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High-end Premium Blade, combined with a special material Hyper Axylium developed by XIOM, which quickly captures vibrations after impact.

The blade maximizes ball grip and soft feeling from Hyper Axylium materials, creating a drive that is always stable for the ball of rotational force. The Hugo HAL satisfies both the attackers who want to boldly score points without fear of mistakes and those who want a stable play that dominates the whole game. You can check your infinite possibilities through the Blade.

Ply: Plywood 5 + 2
Blade Head Size: 157 x 150mm
Blade Thickness: 5.8mm
Handle Size: FL 100 x 25mm

Weight: 85g

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Reviews of XIOM Hugo HAL (9)

You need a fast rubber and big swing to get power from this blade. Easy to loop but lack of power and spin. For those who are already comfortable with carbon blade, this blade is not for you.
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Hal is probably one of the best amateur blade in the world and I had a lot of blades, I know how vectran, tamca, ulc, alc, zlf, zlc, spzlc, kevlar, soft carbon (blue one) works but in my opinion here is something special and unique and smart casual.
Yeah I played three weeks with Hugo Calderano SAL, very soft, fast and with long straight parabola, great feeling very similar to vectran but maybe too little control, for my taste, it is made for very hard rubbers so Dignics 05 will work better with SAL than HAL in my opinion.
OK Hal, medium hard, more curve shots, more grip, and it is real what people write here : slow and fast at the same time. What is great about this blade?
It is first composite blade that play like wood and has big sweetspot okay we got this, we know about it but for me it is hard to find blade which can help you in super power shots at the same time absorbs energy from your opponent, so you can play maximum power with great spin and when he/she counter loop you you can block the ball like nothing so for m e it is big advantage to get grip and no grip after all. I like blocking and I like play slow spinny balls,
Feeling: short game is little bit empty but loops are very good in terms of feeling
CONS: it is not butterfly, harder to resell but yeah it is worth to buy
The most important it is OFF- blade but you have all+ shots and off+ with fast rubbers and big swing, the angle free, yes if you put power and long swing the ball is going to the table when you didn't put the ball precisely so sometimes you are more comfortable with your mind and this blade forgives your mistakes too
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MUY BUENA MADERA tuve la oportunidad de probarla ya que quera cambiar mi antigua madera maze performance por una mas rpida para subir de nivel, debo decir la primera sensacin en la mano al toque de la bola fue como una stiga con capsula de aire de por all en el 2005, pero luego de bolear un poco y practicar los tiros, me llev una gran satisfaccin, encontr una madera rpida con mucho control, tiene efecto catapulta por lo que debes entrenar para dominarla ya que la velocidad la decides tu en el juego, hay golpes que uno da con fallas y pareciera corregirla la pala, dentro de la mesa el juego lo dominas t y fuera de la mesa tambin! si hay algo negativo que deba decir de la madera es que debes entrenar para adaptarte al golpe de ah mas nada pero muy poco tiempo, me adapt rpido, me gusta la velocidad que le puedes imprimir y el control es lo mximo, corrige el ngulo de ataque lo que hace me hace tener mas confianza al atacar tanto de forehand y de back, al ser una madera suave el toque al sacar imprime mas spin y la velocidad de verdad que estoy muy a gusto, es una muy buena raqueta y muy buena inversin me cost 185 dlares y debo decir que si le suben el precio no me sorprendera.
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Been playing it with r53 fh and dignics 80 bh and it was simply awesome. No problems in accelerating the ball and even with a rubber as hard as r53, I'm still feeling loads of dwell time, surely this could only have come from the blade! As mentioned in the previous reviews I agree fast and hard rubbers would be sort of tamed to a balanced performance with this controllable blade, definitely recommend a try if you haven't yet!
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Blade for extreme topspin and control. Not a speed monster but high enough to put anyone under pressure. You can do unimaginable things with this blade . Great piece of wood with fibre, very lively play.
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