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10 Reviews for Newgy Robo-Pong 2040+

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Hi! The club I belong to has one of these and it serves them ok as 90% of its members never use it. It is 10+ yrs old and recently was used but is inconsistent. It will throw out 3 balls perfectly and then dumps 3 balls into the bottom of the net/then 1 ball ok then 2 into the bottom of the net. All balls have been washed. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem or what the problem is? Thanks.
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I've had mine for 8 years, so probably a good time to put in a review.

This is one of the better pieces of electrical equipment I've used. if Newgy ever made a toaster, I'd buy it. I've had kids of all age using it, and it doesn't take long for anyone to understand how it works.

I've used it in service mode, backspin, sidespin and topspin, and although it doesn't beat playing someone who can play, it's great for getting best form on your shots.

A few years ago I looked at updating to a more versatile robot but the xuafor, which I was looking at, stopped supplying.

If you buy this robot, make sure you clean out dust every now and then, as it does end up coating the rubber wheel that flicks out the ball. also clean the rubber wheel to rid the dirt that builds up.
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I'm using this robot in my club. It's noisy, suffers with some irregularities on higher ball frequency levels. Except this, it is an awesome machine. Excellent quality, our robot has been working for years without any break downs.
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Pretty good beginner robot with this cheap price. Do heavy and fast ball delivery.

For advanced and competition player, it is not good enough. It cannot simulate too many different drill and real situation as a real person.

There is no program for no spin, no height adjustment (good for training smash), a programmed drill for left and right to train foot work, program long and short table.

I agree this robot is good for those around 600 or less rating too.
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Very reliable, quick to adjust, simple to use, great reliable ball collection, value for money.
360 degrees spin adjustment.
However you cannot alter the amount of spin it delivers, it cannot deliver a no spin ball.
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I agree with The Coach above.

A very good robot for beginners, advanced players need more.
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A workhorse that does the job.
It's all manual so you have to choose if you want topspin, backspin or sidespin. With the controlbox you can control the speed/spin but you can't do speed without spin due to construction. I appreciate the collect net. I don't like the plastic feel of the robot and though I've cleaned the robot thoroughly, the balls get rather dirty.
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Can't do speed without spin (single throw wheel), can't run drills. The Newgy 2040 has a great set of features such as 360 spin adjust, left and right throw limiting, quick speed adjustments, and decent range of pacing.

Remember though, the 2050 is out now and allows you to program drills for about the same price.
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For a player up to 600WR maybe is good.
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Heaps good robot. When you hit the ball back, it collects it for use again after you've hit it into the Robot net. Can shoot out all types of spin, speed and frequency change feature, can hold lots and lots of balls and feed them up automatically, so you can theoretically go for hours non-stop (though you have to be good enough to get them all back)
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