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High-end Premium Blade, combined with a special material Hyper Axylium developed by XIOM, which quickly captures vibrations after impact.

The blade maximizes ball grip and soft feeling from Hyper Axylium materials, creating a drive that is always stable for the ball of rotational force. The Hugo HAL satisfies both the attackers who want to boldly score points without fear of mistakes and those who want a stable play that dominates the whole game. You can check your infinite possibilities through the Blade.

Ply: Plywood 5 + 2
Blade Head Size: 157 x 150mm
Blade Thickness: 5.8mm
Handle Size: FL 100 x 25mm

Weight: 85g

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Reviews of XIOM Hugo HAL (12)

Decent blade. Not very fast though, even with rasanter r53 on both sides. Maybe I just need to get used to it or break the rubbers in more. Donics new Xtreme blade is significantly faster with similar control
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This blade is everything you want. It doesn't feel like carbon, its very very easy to spin and it's not too fast
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I have tested a very large number of woods. My favorite so far has been the XIOM Vega Pro which gave me a lot of control and allowed me to make quick, precise trades. The XIOM Hugo Calderano HAL allows me the same thing but thanks to it I have a touch of the ball never before encountered and my attacks at mid-distance or far from the table are now much more precise but also much more often on the table. For me, the best wood in the world for those who like a controlled wood, fast when desired and with the little flex necessary for magnificent exchanges in top and top strikes. Best of all, it can be played from amateur to PRO players. This wood will make you a player who lets go and will reduce your frustrations.
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You need a fast rubber and big swing to get power from this blade. Easy to loop but lack of power and spin. For those who are already comfortable with carbon blade, this blade is not for you.
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Hal is probably one of the best amateur blade in the world and I had a lot of blades, I know how vectran, tamca, ulc, alc, zlf, zlc, spzlc, kevlar, soft carbon (blue one) works but in my opinion here is something special and unique and smart casual.
Yeah I played three weeks with Hugo Calderano SAL, very soft, fast and with long straight parabola, great feeling very similar to vectran but maybe too little control, for my taste, it is made for very hard rubbers so Dignics 05 will work better with SAL than HAL in my opinion.
OK Hal, medium hard, more curve shots, more grip, and it is real what people write here : slow and fast at the same time. What is great about this blade?
It is first composite blade that play like wood and has big sweetspot okay we got this, we know about it but for me it is hard to find blade which can help you in super power shots at the same time absorbs energy from your opponent, so you can play maximum power with great spin and when he/she counter loop you you can block the ball like nothing so for m e it is big advantage to get grip and no grip after all. I like blocking and I like play slow spinny balls,
Feeling: short game is little bit empty but loops are very good in terms of feeling
CONS: it is not butterfly, harder to resell but yeah it is worth to buy
The most important it is OFF- blade but you have all+ shots and off+ with fast rubbers and big swing, the angle free, yes if you put power and long swing the ball is going to the table when you didn't put the ball precisely so sometimes you are more comfortable with your mind and this blade forgives your mistakes too
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