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4 Reviews for XIOM 36.5 ALXi

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This blade had soft felling and grab the ball for sure. That make control very well. The upper part of FL grip is narrow, and the width is thick enough. This grip allowed me to easily perform bachand flick and forehand/backhand changes. I felt that this blade is good for players who focus on spin and safety more than speed and power. This blade would fit with all-round players who want to play with his/her own power and with high accuracy and safety. I used bty lin gaoyuan before, bty lgy more speed and power but little less control and accuracy than this blade. I prefer xiom 3.65 alxi for game and enjoyed the rally...
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This guy is a very good blade. Mine is FL, nice grip, the handle is comfortable for big hands. The plate is 157x150mm, mine weights 85 grams. Frequency is 1356 - 1378 Hz. I've used in the past Joola Vyzaryz Freeze, BTY Viscaria, , Freitas, Korbel, Hadraw VK, Primorac so to name a few. I'm trying to adapt to inner carbon type of blade, seeking more control while keeping a reasonably fast blade. I think ALXi delivers, cause the feeling of the ball is very good yet the speed of the blade is high, at the level of Viscaria, confirming some impressions found on the web. I can attack with confidence even far from the table, the power is there when you need it. I've paired it with Dynaryz ACC max on fh and Dynaryz ACC 2.0 on BH. I'm changing from this setup to DNA Platinum M max on fh and nexxus el pro 48 2.1 on bh, so I will update the review.
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The new technology is good (the inner with Lumba wood). I been a beginner for about 3 months into lessons and decided to change from butterfly Primorac to Xiom 36.5 ALXi. The FH & BH rubbers are Omaga V asia 2.0 on both blades. My opponents informs me that my returns are faster then Primorac. I feel the 36.5 ALXi is much more responsive and it is more forgiving on my unpolshed technichque. The feeling is about the same as Primorac, but the 36.5 ALXi appears has more speed, it may be the carbon. I can suggest Xiom 36.5 ALXi as your first blade, and worth the investment. By the way I have and tried the Stiga Infinity VPS blade with BTY Tenergy 05, it not for the beginners for sure.
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Xiom 36.5 Deep Impact ALXi
Weight: 93 grams
Plies: 7 (Limba outer, Limba 2nd layer? , ALC inner, Ayous Core)
Speed: Off to Off+
Stiffness: Medium Stiff
Thickness: 5.9mm

The 36.5 ALXi is the first blade to be officially released by Xiom for the year 2022. This was already shown online the past last quarter of the year but official release this year is January or February. Some information about this has already been on XIom Korea’s website. I had the ALXi 36.5 since December but due to calamities in my homecity being hit by a super typhoon, I could not play much and test it since I had so many things to worry. Then came the surge of the Omicron variant and I had to quarantine for more than a week despite being asymptomatic. It is only now that I have finished the review. The 36.5 ALXi has the same manufacturing process with the 36.5 ALX which was release before. It undergoes the so-called “Cold Process” manufacturing by Xiom in their Korean factory. This process has been also done by other companies as an alternate way of manufacturing a blade. Xiom says it is proud of this process as it makes the gluing process more durable. I tested the blade with several rubbers. It was a bit heavy for my preference because I used the Omega 7 China Ying, Omega 5 Pro and Hurricane 3 37 Degrees. It was a bit head-heavy and this is mainly due to the Omega 7 China Ying being a know heavy and hard rubber that is high-performance with amazing amount of spin and also considered a fast rubber. I have tried several rubbers in order to check possible rubber combinations to maximize the use of the 36.5 ALXi blade.

I was surprised with the ALXi 36.5 was fast. If I compare it to the regular 36.5 ALXi before, I do not really feel the difference in speed. There are times that the ALXi feels stiffer than the regular 36.5 ALX. The regular 36.5 ALX was designed to be a softer and a bit slower Viscaria-type but I did not expect the 36.5 ALXi to be sometimes as fast or faster than the regular ALX. It might be partially due to the weight of the blade and at the same time feel head-heavy due to the heavy rubbers. Partially also due to the orange axylium carbon that it has. If I remember it right, the new versions of the AZX and AZXi blades have the orange axylium carbon which Xiom claims to be a bit thicker making it faster than regular ALC blades. They also said in the past that the orange axylium-carbon (AL-C) side of the AZX and AZXi blades are faster than the Zephylium -carbon layer on the other side. It’s hard to classify the AZXi as just an off blade but also it comes short of being a true off+ blade. Let me put it this way, the AZXi is faster than an Innerforce ALC blade but it is not faster than a Timo Boll ALC blade which felt stiffer. Sometimes the feeling of speed is muddled by the amount of control you have on the blade. In the case of the AZXi, even with the H3 37 rubber on both sides, I did not see any drastic change on the speed even at far distance. The Omega 7 China Ying was surely fast because the 60-degree sponge hardness made it very bouncy and only the minor tackiness keeps it becoming as fast the Omega 7 Hyper. Still, you can feel the great mount of speed to be there even when you do short swings using different types of rubbers. It really made me think hard how to classify its speed.

Spin-wise, Xiom has made another looping machine. It could loop almost as good as the 5 ply blades in Xiom like Xiom Offensive S and almost as good as the Hugo HAL in looping (I think the Hugo HAL is the best looping composite blade in XIom). If you can imagine the Hugo HAL being marginally faster but still maintain the good feel when looping, then you have the 36.5 ALXi. I am all praises with the ALXi because mainly, I am a looper and I never prefer blades that are too fast especially with TAMCA blades. It is controllable enough that lower level players can use it and have no problems with delicate drops shots or short pushes. It is stiff enough for smashing so never had any problems with non-spinny shots even with shots that require hitting through the sponge more.

The Omega 7 Ying was a bit too heavy and too hard for me in this setup so I would rather suggest using the Omega 7 Guang instead or the Xiom Tau 2 but despite both rubbers having the same sponge hardness, the Guang feels a bit softer due to the softer topsheet. The Omega 7 Hyper would be great for higher level players and also players who stay at far distance from the table for counter topspins all the time. For average players, the Omega 5 Pro and Euro would be sufficient. I would not say the blade is picky on rubbers but it is more of a playing style dependency that I am seeing here. The pricing is fairly affordable also if you compare it to the higher end blades in the market so it is not out of reach for most people who want a blade belonging to the other popular brands. This blade is for keeps though I think I would ask a 90-gram version of this and this will be perfect for me.. All in all, Xiom started the new year with releasing a great blade.
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