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High-end Premium Blade, combined with a special material Hyper Axylium developed by XIOM, which quickly captures vibrations after impact.

The blade maximizes ball grip and soft feeling from Hyper Axylium materials, creating a drive that is always stable for the ball of rotational force. The Hugo HAL satisfies both the attackers who want to boldly score points without fear of mistakes and those who want a stable play that dominates the whole game. You can check your infinite possibilities through the Blade.

Ply: Plywood 5 + 2
Blade Head Size: 157 x 150mm
Blade Thickness: 5.8mm
Handle Size: FL 100 x 25mm

Weight: 85g

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Reviews of XIOM Hugo HAL (3)

I train with XIOM HAL for sixs months already and I find it a great blade. if you are looking for larger strokes, more "frank" and straightforward so to say...looping and counter looping works as a charm. great speed on mid distance, and further as well, and a very very good control on the short game. Really amazing. The noticeably increased dwell time (some players cant get used to it) compared to viscaria, maze performance, Korbel, etc, for instance, allows you for larger strokes, and its relative flexibility (responsible for the increased dwell time) gives you a sort of whip effect; blasting speed if you go for it, and at the same time very slow and controlled racquet on the short game if you need it so. It has a really big sweet spot so it forgives many non-accurate and out-of-timing strikes. In any case, its recommended for use with hard rubbers. I use it with Fastarc G1 on both sides and goes very well with my level and way of playing. Ive read somewhere Hugo uses Omega 7 Tour. The other incredible aspect it has is the feeling of the impact of the ball. You do get very clear feedback whether youve hit it in the center or maybe a little off. So, the so called "unconscious" automatic system of precision improvement of striking technique can continue along as good than playing with an all-wood blade (which Ive played for a long time). At least in my experience. From what Ive read and tried myself, Carbon blades, to the detriment of looking for speed and bigger sweet spot generally dumps this feedback feeling. I wouldn't know for sure since Ive only tried some but never trained for long periods on one. So, all in all I think HAL is also really good for players who are still developing their techniques, as I am. Its Building quality is outstanding, and weight and balance feels just great.
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A very good blade. Very good at top spin block and other elements too. It has a thin layer of red arylate. There is no sound or stiffness of carbon in the game. Definitely a blade similar in pace to a boll zlf blade, but with much better control and feel for the ball. A butterfly blade will always be more difficult than its counterpart from another company. I played bh select 1.9 and dignics 05 much better than vega asia DF and vega x because there was much less surprise on xiom rubbers. ATTENTION!!! THE BLADE IS NO PACE 9.3 !!! ONLY 8.6 !!!
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