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Reviews for XIOM Offensive S (23)

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Wow, this one is something. It's 5 ply 6mm thick but plays like 7ply clipper cr. The composition is also similar . the xiom has two less ply of ayous than stiga clipper. I call it 5ply clipper cr and plays very similar if not better and the speed is same as clipper cr which i have aswell. my xiom off s is 89g also must say the quality and finish is premium level.
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9.3/10 for OFF style. FH/BH: Palio CJ8000 Biotech 42-44, 2mm, 45g (0.22g/cm^2), 39.5 degrees (Shore A). Blade: Xiom Offensive S, 87g, 157mm x 150mm x 6.1mm (Width x Height x Thickness). Plies: 5 (Wood): Limba - Ayous - Ayous - Ayous - Limba.
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Nice quality, but i dont like the handle is somehow flat.
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Feels bad to bring this up but someone has to do it. This is not a Korbel clone! Definitely not in blades wood ply construction.
Xiom offensive S: limba-ayous-ayous-ayous-limba
Korbel: limba-limba-ayous-limba-limba
So if you are interested in a Korbel clone look for Xiom Maximus or Tibhar Stratus power wood.
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Mine weighs 87g. Blade is a touch slower than Tibhar SPW, and very clearly OFF-, say 8.7 speed. Plink/donk frequency test is 1400Hz, and my TSPW is 1470Hz, which is very close to the same. Great blade for intermediate players who like all wood blades, with limba/limba/ayous composition. Nice handle to, for those who find the TSPW handle a little large, and standard Nittaku Acoustic handle a little small. Like the BTY Korbel and TSPW, this is a great 'do it all' blade. Best attribute is looping, but does everything else well too. Fantastic value for money.
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Typical 5 play all wood offensive oriented blade. Good blade for training, Slightly head oriented in balance as a good offensive blade should be. Definitely offensive, not -/+. I typically play with Xiom Vega Europe on both sides and it's very controllable. With Vega Europe it's not fast but plays consistently with its softer, pliable sponge and springy top sheet. It has an offensive feel and plays well for short distance offensive but controlled style, looping and hitting. I think it's also good with Xiom Vega Pro thats has a slightly harder sponge. The blade already has good feel and dwell so the harder sponge of the Vega Pro provides slightly more drive and improved mid distance looping play but still has good control

If you're trying to decide the All Around S and the Offensive S, the only difference is the thickness of the blade. The Offensive S is 1mm thicker than the All Around S. All other specifications seem to be the same. I also have the All Around S and have a review for it as well.
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Plies: 5 (Wood)
- 2 * Limba 0.5mm
- 2 * Ayous 0.6mm
- Ayous 3.9mm
Width: 157mm
Height: 150mm
Thickness: 6.1mm
Weight: 87g
Speed: 8.1
Dwell/Spin: 9.1
Control: 9.2
Stiffness: 3.1
Hardness: 5.2
Value: 9
Overall: 9
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Flat hitters will give it a low rating for speed. Intermediate/advance loopers who know how to utilise its flexibility to create a catapult effect will rate it as fast. Combined with hard Chinese rubbers gives you a great feeling, control and precision, but becomes slower and physically demanding to play with. Yasaka rubbers suit this blade too. The feel of control is decreasing when you use tensor rubbers but it is still a lot better than harder blades. The flared handle is thick enough to feel more comfortable than most blades I have tried. Not as thick as Viscaria's handle though. The price and quality are unbeatable. If you prefer consistency over spectacular smashes you should give it a try.
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Tried 6 top end rubbers on this blade and here is my conclusion. A drivers blade with smaller sweet-spot than carbon blade. Good blocking and very elastic. softer rubbers felt to slow and soft so decided to give harder rubbers a try hoping to increase firmness. To my surprise, it went from feeling soft to feeling like a brick wall and I couldnt generate any arc over the net. I was using MXS rubber so i decided to go for something just a touch softer with more arc in the R47 but still found the same issues. Xiom Stradivarius, despite being a carbon blade produce more spin and safety over the net when using the same rubbers and is a better offensive blade. I couldt loop consistently with this blade as it has harder feel Due to blades springy nature I had trouble controlling touch game with softer rubbers. Wouldnt recommend this blade. Xiom Diva is a much better blade in all areas and much less bouncy if your looking for a blade with these characteristics. Any questions just message :)
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Fantastic springy blade, OFF, exelent quality, very good balance, not heavy, pretty sound, magical feel and deadly weapon with Xiom Vega Pro 2.0 on FH. For me it is the best all wood blade that I ever play (Pg7, TSPW, Off classic, Clipper wood, all round classic, p 700, Samsonov Alfa).
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This is a seriously amazing 5 ply wood attacking blade with Off-/Off speed. For the price, I believe you cannot do any better. It's a classic Limba/Limba/Ayous blade that has very highly quality, consistency, and performance. Thickness is in the 6.1-6.2mm range which I think is perfect and allows both great looping as well as enough stability and rigidity for accurate blocks and hits. This blade is slightly faster than a Butterfly Petr Korbel and slightly slower than a Tibhar Stratus Power wood, being siblings with the same wood ply construction. A very well balanced Offensive 5 ply blade for a great price. Nice job Xiom!
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Great blade for the offensive player that prefers control and spin over speed or those who want to develop their game before moving on to faster blades. Nice dwell time. Paired with medium hardness rubbers like Xiom's Vega Asia, it lacks some punch far from the table, but I believe that with harder rubbers, there shouldn't be any problem. Nice finish, but the handle of the CPEN version feels a little bit thin.
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Speed ~ 8.6 deff off speed with very good control and large sweet spot .
Very good feeling , beter then alc blades but less vibration then acoustic .
Very nice catapult efect + more dwell time then alc , easyer to play with, but for a good player alc is more deadly
Alc im refering to t boll alc
Overall a very good cheap blade id recomand to anyone to try it . St handle is big .
Balance is very good, not head heavy . A much better blade then expected . And faster then u would expect from 5 ply . My blade is 85 grams . I tested it with baracuda 2.0 + tenergy 05
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Fantastic all wood blade. Definitely an offensive blade with huge amount of control and off- to off speed. Comfortable fl handle, but could use just 1 more mm in thickness. All in all, i really like this blade. Goes great with Xiom rubbers Vega Pro and Omega Europe, as well as with Butterfly TO5 and Bryce Speed FX and Donic Acuda S2. Didn't try Chinese rubbers on it yet.
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I just bought a brand new Xiom Offensive S last night. I played a few hours today with my mates. I have bought quite a few table tennis blades to try and I have to say this Xiom Offensive S is WONDERFUL. It's not only having elegant design but also having good balance of control and speed. I could control the ball very well with this blade and finish a shot with a killing fast ball or spinning loop at any far corner I want. Very good blade in term of both control and speed. It's very hard to find any other blades which have both good control and good speed like this Xiom Offensive S. This blade also offers good feeling when you touch the ball as well. And best of all, this blade costs me only $50 which is very cheap comparing to those brand names like Butterfly. I would recommend this Xiom Offensive S blade to everyone. I am using Andro Hexer HD on both forehand and backhand. 2.1mm on forehand and 1.9mm on backhand.
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Have played lots of rubbers on this blade and I really love it. At the moment I am using donic acuda s3 on fh and donic coppa x3 on bh. Have also used long pips on this blade. The best thing about the blade is how great it is from mid distance. The loops hit the table every time from mid distance with my acuda s3. It's not as fast as ordinary off blades, but the quality of the blade is really awesome. Feels good in your hand and no sharp edges on the handle. Quality for sure. I also think the blade has a pretty big sweet spot. Doesn't really matter where the ball hits the blade. Conclusion is that this is a really god blade.
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Wonderful tt blade! It really shows "off" speed on strong strokes thanks to some catapult effect. Well-balanced, spin-oriented, amazing dwell-time, very stable on counter strokes due to a big sweet spot. Goes well with medium and hard sponges. I myself play with the following combination:backhand sriver G3 2.1mm, forehand mark V max. With speed glue works perfectly. Never experienced such a heavy spin with any modern tensor 4, 5 generation rubbers. Ball sinks downwords the table after my topspins on the opponents side. As a matter of fact it is produced on TSP brand China workshops on the order of XIOM company.
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I was using only allround and defensive blades before and i find this blade quite fast. Even though i'm using 729 Super FX (not a very fast rubber), i'm still able to loop with forehand from mid distance quite effectively (if i take full swing). But i'm playing against weak opponents.
The blade seems controllable and very nice looking
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this is a solid blade. i really like it. the finish is perfect, the handle is not small so it fits perfectly into my hand. i cannot honestly say anything bad about this blade unless its speed, not as fast as a standard offensive blade.
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This is a very well made and finished blade. Unlike Butterfly, Stiga and some others, the edges around the handle are properly smoothed off and it just looks quality. The blade is lovely and light and well balanced.
It is an offensive blade, probably on the minus side, with enough speed for offensive strokes but with excellent control so that there is very good placement of the ball. There is slight flex in the blade, it is all wood, but this does not affect contol.
The price is the best thing. I think someone has already mentioned the word 'classic' and I totally agree.
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A great blade. Excellent craftsmanship, good speed, slight flex but plenty of stability for blocking. Definitely an attack-oriented 5-ply. At only $50, this blade has "classic" written all over it.
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a good all around offensive blade from xiom, has a nice handle shape, i bought the FL version. has exceptional control on your shots whether your attacking or blocking and has enough power for fast loops and smashes. if you prefer an all wood offensive blade then you should try this one
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