin type on next shoot: topspin, underspin, right-sidespin, left-sidespin, right-side/topspin, left-side/topspin, right-side/underspin, left-side/underspin, or no-spin/deadball.

Warranty Plus: Additional Warranty Support If Needed

Megaspin offers an additional layer of support to standard manufacturer policies, at no extra charge, to ensure that any warranty claim or product defect issue is resolved with the manufacturer in the shortest time possible and to your maximum benefit. Our responsive and enthusiastic support team will be there to help you when you need us. See what others are saying.

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