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3 Reviews for Newgy Robo-Pong 2055

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Just bought this one, and have been using it for a week now. There are 64 drills included, and they are not always perfect for you because everyone's different :) . Now the nice thing is that you may alter all drills, using a computer with the RP.2.PC software. This, on the other hand, feels a bit buggy. After you learned the different peculiarities, it actually works quite fine. Everything you do in the computer, stays in the computer, so you can't edit/make drills in the computer and run them without having the computer connected to the controller unit. You can add up to six different balls to every drill. You can alter the ball speed and randomize it between values of your own choice. You can randomize the positions the ball is thrown in, between your own set values. You can randomize how many balls are thrown in each ball, so you don't know if there will be one or three balls thrown in say the first position before it goes to the next position. For every ball you can set the amount of time that the robot waits before it throws the next ball. The head angle is adjustable to bounce once or twice on the table. You can turn the robot head around to make it do side spins, back spins, top spins and variants of these. The power of the spin is always the same, so you can't control that, but I don't feel that's an issue here. I feel that I will often train footwork or looping technique and perhaps service receives. Now I haven't tried the Butterfly Amicus Start, but when I decided to buy the RP2055 it was the BAS I was comparing with. I believe that this one has more options and a lower price.
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After I while, I had an issue with the servo, the drills were not working properly. Then Megaspin customer support and Newgy helped me to diagnose the problem and sent me a new servo. I installed it and the problem is solved. I am happy with the support service I got from both Megaspin and Newgy. Thanks!
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Very good robot for the price. The only lacking feature is spin variation during particular exercise, but such is available only from 3 rotating head robots (3050 or BTF Amicus Series, but it doubles the price). does the job, though backspin is insane, while topspin if a bit flat. Nevertheless, varying the speed, placement, oscillation and time delay you can really do a lot. most of 64 predefined exercices are also useful. Apart form that, fantastic footwork device. Very durable, no jamming, easy to use. Cannot beat value vs price ratio. No better partner for corona isolation times :)

Highly recommended
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