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13 Reviews for Newgy Robo-Pong 3050XL

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I have had this Robot for about 2 years and it has never fed the balls smoothly without hesitating. It will shoot about 5 to 10 balls then hesitate before it kicks in again! This is ridiculous for a robot that is priced at the high end of all robots! C.S. response to my complains by suggesting I buy their balls and I did but even that was wrong because it still hesitates no matter what balls I use! Real piece of crap. I will throwing this in the garbage and looking for a new one that actually works like a robot without any hesitation between the balls. Unfortunately my warrant has run out so all I can do is throw this away and buy a better one. Very upset at spending so much money on this crap!

Update on March 18th, 2024:

I finally figured out how to stop the balls from jamming in the RoboPong 3050 XL.
The trick is to not make any changes to the first 2 options when you are going thru the set up on the Robo Pong.
It is really important not to raise the Robot head from its default which is in the first option of the set up.
Make all the adjustments in the third option which also shoots the test balls. This resolved the jamming problem.
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Great concept of product - but does not work! Plagued with software issues; updates can make it worse not better; Newgy really dropped the ball on this one and still failing after many years to sort these issues out. JUst got a 3rd one, failed after 5 hrs and now all 3 don't work - being returned for a full refund. Will give some other manufacturer ago... and report back later
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I've had this robot for 2 years. I am using the drills to practice and these drills are excellent lessons. They help me to improve my table tennis skills. Sometimes, the robot freezes in the middle of a drill. I have to unplug the robot, turned off my Iphone 8 and go through the paring sequence again. Hopefully a software fix is coming for freezing problems. Last 2 weeks, The BF and check valve springs were broken. Newgy customer service send them to me for free. Newgy does have an excellent cutomer support. I like this robot.
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I bought this robot 4 months ago and I'm quite happy with it. Nevertheless, the robot quite regularly and randomly rejects a double ball.
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In Response to Darren's 3050Xl review, we had his robot back twice and did a facetime call showing him that it worked perfect once calibrated correctly, In the second instance, I tried every drill I was sent that he claimed did not work correctly, and sent video's to him showing that it worked without a flaw. In the end, we gave him a full refund. Maybe thats what he wanted. Only 1 drill has problems and it is the Beginner backspin service drill, which Newgy will fix hopefully soon, having said this the exact drill can be custom programed in about 30 seconds, and it works. So far from the 22 Robots I have sold, only 1 has been exchanged. It lost bluetooth connection after 1,5hrs of training, the replacement robot has been fine.
I find it really strange the negative reviews on here, when a lot of the trouble is caused by the Phone or Tablet, Apple had severe Bluetooth connection issues at the start of 2020, even my airpods disconnected for no apparent reason. The current IOS is quite stable. I'm happy to answer any questions regarding any Newgy Product.
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I purchased one of these robots late last year in Australia.
Like the other posters here its been a problem since the start. Issues with calibration, issues with pre-programmed routines not working.
I logged a case with Newgy USA and was redirected to Newgy China (Asian Distributor). I asked for USA support due to potential language issues but that was ignored. I sent videos of serves going into the net all the time and they said reload your application, switch to another ipad, re-run the calibration. None of these worked of course. During the process new software releases happened and these made no difference to the problems.
I asked USA to escalate my case twice as it was not getting resolved they ignored me.
Eventually the local Australian distributor who I could actually talk to, sent me his shop robot to test with.
I did and it had the same issues.
He also confirmed that when it run the same tests when he got it back.
He said he was passing that info onto Newgy I doubt they will do anything about it.
I never had any issues with bluetooth connection this was one issue that worried me before buying due to bad reviews regarding it.
I checked with the Australian distributor who confirmed that had been fixed in a firmware update.
One other positive was the ease of mounting the robot on the table.
I've not had other experiences with other robots but couldn't recommend the Newgy 3050 XL at all.
Fundamentally support from the vendor is ZERO.

If you are keen make sure you have confidence in your local supplier as they would be the only person you could expect support from. In my case the local Australian distributor did their best and I still deal with them for table tennis supplies.

You can create your own routines and I found that when I did they worked better than the pre-programmed ones.
The pre-programmed routines often have way too much spin on them that not realistic in a game situation.
Certainly not for a developing player.

Also the timing between balls is often too short and can't always be changed.
If I spent as much time practicing as I did trying to troubleshoot the robot I would be a better player now.

If Newgy really want to improve their product they need to look at companies like Toyota that use issues to improve their product not ignore them like they do.

I imagine Newgy will write a comment after mine saying they are trying to improve things, my experience is otherwise.
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Bad experience! The programme is not working. Tried to contact technicians for assistance with no luck. I have been playing pingpong for over 40 years. I suggest not to waste money on this unsupported machine.
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Never week such a crap machine like this ! Don't buy it! FULL SUPPORT MY ASS. spend almost 1700 dollar and worked forr 10 minutes.
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I have had the Newgy 3050XL for over a year now. Customer support is excellent. I see some people with issues. I have not had any of these problems. However, I rarely use the drills provided. It is so easy to create your own drill I prefer to do that.

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Just don't buy it. I had 2050 for years and was excited to get this one.

This is just a crap. It is completely controlled by software which simply does not work. It keeps throwing the balls in the net. I tried to recalibrate it but it still does.

As other reviewers I am surprised that Newgy was making good robots for years and ended up with this crap.

Manufacturer response:
We are sorry you are having issues with your Robo-Pong 3050XL. The 3050XL is controlled by an app for your Android or iOS device or a Windows 10 Application. We are continually working on and updating our apps at all times. We just recently (March 2019) released an update that addresses calibration issues. The new update allows you to adjust the head height when you are initially calibrating your robot to remedy “net balls”.
We hope you will give the 3050XL another shot with the updated app, and remember we are always available to help with any questions.
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Leider habe auch ich negative Erfahrungen gemacht. Anfang Oktober 18 kaufte ich das Gerät. Von Anfang an lief da Teil nicht rund und nach einer Woche gar nicht mehr. Das motherboard und eine weitere Platine wurde ersetzt. Nochmal 10 Tage später strrikte die Kiste wieder. Daraufhin bekam ich ein komplett neues Gerät. Leider war auch das nach einer guten Woche nicht mehr zu gebrauchen. Inzwischen ist der Vertrag gewandelt und ich habe mein Geld zurück.

Seit zwei Wochen besitze ich jetzt einen Butterfly amicus prime. Die ersten Eindrücke sind hervorragend. Das Teil scheint deutlich robuster und präziser. Der amicus liegt preislich etwas höher ist aber aus meiner Sicht extrem viel besser.

Unfortunately, I too have had negative experiences. I bought the device early October 2018. From the beginning, the robot did not work properly and after a week it did not work any more. The motherboard and another board had to be replaced. 10 days later the robot struggled again. Then I got a completely new device. Unfortunately, that was no use after a good week. Then I got my money back.

For two weeks now I own a Butterfly Amicus Prime. The first impressions are excellent. The robot seems much more robust and precise. The Amicus is priced a little higher but in my view, it is much better.
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So disappointed. I have 2050 before, I thought a big up grade but I was wrong.

The App is B.S, it's not easy to use. You can't even edit your saved custom drill.

The robot is noise when not played. I contact newgy and they said you have to unplug after use.

There are lots of pre-programmed drill but most of them are useless and unreal.

Save some money for Amicus !!!!!

Manufacturer response:
We are continually updating the 3050XL apps with new features and fixes for issues that our customers are finding during use. Our last update (March 2019) has addressed editing custom saved drills as well.
The high pitched noise when the robot is powered has to do with the motor needing to be active and ready at all times. We are looking at ways to remedy this issue.
As always we are here for any questions or problems you may have. It is through these interactions that we produce a better robot for everyone.
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I purchased this robot to upgrade from my Huipang JTA, which is a great cheap robot. I wanted something more programable and something that could produce better spin shots, as well as "rally" type of drills. In the end I was not happy with this product.

First issue I had was with the power supply. The supplied power supply has the cable length that is too short. Meaning, the heavy "brick" part of the power supply is suspended above the ground and is pulling on both the cable and the port on the robot. This is not good and is just begging for either the cable or port to fail quickly. you have to use a box or something else to hold the brick about 3-4" off the ground. Next is the issue with the bluetooth connection. If for any reason the bluetooth gets disconnected, it is hit or miss if it will reconnect. Mostly miss, which means that you have to reboot the robot. Sometimes it requires more than one robot reboot and a reboot of my iphone 6. This got old rather quickly.

This robot also gets bound up fairly often. My JTA robot sometimes does not feed a ball, but generally will spit one out the next attempt. On the JTA I think the feeding problem is in the bottom of the robot where the balls get fed up the tube. On this robot I think the problem is in the head. This will bind up, shake a little bit then move on the the next ball. However, on the next ball you will get 2 balls thrown at you.

I really dislike the net on this robot. It seems that the netting is soaked in some sort of ink and you will quickly get black stripes and marks all over your practice balls. Yes, using a robot will mark up your practice balls, but this is way beyond anything that my other robots have done.

At this point I was not 100% happy with the robot, but it worked pretty well when it worked. Unfortunately, it kind of stopped working on day 4-5 of ownership. It started to throw 25% of the balls at the net. Resetting and recalibrating the robot did not help. The problem seemed to get worse and worse. I ended up returning it for a refund and went with the Power Pong 3000.

Oh, and the free practice balls that it comes with have a lot of soft spots on them. Enough to cause problems with impacts on the bat.

The thing that shocks me the most about this experience is the fact that Newgy has been making robots for a long time. One would think that they would not sell their flagship robot with a power supply that is too short and will end up failing. You would think they could find a way to provide a net that will not paint lines all over your practice balls upon first impact. You would think they could figure out how to resolve that strange feeding issue. Once my robot failed and started to randomly throw balls into the net I had the option of returning it for a new one, or a refund. Based on the above issues that one could argue never should have never existed on this robot in the first place, I decided to go with the refund.

Manufacturer response:
While the Bluetooth calibration was hit or miss on some of our earlier robots we have worked hard to get this fixed. We recently (March 2019) updated the 3050XL App to address this issue as well as the feed issue you were having. The Bluetooth connection issue has been resolved and we no longer have the “double ball” issue that you were seeing. Keep in mind that since the 3050XL is controlled by an app we will continually update the app with any fixes that are needed as well as add new features over time. We take all of the feedback on any issues that we may have to make a better app and product for everybody.
The marks you are seeing on the balls are actually from the two throw wheels and not the net. This is due to the high rate of speed that the wheels turn to throw the ball. The ball is very slightly compressed to get through the wheels to provide the spin that each player wants resulting in “marks” on the training balls. We are currently working through options to fix this issue as well.
As always we are here to provide customer support with any issues that you may encounter. We want your experience with our products to be the best that it can be and to provide you with many years of training and use.

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